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Protect your bike with Immobitag

With Christmas just round the corner there will be many bikes under (well, beside) the Tree. Make sure yours is protected from theft with the Immobitag.

Unfortunately a bike is stolen nearly every minute in the UK, this is a trend that is sadly on the rise. The immobitag device is practically irremovable and will ensure that your bike remains protected for it’s life.

How It Works

The Immobitag is an RFID (radio frequency IDentification) device that fits inside the seat tube of the bike. This device is readable using scanners that are most UK police forces have access to. All ImmobiTags are activated online at – The UK national property register linked to all UK police forces.

In the event of your bike being stolen you can update the website to reflect this.  The Police and those registered with second-hand trade sites will be updated and can be on the look out should it turn up.

Your online bike profile can be updated at any time, you can add pictures, receipts and other associated details for free. There is no subscription or payments required for the service. If you sell your bike you can update the website with the new owners details who can take over the profile, good extra incentive for them to buy from you.



The immobitag is available now from many cycle shops as well as online at Prices start at £14.29

For more details be sure to check out and

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