A Look Back at 2014: 8 Great Gadgets

A Banner Year For Tech

It seems like when it comes to new gadgets and technology, each year is better than the last. Certainly, 2014 was no exception. New devices flooded the market, new solutions to old problems were developed, and everything was smart and synced with an app.

It wasn’t easy choosing our favourite devices and gadgets from last year. However, here are eight that we liked a whole lot.

1. Jawbone UP3

There are lots of fitness trackers, but the Jawbone UP3 was a huge step forward for this sub-genre of wearables. Loads of sensors, automatic workout logging, sleep monitoring, long battery life, wireless syncing, and more make this one the tracker to own.

2. GoPro HERO 4

If you’ve been holding off on buying a GoPro, the latest iteration is the one you’ll want to get. The HERO4 Black is especially impressive, as it’s capable of shooting cinema-calibre video plus professional photo capture at 12 megapixels. The sound performance is also outstanding. Rugged and dependable, the GoPro HERO4 packs a ton of capability in a tiny package.

3. iPhone 6 Plus

A new iPhone would be news on its own, but the iPhone 6 Plus goes above and beyond our smart phone expectations. In addition to a beautiful retina display and faster everything, the 6 Plus is just huge! Images look great, streaming video on a phone has never looked better, and the whole package is just sleek and stylish.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

If you’re going to get excited about a smart phone that isn’t an iPhone, you’re going to get excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. With crystal clear resolution, lightning fast speed, a beautiful and sleek design, an S Pen, and a size so enormous that it’s more of a phablet than a phone, the Note 4 is the leader of this year’s Android pack.

5. Google Chromecast

Streaming video on a PC or tablet is great, but wouldn’t it be nice to watch that content on your nice flat screen TV? With Google’s Chromecast, you can! It’s a small thumb drive that plugs right into your TV’s HDMI input to port your computer or device’s content to a bigger screen. While it may not be the only device of its kind of the market this year (Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is good), its low price tag of £30 or less make it the best value for your money.

6. Sphero Ollie

It’s a toy, it’s a robot, and it’s coming your way! The Ollie is an app-controlled toy that is as much fun as an RC car but with so much more functionality. It’s fast (topping out at 14 mph), it can do tricks, and its rugged exterior can take a beating. In 2014, the Ollie allowed us to, as the tagline goes, upgrade our play.

7. 3Doodler

Combining the fun of drawing with the innovation of 3D printing, the 3Doodler is a pen that lets you draw in 3D. Produced as a result of a remarkably successful Kickstarter campaign, this device is as cool as it is functional. Heated plastic is “drawn” in any shape you like, and it hardens almost immediately to create an actual object. It’s tons of fun to watch your drawings come to life right away.

8. Pebble Steel Smart Watch

In the still evolving category of smart watches, one stands at the top of the initial offerings: the Pebble Steel. With a price that’s equivalent to (and even less than) a lot of luxury watches, the Steel offers notifications, music control, fitness tracking, and more, all in a sleek and attractive package.

Stay tuned for our year 2015 predictions!

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