How Many Apps Can Pebble Hold?

Pebble hit the market long before Android Wear and Apple Watch found their way on users’ wrists. But back then, the software was only capable of holding a maximum of 8 apps. So if you wanted more apps, you could only store them in the Pebble app until you had more space in your watch. With the introduction of Pebble 3.0 software, this limit was lifted. Well, how many apps can Pebble hold now?

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So, how many apps can Pebble hold?

How Many Apps Can Pebble Hold?Dozens. With the new 3.0 software, users can store and access dozens of apps and watchfaces directly on their Pebble Time. Any excess apps can be stored in “My Pebble” so you can conveniently access them in the future.

The number of app that your Pebble can hold depends on their size and function. Any app that cannot be instantly stored on your smartwatch is automatically added to the “My Pebble” section of the mobile app. So, your Pebble will start at the top of each section of “My Pebble” (Apps and Watchfaces / Timeline) and store as many apps as possible until it runs out of space.

Managing your Pebble apps

“My Pebble” is connected to your Pebble account, which means that your favourite apps will automatically be available on any device you sign in to. As you add more apps and watchfaces to your account, they will be added to the top of the list in “My Pebble” and then loaded onto your smartwatch.

As the internal storage space of your watch becomes filled, any inactive apps are automatically swapped out upon installing a new app from the Pebble app.

You can rearrange the order of apps in “My Pebble” depending on how important they are to you. So, the ones most important to you should be towards the top, while any app you’re not interested in can be simply dragged to the bottom of the list, or deleted.

Top Apps for your Pebble

The Pebble series offers great versatility and potential when it comes to customisation. There are many watchfaces and watchapps to choose from, including those you may need to use on a daily basis, like Uber and Pandora, or useful tools and utilities like Pebble Dialler, Time, and WatchNote.

Here are some of the most popular Pebble apps to download:

  • Pebble Dialler – allows you to easily manage incoming and outgoing calls from your watch
  • QuickAuth – an extra layer of security to your accounts with two-factor security by requesting a secondary code when you log in
  • watchNote – a popular note-taking app for PCs, tablets, and Pebble Time. It can track reminders, go over grocery lists, read notes, and perform many other actions.
  • PebbSpeed – uses your phone’s GPS to calculate the speed and remind you when approaching or exceeding the speed limit.

Final note

Before we sign off, there are two things you should keep in mind when using Pebble apps:

  1. First, some watchfaces and apps require access to services or information provided by your phone, like location data. Failure to grant permissions to these features when setting up can prevent some reliant apps from functioning properly.
  2. Second, some Pebble Time apps require you to download a companion app (third-party OS app) depending on your device (from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store) to function properly.

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