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LG G Smartwatch News: An always-on display & water-resistant

LG G SmartwatchFurther details of the LG G Watch have emerged on a new promotional website to showcase the new Smartwatch that will utilise Google’s Android Wear OS. The minimalist design of the wearable device is going to be available in two colours: “Stealth Black” and “Champagne Gold”, which boast a black and white strap respectively (and as confirmed in a previous article will be changeable).

Always-on Display

The most noteworthy revelation on the site is the fact that the LG G will boast an always-on display; putting recent efforts by tech-heavyweight Samnsung to shame. Whereas Samsung’s Galaxy Gear 2 needs to shut off its screen to conserve battery life, LG boast that their Smartwatch has a “screen that never sleeps” in a mark of one-upmanship.

OK Google…

Whilst it was beaten to the punch by Motorola’s Moto 360 as the first Smartwatch to be announced that will run Google’s Android Wear; the LG G looks set to become the first that available to buy and will be controllable via the ‘OK Google’ voice command.

Water & Dust Resistant

LG G Smartwatch With their position on our wrist forcing them to withstand the perils of open air and inevitable rain for those of us living in the UK, a Smartwatch should be robust enough for the rigours of being worn daily. And according to LG, theirs will be tough enough to wear during outdoor activities in rough conditions (in addition to being water and dust resistant).

Release date?

The website offers no information on the release date of the Smartwatch. At the moment it is expected to go on sale before the end of July with a likely retail price of £179.99 (or thereabouts) which might sway those interested in the concept but put off by the high-price of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the basic functionality of the Pebble . You can check out their new website for a gallery of new images (including a 360 view).

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