How Many Notifications Does Pebble hold?

Since the release of the original Kickstarter Pebble back in 2013, there have been quite a few upgraded versions of the smartwatch to meet the different needs of users, mostly with regard to the design and applications provided. But compared to Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatches, the Pebble has curved itself a unique niche that does not require the support of apps. Although the ecosystem is much better than when the company launched, Pebble’s Timeline user interface and the general simplicity of its operating system are its major app. So, how many notifications does pebble hold?

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The Ultimate Notifications Smartwatch

How Many Notifications Does Pebble hold?It is safe to say that different smartwatch companies have specialised in different areas:

  • the Apple Watch Series 2 is good for people looking for fitness and companion apps to complement activities they already perform with a smartphone,
  • while Moto 360 is ideal for people who appreciated Google’s predictive strategy by linking Android Wear and Google Now, for instance.

Pebble, on the other hand, is for users looking for a highly customisable smartwatch that is focused on notifications and performs few tasks exceedingly well. Notifications typically appear in sequential order in your Timeline. You can navigate through these events by pressing the bottom button on the face of the watch. Pebble’s Timeline ensures that you never miss a notification or even a scheduled appointment, which is a unique feature to the brand.

As with other smartwatches, the different applications that push notifications to your Pebble device need to be curated through Pebble’s app to prevent it from constantly vibrating. However, this feature is only applicable on Android; not iOS. This is because Pebble simply mirrors notifications received in your iPhone, while Android offers a more granular list.

With Pebble, the screen is constantly on, which is only possible due to the battery-saving e-paper technology. This is a big plus for people who primarily use their smartwatch to receive notifications – phone calls, Gmail, Google Chat, and Whatsapp messages.

So, how many notifications does Pebble hold?

There is really not much information about this, but user reviews suggest that the notification app can hold over 20 per day including business emails and storm notifications. These notifications clear automatically upon shutting down the device for the night, such that you get a clean slate every new day. Alternatively, you can simply reboot the watch.

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