Lunecase: Smart Notification Case for iPhone

A Smart Phone Deserves An Intelligent Case

When it comes to finding a case to protect your iPhone, you’ve got loads of choices. Unfortunately, no matter which case you pick, you’re not going to get much out of it besides a cushion between your favourite device and the hard ground. The Lunecase, however, is different. In addition to protecting your iPhone, this is a case that actually does something.

An innovative iPhone case with functionality, the Lunecase notification case is intelligent. With a Lunecase, you’ll never have to wonder if you’re missing a call or text because you’re in a noisy, crowded space where you can’t hear a ring or detect a subtle vibration Instead, you’ll quietly see an illuminated notification on your Lunecase whenever you get a call or a text message.

Slim And Easy

The Lunecase works by sensing the iPhone’s electromagnetic waves. Not only does that sound good (too good actually…), it means that the case uses no batteries, has no wires, and requires no set-up. It works right out of the box; just snap it on your iPhone, and a notification will light up when a call or message comes in. What’s more, there’s no added bulk: the Lunecase is lightweight and has a slim profile. Finally, the Lunecase doesn’t look like an extra gadget on top of your phone. It looks like a simple case, and it has a clean and streamlined design that can coordinate with anyone’s lifestyle.

Ready To Go

lclogo3It’s interesting to think about the bigger and more important uses of this product. Sure, it’s convenient for just about anyone, but consider how it might transform the usage of the iPhone for a person who is hearing impaired.

Lunecase is almost ready for the market. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign in the first half of 2014, both the original Lunecase Icon and the newer Lunecase Eclipse (featuring a shiny cutout around the iPhone’s Apple logo) are expected to ship in January 2016.

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  1. Ashleigh

    Yet you fail to mention that the backers of that “wildly” successful Kickstarter campaign have failed to receive their products and the last update from this scam of a company was back in November. That post was at least the third promise that the cases would be shipping “soon”.

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