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Take Your Landline In Your Pocket With Invoxia Voice Bridge - Appcessories - App-enabled Accessories and Wearables

Take Your Landline In Your Pocket With Invoxia Voice Bridge

Have you ever wished that you could fit your landline in your pocket? Well, now you can! It’s all thanks to a handy little gadget from French manufacturer Invoxia, called the Voice Bridge. All you do is connect the device up to your phone line and WiFi, and then download the Voice Bridge app. Then, when your home phone rings, the Invoxia Voice Bridge will ping your smartphone as well. Perfect!

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The perfect way to make and take calls on the go

This isn’t the first such solution on the market. In the past, people have used call forwarding services to provide the same sort of function. However, these come with their own set of drawbacks. Firstly, the price- as a subscription service, the cost can quickly mount up. As a standalone product, though, the Invoxia Voice Bridge doesn’t come with these recurring charges.

What’s more, call forwarding does exactly that- forwards the call. So, if you were at home when the service kicked in, only your mobile would ring. This can be a real pain, since you have to manually turn the forwarding system on and off every time you leave the house. On the other hand, the Invoxia Voice Bridge allows both your mobile and your landline to ring at the same time. That means you have the choice of which handset you use to answer, depending on what’s most convenient.

And that’s not all!

We haven’t even got round to mentioning one of the Voice Bridge’s biggest selling points: the ability to make landline calls on the go. That connection with your home phone line works both ways. If you make a call through the app, then it will connect up to the main unit and place the call on your landline number. That’s something that even the fanciest call forwarding service can’t do!

One thing that we should mention is that you’ll need an internet connection to use the Voice Bridge. The app can only hook up to the main Invoxia unit through either WiFi or mobile data. So long as you’re connected to, say your office WiFi, then this should be fine. However, while you’re out and about, the app can eat into your data plan if you use it a lot.

Other than that, we can’t find fault with this unit. We’ve tested it out ourselves in the Appcessories office, and found that it worked a treat. In a world that’s becoming more and more mobile-centric, it’s a great way to make your landline a better fit with your lifestyle. No longer do you have to worry about who has what number. Instead, you can pick up both home and mobile calls, wherever you are. If this sounds perfect for you, then you can find out more about the Invoxia Voice Bridge here.

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