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The Jawbone Up3 - What you need to know
jawbone up3 feature

The Jawbone UP3 – Everything you need to know

UP3 Fashionable Design

Most wearable activity trackers come with some sort of display, but the UP3, Jawbone’s latest activity tracker features a low-key design that gives it the impression of a piece of jewellery rather than a smart device. Even close-up, with no screen, the UP3 looks more like a bracelet than a piece of tech.


New and improved tech

Compared to its predecessor, the UP24, this bracelet is much smaller and more advanced. The UP3 is Jawbone’s first product to integrate biometric sensors, taking advantage of a proprietary bio-impedance technology that focuses on tracking different types of new things about the body, including skin temperature and hear rate. Instead of using light sensors to track blood flow in the capillaries below, this technology sends a small electric current through the body to measure tissue resistance to it, thereby, overcoming many shortcomings of optical heart rate monitoring.

Future-proof device

Jawbone also plans to utilise over-the-air updates to give their flagship device the ability to collect data on hydration and respiration, next year, in order to monitor more nebulous signals, like fatigue and stress. All this data is collected and fed into the company’s apps, and then processed for display to users in a manner that will be useful to them.

Smartphone App


Jawbone-UP3-appThe UP smartphone app tells you about past activities, as well as what to do next. For instance, it tells you to walk a little on slow days, or reminds you o go to bed early when you need eight hours of sleep. But the new app that will be coming with UP3 promises to be smarter for more functionality owing to its new Smart Coach feature. It will be able to track sleeping patterns more keenly, to delineate light, REM, and deep sleep and offer suggestions based on readings. It will also be able to identify different types of workout, differentiating between jogging and yoga.

Great Battery and Waterproof

Other differences between the UP3 and previous models include 7-day battery life after only 100-minutes of charging on USB cable, water resistance up to 10 meters, which is good enough to go swimming with, and higher cost, at £150.

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