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Lupo Tracking Device -
Lupo feature

The Lupo Tracking Device

Small tracking gadget made in Glasgow

While you can easily locate your misplaced mobile phone by simply calling it and following the ringtone, you can now stop losing other stuff by using a clever gadget known as Lupo.

Lupo is one of the Bluetooth-tracking devices on the market that connects to other devices and offers tracking for lost objects, alerts for left items, security to lock PCs when out of range, and an accelerometer to control just about everything. The Lupo connects to phones tablets, laptops, and PCs via low energy Bluetooth 4.0, and is powered by a watch battery that lasts one-to-two years in “find” mode.

Lupo – Smart Secure


Lupo is similar to other Bluetooth trackers, especially the Tile, in that it provides a smart way for securing clobber. Once connected, users can call the Lupo from their phone, and will make a noise and flash. When connected to your PC, the screen can lock and even power down when you are away so your system remains secure.

You can also stop your stuff from wandering too far by setting an alarm that goes off if the item moves beyond a specified distance from you. Conversely, if you leave the phone behind, Lupo will chirp up, and in the event that you miss the alarm, the device captures a GPS shot of that item’s last location.

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Group use

If you leave an item behind, like in a restaurant, the app will show you where the virtual tether to the item was broken for you to retrieve it. Unfortunately, the last location won’t be useful if the item has already been taken. But with Lupo, you can track as a pack, whereby a network of apps and Lupo devices in use can ping each other to facilitate live tracking of the units. This way, you can follow your item wherever it goes using the app.

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What really sets Lupo aside from similar tracking gadgets is that it can be used for much more besides tracking stuff. Lupo can be used as a remote control for apps and devices, like controlling presentation slideshows, a phone’s camera shutter, or an automatic garage door by clicking or swiping the button to change slides (by controlling the built-in 3-axis accelerometer).

Basically, Lupo can be used for any app owing to the gesture-based APK available to developers.

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