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Does your iPhone 6 need a £100 add-on lens?

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The iPhone 6 comes with an exceptionally powerful camera, as you would expect from an iPhone mobile camera, but this does not necessarily mean that it cannot be made better. Moment recently announced two brand new add-on lenses to enhance your shooting experience on the iPhone 6: a 60mm 2X telephoto lens and an 18mm wide angle lens.


A Native Lens Solution

Each add-on is shipping for £99.99 and comes equipped with a special mount and adhesive tape for easy installation. Basically, you have to glue the lens onto your iPhone, and putting something permanent to your brand new smartphone requires quite some commitment on your part. That said, the Moment Lens and mounting system add only 2mm to the top part of your phone, and once you overcome that hurdle, you get to enjoy something that competitors like Olloclip do not offer: quality construction.

What Do You Get?

The Moment wide-angle lens provides the same field of view as an 18mm lens attached to a full-frame camera. It is much wider than its standard 30mm equivalent lens used on the iPhone 5S, allowing you to take in and capture a lot more of the surrounding environment in your shots. Of the two lenses, however, the 60mm Tele delivers greater impact on your photographic prowess, maintaining exceptional clarity while pulling images closer.

The Wide Lens is intended for taking wide, landscape shots, while the Tele is ideal for portraits, but you can still get interesting images if you use either of the lenses for shots outside their specialty purpose.



It is important to note that the adhesive used is strong, though not permanent, which means that you can remove it, if you have to, without damaging your phone. To do this though, you must heat it up, like with a blow drier, to melt the glue. You can also attach the lens with or without your iPhone’s case, provided you align the attachment points and give the lens a-quarter turn.

If you are willing to make the investment, and don’t mind that your iPhone is no longer pocketable, both Moment Wide and Tele lenses are fun to shoot with to get brilliant photos.

If $99 each is a bit much, you can always get the Olloclip lenses here

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