Is Pebble Time Compatible With iPhone?

The original Pebble is compatible with iOS 6 or higher, which means that you can pair your Pebble Time smartwatch with iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, and 5c, while the Pebble Time collection (Pebble Time, Steel, and Round) are generally compatible with iOS 8 or newer. But what about iPhone users, is Pebble Time compatible with iPhone?

The Pebble app is optimised for iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher because it relies on some features, including low energy Bluetooth, which are not supported by earlier iPhone devices. But if you have been an Android Pebble wearer, you will experience a dramatic change when you shift to pairing it with an iPhone.

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So, is Pebble Time compatible with iPhone?

Is Pebble Time Compatible With iPhone?Yes it is; the smartwatch is advertised as offering cross-platform support. However, an iPhone user may not necessarily be as excited about Pebble Time as an Android device user.

When Pebble is paired to an Android device, you can easily manage notifications, reply texts by voice or pre-programmed responses, archive Gmail messages, view calendar events, accept or reject phone calls, and access a range of apps. But when you pair your Pebble with an iPhone instead, you lose about half of these functions:

  • Pebble apps,
  • managing calls,
  • viewing calendar events,
  • and some other options remain the same regardless of the platform.

The problem is that there is no third-party iPhone accessory or smartwatch that can offer as much freedom as Apple’s own. It is not surprising that the best software bits are reserved for Apple’s own products.

For instance, Pebble Time does not offer some notification actions/responses that are readily available on the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, these features won’t ever be available until Apple’s software permits it. But not having something like voice response to text and email messages is not a major drawback, though Pebble claims that users will soon be able to respond to emails via voice commands.

Does this mean that Pebble Time is not suitable for iPhone users?

Not at all. Pebble smartwatches are awesome for both Android and iOS users. They are comfortable, have an exceptionally long battery life, have a wide range of apps offering plenty of functionality including the basics needed for a smartwatch, plus they are less expensive compared to alternatives.

Pebble is great for iPhone owners who don’t mind missing out on a few things, like:

Not being able to answer a phone call from your wrist. Although Pebble Time has a button you press to receive calls, you will also have to take out your iPhone to take the call. This basically means the button press is redundant

Your notifications remain “Unread” on your phone even after reading them on your watch. This means you have to read them again on your phone for them to be marked as “read”.

That said, many iPhone users are completely happy with their Pebble smartwatches, especially for the purpose of receiving notifications on the go.

While iOS development is more restricted compared to Android development, many iPhone users don’t mind wearing a Pebble smartwatch for what it offers, and referring to their larger phone display for functions that are not yet available on their wrists.

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