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What time is it? It’s Google Smartwatch time

The wait is now over for the first two Smartwatches to be running Google’s specially developed OS – Android Wear. Surprisingly Motorola’s Moto 360 won’t be one of the first Google Smartwatches to be adorning our wrists, although the company confirmed at Google I/O that it is coming ‘later in the summer’. So to coincide with the release of LG’s G Watch came the surprising news that Samsung are launching a Smartwatch running Android Wear – the Gear Live – both of which are now available for purchase on Google Play

The LG G Watch

The LG G is priced at £159.99 and was one of the first products revealed that would by utilising Google’s OS for wearables, and features in the Android Wear promotional video. It features a slim design, comes in 2 colours (black or white/gold), and an always-on display.

G Watch


G Watch 2_1


G Watch 2_3




Samsung Gear Live

Samsung’s Gear Live is available for pre-order at a slightly higher price of £169.99, and is equipped with a SuperAMOLED screen that is marginally larger than LG’s offering. It also features an integrated heart rate sensor so might offer an edge for fitness fanatics, quantified-self enthusiasts or health consious oriented buyers.

Gear Live

Gear Live

Gear Live

As there is not any glaringly obvious advantages of one model over the other, their success will probably depend on the aesthetic preferences of potential wearers. However neither Samsung or LG’s smartwatch has managed to generate as much excitement or buzz as the uber stylish Moto 360; and with orders on Google Play not dispatching for more than a week many might be inclined to wait around for the Motorola’s fashionably late entrance to the Smartwatch market.

Moto360 Smartwatch

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