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Looper Bluetooth Tracker: A First Look - Appcessories
Looper: The Fashionable Bluetooth Tracker

Looper: The Fashionable Bluetooth Tracker

“I’ve lost my phone… AGAIN!”

Losing things is the worst.  Keys, phone or bag – the hassle of recovering what you’ve lost or getting everything replaced is a nightmare we all want to avoid.  So how do we solve this problem? I can’t be expected to actually become more careful, so there has to be another way!  Enter the bluetooth tracker – small Bluetooth-enabled accessories that attach to anything you don’t want to lose. These devices alert you when you’re about to leave them behind and help you find them if (or when) this happens! To date, most of these trackers are a bit dull looking. So what about those of us who want our tech to have form as well as function?  Well… That’s where the Looper bluetooth tracker comes in!

looper bluetooth tracker

The Looper Bluetooth Tracker: A First Look

Welcome Looper – the tracker redesigned, Looper brings fashion together with technology. A range of colours are available, each handcrafted from high quality Italian leather.  The spec is great too, with a battery life of about one year and a Bluetooth distance of 50m. On top of that, the native app is to include a host of practical features too!

Firstly, you get an alarm whenever you walk too far from the Looper, providing a quick and easy way to avoid leaving anything behind.  As well as this, the Looper app also helps you find anything you might have left behind by making the Looper “ring” and displaying its’ location on a GPS-enabled map. This works the other way too, so if you lose your phone just press the Looper body to cause your phone to ring. And to avoid the embarrassment of ruining an important silence, all sounds can be temporarily disabled by activating the handy “Do Not Disturb” mode.

You’ve lost both you phone and whatever your Looper is attached to? Well… Good luck, as there is not a solution for that one just yet!

looper bluetooth tracker


Overall, the Looper looks set to be a winner. When fashion meets function, I get giddy and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on one when they fully launch!  Anyone interested can support the project and secure their own Looper on Kickstarter with prices starting at $39.




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