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Kuai: Your Multi-Sport Smart Fitness Headphones
kuai headphones wearable feature

Kuai: Your Multi-Sport Smart Fitness Headphones

Coaching Made Easy

Kuai fitness coach headphones – what’s so special about them? Well, professional athletes have personal coaches — experts in their individual events who are able to create rigorous training plans and provide ongoing feedback as they train. With this type of attention, these athletes are able to improve their performance on the fly, rely on a constant source of motivation, and feel assured that they’re on the path to success.

For those of us who don’t make a living off of our athletic prowess, however, coaching is a more difficult proposition. Having an actual person coach us is nice, but it’s expensive. And there are devices that offer live coaching and feedback, but it’s hard to get that information while you’re actually moving and need it the most. Even if the device you’re using has pertinent data on its display, it can be distracting to continually look at the tiny numbers on your wrist.

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Here, then is where Kuai Multisport Biometric Smart headphones made by Kuaiwear can help — tremendously. They solve the live coaching and motivation issue, but they also offer a solution to another issue.kuai headphones wearable

Kuai Replace Lots of Gear

Think of all the gear you might use to track your performance when you’re training for a race. You might have a footpod for cadence, a sports watch for distance and speed, and a chest strap for heart rate monitoring. If your sports watch doesn’t have GPS, or if you want to be available for texts or calls, you might take your smartphone with you. And if you want to listen to music or a podcast while you train (and who doesn’t), you’d need headphones.

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What’s so great about the Kuai is that it effectively replaces all of this stuff. It can perform all of the functions of the aforementioned devices, plus it adds live coaching feedback, yet it’s really no bigger than an ordinary pair of wireless headphones. If you’re serious about training but don’t want to be saddled with lots of stuff, the Kuai offers a very viable solution.

21st Century Fitness Training

The Kuai headphones look like standard wireless BlueTooth headphones, similar to the Bragi Dash and while they can play music, there’s so much more to what they can do. Think of them as an advanced fitness tracker that you wear on your head, and you’ll get an idea of what they can do.

Thanks to an onboard three-axis accelerometer, Kuai can be used for tracking the usual metrics: distance travelled, calories burned, pace, speed, and more. Thanks to its heart rate monitor, it can guide you through zone and interval training. And, because the Kuai headphones are waterproof to three metres, they can even be used for swimming.

Smart Coach, In Your Ear

kuai headphones wearable buildKuai has live coaching audio for immediate feedback, allowing you to make chances in your form, speed, and intensity to maximise your training time. You can also hear live data updates, like your current heart rate, number of laps, which interval you’re on, and more — even your maximum VO2 levels. Plus the live coach will let you know when to pick up the pace and when to back off. To give the coaching feature something to work from, there are training plans you can download.

What’s really remarkable about the Kuai is that it’s good for running, cycling, swimming, and more. If you’re a triathlete, this is the perfect training device. It comes with running, cycling, and swimming eartips. That last detail is impressive: Kuai works even when you’re swimming — something that the overwhelming majority of headphones and trackers simply can’t claim.

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Fitness Tracker or Smart Headphones? Both!

Kuai is more than a coach in an earbud, though — it’s a fully fledged mp3 player with an sizeable 8GB of internal memory. You can store all your favourite tunes, podcast episodes, or other audio files in it, then play them when you’re training. It’s rugged, too, with a shock proof enclosure.

And lest you think that Kuai is a sub par fitness tracker, you should know that it’s been clinically validated by engineers at the prestigious Duke University Center for Living. Additionally, the US’s National Center for Biotechnology Information recently certified the accuracy of earbud biometric sensors. You can rest assured that Kuai will provide you with accurate information about your training.

Apps, Compatibility, and Syncing

kuai headphones wearable apps and dataThere’s a corresponding Kuai app for both iOS and Android, and it syncs with compatible smartphones using BlueTooth LE technology. The app is a lot like the apps for other fitness trackers, complete with full stats, helpful graphs, and all sorts of data about your performance. Prefer looking at a larger screen? No worries — there’s a web tool as well.

As for compatibility, the Kuai can gather data from ANT+ cadence sensors for cycling, among others. It also works with several other fitness apps, like MapMyFitness, Strava, and Garmin, though your data has to be exported to make that work. Finally, the Kuai’s battery should last five hours on a single charge; it’s enough to get you through at least two training sessions or one gruelling marathon.

Next Steps and Availability

Just a few months ago, Kuai completed a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, bringing in over £75,000 on their initial £40,000 goal. The device itself is still in development, but the company hopes to have models ready to ship by December 2015, much to the delight of the many initial backers.

If you’re interested in this cool multitasking headphone tracker, you can currently pre-order one for $149.99 USD. That’s under £100, and really not a bad price at all, especially when you consider all that the Kuai does and all that it replaces. After December, though, the price is expected to jump to $249.99 USD, or about £160. That’s still competitive. Initial press has been favourable, but the real verdict will come once Kuai puts their nifty training tracker in the hands of eager users. Stay tuned.

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