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This weeks questionable campaigns. Indienogo

Indienogo: This Week’s Questionable Campaigns

They Just Keep On Coming

As I’ve said before in this space, there are some crowd funding campaigns that leave me totally confused. Whether it’s an ask for a redundant device or service, an idea that proposes a solution to a non-problem, or something totally preposterous, there are plenty of campaigns that just seem silly and not viable. Here’s this week’s indienogo contenders.

Snakstr: The Future Of The World

So basically, this campaign seeks to develop a service that — get this — delivers snacks by drone. Feeling hungry? Use the iPhone app to call a drone to bring you some munchies. Within minutes, it’s flown right to you.


Not only does this not seem feasible, given the limited availability and high price of consumer-grade drones, but the campaign’s ask is an enormous reach: an absurd $16,000,000 USD. That’s sixteen million dollars. Oh, and despite the project’s amusing write-up, there’s no real explanation as to how this idea will come to fruition should the sixteen million actually be raised. Funny, but I’ll pass.

Atom: World’s Smallest Smartcard

The thinking behind Atom is the same thinking behind Apple Pay and all of the other cashless, cardless payment options that use proximity technology. Atom is a small square that can clip on your clothing or personal belongings so you’ve always got a way to pay for things, authenticate your presence, and unlock doors.


It’s a good idea, but there are a few problems here. First, there are services available that already do this. Many are integrated with an app, so there’s no additional hardware to carry. Even though Atom is small, it’s still another thing to remember to take with you. Other tap-to-pay or tap-to-authenticate devices are worn like a bracelet, which seems a lot more convenient and secure than a tiny clip. And Atom’s small size is worrisome: this sounds like something that can and will be lost easily. Throw in the campaign’s $100,000 USD ask, and I’m not sure this will take off.

Nubub: A New Social Network

I applaud the developers who are motivated to come up with new social networks. If it weren’t for them, we’d all still be on Friendster. But it takes true ingenuity to come up with a social network that’s going to be viable and attract huge numbers. Nubub positions itself as a social network for parents of young children: it’s safe, it’s secure, and unlike the bigger social media sites, you can control who sees pictures of your baby.


But honestly, I just don’t see it becoming popular. New parents are tired! It’s all they can do to keep up with Facebook, where the majority of their friends are, and Instagram, where the rest of their friends are. Taking time to set up a new social media profile isn’t in the schedule, not to mention that their friends and family who don’t have kids (and who want to see photos of the little ones) probably won’t be signing on to Nubub either. The developers are looking for £45,000. I really don’t see it happening.

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