How Should I Charge My Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch is advertised as having a battery life of 18 hours after an overnight charge, factoring in that it is paired to your iPhone and is performing basic functions like receiving notifications, checking the time, doing a 30-minute workout, and using the range of apps.

How Should I Charge My Apple Watch Series 2The 18-hour all-day battery life takes into consideration:

  • 90 time checks
  • 90 notifications
  • 45-minutes of app use
  • A 30-minute workout with music playback from the watch via Bluetooth

18 hours is certainly not a lot of time, but it should make your smartwatch useful for the entire portion of your day when you’ll be awake.

Many users have been able to increase the uptime of the watch to a full 24 hours and even 36 hours when they don’t perform battery-taxing activities, like making phone calls or using apps like the heart rate monitor. Other factors that may affect battery life include:

  • Talktime: If used for non-stop phone calls, the battery gets depleted in as little as three hours.
  • Audio Playback: When playing via Bluetooth, the watch can last only 6.5 hours.
  • Workout: Tests with workout session active and heart rate sensor on (without the iPhone) provides a battery life of 5 hours on the Series 2.

You may have observed that the Apple Watch does not shut off completely when its battery reaches 0 percent. This is because the 72-hour Power Reserve mode activates at this point, allowing you to check the time but without the fancy watch face.

When connected to a charger, it takes about 90 seconds for the watch to reboot and exit this state.

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So, how should you charge your Apple Watch Series 2?

Apple Watch features a 205mAh battery pack with a recharge time of 1.5 hours to 80 percent and 2.5 hours to 100 percent. But you can recharge from 0 percent (when it enters the Power Reserve mode) to 100 percent in 2 hours – when the battery is not completely spent.

Apple’s smartwatch relies on an inductive magnetic charger from the brand’s popular MagSafe chargers that come with all MacBook Pro and Macbook Air computers. The charger combines an inductive charger with a MagSafe magnet to provide a wireless solution. You simply clip on a charger and the smartwatch begins to charge.

The fact that there are no slots to insert a cable means that the watch is completely sealed, allowing for a certain degree of water resistance.

You can also use the Apple Watch charging dock, which is the size of a CD with a middle section that you flip up and position your watch against it to charge. You then plug the cable from the box into the side of the charging pad.

This option comes with the new Watch OS 2 upgrade under Nightstand mode, which is an awesome option for users looking for a mini alarm clock. It is so cool that the display begins to brighten up as the alarm appears. But it doesn’t stay on all night, plus you can also turn off the mode in the watch app).

Final note

Since everyone uses their Apple Watch Series 2 differently, there are many other factors that affect battery like, like use, configuration, and some other factors.

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