Keewifi Router

Building A Better Router

The freedom that wifi affords has transformed how we connect with one another. Unfortunately, it’s not without its problems. Routers can be cumbersome to set up, for starters. Then, there are password issues: long and strong passwords meant to offer better security are frustrating to enter and hard to get right. Signal problems can also crop up if there are too many wifi networks in one area. It’s true that wifi is great, but it surely comes with its share of roadblocks.

Keewifi is a new router in development that seeks to eliminate all of these issues. It has a simple, plug and play set up, and rather than a password, it uses proximity technology to authenticate users. It pairs easily with existing routers and can resolve signal problems with the push of a button. From the looks of it, Keewifi may be the solution to all existing wifi problems and to wifi problems you didn’t know you had.


The Specs

Keewifi utilises the latest 802.11ac standard. It supports simultaneous dual band transmissions (2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz) and speeds up to 867 Mbps. Best of all, if there are signal or interference problems, they can be resolved in an instant by pressing the wonderfully-named Zen button, which automatically chooses the least occupied channel.

There’s more, of course. A device can join the network with a simple tap — its proximity is its password. Devices that are not close to Keewifi are not allowed to join. Plus, with the corresponding app, devices can be approved, forgotten, and banned. Wifi usage time can also be controlled, which is a feature that parents of teens will certainly appreciate. Multiple Keewifi units can be linked, and one or more can even be used as a range extender for an existing wifi network.

Beautiful And Funded

Keewifi doesn’t look like a typical router. It’s well designed, with a gentle curve and an LED that responds with a blink when a device is synced. The LED colour can even be changed. The device is currently available in white, black, and a few limited edition colours.

A Kickstarter campaign for Keewifi was insanely successful; they raised 243% of their goal! Hardware development is currently being finalised, and quality assurance and product validation will soon begin. The first units will ship in July of 2015, and the price looks to be under $100 USD.

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