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HQ Trivia Apple TV

HQ Trivia Hits Apple TV

Remember HQ Trivia? It was the must-have app earlier this year, with millions of users worldwide battling it out to win real money. Like all crazes, though, things have died down somewhat in recent months. Most people have found other apps to entertain themselves, but there’s still a dedicated HQ Trivia community out there. If you’re a part of that community- or you just want an excuse to get back into the app- then there’s some good news. HQ Trivia is now available on Apple TV!

Why, you may ask? Well, it’s all part of a calculated move to shift the app towards more of a party game. It was always designed to be something that friends could play together, so taking it off multiple phones and onto a single TV screen makes perfect sense. Plus, it allows the whole family to get involved. Sure, grandma might not have a smartphone. But that doesn’t mean she’s not smart enough to match wits against the rest of the family. With an Apple TV app, she now has the perfect chance to prove it!

That being said, the new app isn’t without its drawbacks. For one thing, it’s probably a bit too late in HQ Triva’s lifespan to revive its popularity. If the Apple TV app had been launched even a few months ago, then it could have helped keep the ball rolling a little longer. Now, though, it’s unlikely to attract many more new contestants to the quiz.

And while playing on your TV screen might make things less complicated, it’s not the best setup to actually play. As anyone who has spent much time with the app will know, you really want everyone to be on their phone, since it gives you more chances to progress. Sure, it doesn’t make for the most sociable parties. But when there’s cold, hard cash on the line, sacrifices have to be made.

So, do we expect big things from HQ Trivia on Apple TV? Yes and no. It’s certainly not going to help push the app back to its heady heights of popularity, but it does give people more of a reason to stick it on when friends and family are round. Regardless, it works well and reminds people just how fun HQ Trivia is- just don’t tell the editor how much time we spent playing it at work…

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