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Interview with Jonas Eliasson from Me-Mover Fit

Interview with Jonas Eliasson from Me-Mover Fit

Me-Mover FIT

The Me-Mover FIT is an exercise machine that takes you places. It engages the full body, at no impact and with a very high efficiency in terms of muscular work and caloric burn – and it is severely fun to ride.

The Me-Mover Official Logo

Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and what do you do?
I am educated as an architect, but have always dreamed of becoming an inventor. So in 2002, I quit my job and started my first company, with a new type of touchscreen technology based on optics. Since then I have been building companies based on my innovations. Originally Swedish, I now live in Denmark with my Danish wife, 2 kids and our dog, Lovis.

Jonas Eliasson - Headshot

I am educated as an architect, but have always dreamed of becoming an inventor.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Get up just before seven, have breakfast with the family, crunching Müsli and yoghurt, before Me-Moving to school with the kids and dog, then further to work. Lovis joins me on my Cargo Me-Mover and runs in the parks we pass. At work, I have a nice morning cup of coffee and starting up the day before our daily short team meeting. The last months have been focused on the Kickstarter project so most of the day I have been engaged in helping out with the graphics, getting testimonials in place and meeting with sports people and physiotherapists. Since our team to a great part consists of students and part time interns, there is a lot of coordination and management- great fun since they are great people!

The team have lunch together, smørrebrød in Danish tradition, herring, shrimps, eggs, roastbeef, salmon and rye bread.

3 days a week, I Me-Move home at ca. 3.30 pm to pick up the kids and make dinner. Doing some mails and following up on the day’s work after the kids are in bed at 8, and finishing some emails and stuff before hitting bed 10-11.

Benefits of the Me-Mover FIT
Tell us something that most people don’t know about you
Until I was 8 years old, I was convinced I would be working as a cowboy when I grew up, or maybe driving horse carriages in the Wild West.
How did you come up with the idea for your product and what made you “go for it?”
Desperately looking for a better way to get around while being active during a work period in Stockholm in ’98. The idea stuck and I was returning to it in my thoughts as a typical before-sleep day dream. I finally decided to go for it in late 2008 when I had finished off working in one of my other companies. This was an idea that could not fail being interesting, fun and doing good… My first bigger venture – the touch screen technology ended up focusing on the gaming market, slot machines and stuff, and that made no sense to me at all. I got really frustrated and saddened by that, so it was important for me to do something that made people and the world better.

What made you decide to go with crowdfunding (or venture capital)?
We tried it in 2014, as a slightly desperate last way to fund our production, but it turned out to be hugely rewarding and fun, and we got loads of new friends and contributors to our project. When we had a new product, it was for me almost a given to test the viability in a new crowdfunding campaign – with a completely new focus and positioning, and the crowdfunding campaign not only have shown we are on the right path, but again has given loads of new contacts and potential partners and ideas.
What is the best decision you’ve ever made with your product (financial, emotional, educational) that led to the product we’re experiencing today?
To go for the exercise and fitness segment as opposed to the sheer commuting solution that we started off with.
Me-Mover Fit used by a man and a woman
Where do you see your company or your company’s focus in 1-2 years?
We will continue focusing on the exercise, fitness and rehabilitation markets and will work hard to build our sales channels and to build training programs as well as cooperating with scientists and researchers for optimizing the product and documenting the effects of using it.
If you could time travel back to day one of your start­up and have 15min with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heartache, what would you tell yourself?
Get people to try the product in scale as fast as possible, and choose one specific usage instead of trying to be a solution for all.

Jonas Eliasson - Headshot

Get people to try the product in scale as fast as possible, and choose one specific usage instead of trying to be a solution for all.

Who has been the biggest influence on your life and work and why?
Probably my dad, for good and bad. He is a strange combination of a macho guy formed by the 40’s and working on commercial trading ships and in the navy since the young teens, and being a romantic, with a lot of unfulfilled creativity. He was my great hero of my youth, but also slightly disorganized and a big dreamer.
Any tips for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to facilitate a successful financing campaign?
Be personally involved, involve your friends and network at an early stage, and get professional help in the areas where you know you lack the most. For my part, I always thought I was a great writer. But having a pro to support us here was a great boon.
What do you see as the biggest advancement in your technology sector over the next 5-10 years?
I believe the production technology will drastically reduce production time, and the need for setting up production of highly custom designed mechanical products in far east. 3D printing and robotics will be key in this transformation, as to some part the new demographics of Europe with a lot of unskilled labor force being available for low pay demands.
What do you see as the biggest risk in your technology sector over the next 5-10 years?
The risk do not lie in technology per se, but in pirate copying of successful products by low cost producers.

Thank you for your time Jonas!

Wrapping it up

If you’d like to support Jonas and the Me-Mover FIT, check out Me-Mover.com, the Kickstarter campaign and follow them on:

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