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How Does Apple Pencil Work With Ipad Pro?

How Does Apple Pencil Work With Ipad Pro?

The iPad Pro features a large 12.9-inch retina screen (or 9.7-inch display for the smaller version) that can make it a bit hard to use the tablet without Apple’s own stylus – the Apple Pencil. But how does Apple Pencil work with Ipad Pro?

  • The Pencil is designed to work with only the iPad Pro, perhaps because of the high cost of technology required to pair the two:
  • The iPad Pro’s display features quite a bit of intelligence built into it to help maximise the battery life and make the best use of the technology. For instance, when the tablet detects the Pencil, it automatically turns off touch, allowing you to put your wrist down to draw or write.

The iPad’s display also samples at a considerably higher rate when it detects the Pencil to boost responsiveness and eliminate the latency associated with using the stylus.

The Apple Pencil’s design gives you the impression of a familiar tool. Yet, with its meticulously engineered technology, paired with Apple’s most advanced Multi-touch display, delivers superior precision when working on the iPad Pro. This combination brings out the creative side of users, especially graphic designers, in unprecedented ways.

How Does Apple Pencil Work With Ipad Pro

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How Does Apple Pencil Work With Ipad Pro?

When the iPad Pro detects an Apple Pencil, the system scans its signal at an amazing 240 times per second, giving it double the data points it typically collects with your finger. The result is an incredibly fast manifestation of the image in your mind and the one you see on the display.

The technology also takes advantage of the new predictive touch tracking introduced by iOS 9, giving graphic designers and other users lag-free performance and robust software support. Compared to other stylus, like Wacom’s Cintiq line of graphics tools, using the Apple Pencil feels like you’re actually leaving ink as you can instantly see the outcome of your drawing/letters as they happen.

What you can do with the Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro

1. Open links and apps, navigate, and scroll

The Apple Pencil can perform all general purpose navigation on your iPad Pro, including opening apps that were either designed or not designed for the Pencil.

Flicking the Pencil as you would your finger allows you to scroll with similar momentum. You can also long press with the stylus, which means that you can open a link in a new tab or delete apps.

2. Type on the keyboard and invoke Spotlight search

The Pencil works normally with the virtual keyboard on iOS 9, which means that you can perform an App Store search, input URLs in Safari, and perform any other in-app text entry functions.

On the home screen, you can use the Pencil to drag down to invoke Spotlight search, or scroll to the left to access Siri Suggestions and search.

You can also input your lockscreen password using the Pencil to bypass Touch ID.

3. Use third-party keyboards

Using the Pencil to type on Apple’s regular keyboard can be rather slow. Fortunately, you can also use the Pencil with third-party keyboards that permit gesture-based input and swiping. The Pencil works the same as your fingertip when swiping.

4. Palm rejection

You can rest your hand on the iPad screen and use the Pencil as you scroll in Safari. In other words, the Apple Pencil works fine with apps that have not been updated to support the accessory. So, you can place your hand on the display while typing on the keyboard, navigating the home screen, or making notes without any effect.

5. Trace through a piece of paper

This is an amazing feature for graphic designers, as you can transfer an image on paper to your iPad by simply tracing it. With palm rejection, you don’t have to worry about transferring anything you don’t want on your drawing.

What you can’t do

1. Access edge gestures like Control Center or Notification Center

While you can scroll within apps with the Apple Pencil, swiping from the top or bottom of the screen does not invoke any action. It is a deliberate company design, but you can access these features using your finger.

2. iOS 9 multitasking

The Pencil does not invoke Split View or Slide Over features in iOS 9. There is no response when you swipe from the right side of the display, when you try to push a second app in Slide Over off the screen, or when you try to resize apps in Split View when using the Pencil.

3. Multi-finger gestures

The Pencil won’t pinch to zoom, invoke the app switcher in iOS 9, or allow you to swipe to return to the home screen. Instead, press the home button with the pencil, or use your hand (four or five-finger gestures) to return to the home screen or to multi-task.

4. Opposite end as erase

While you may instinctively turn the Apple Pencil around trying to erase, this feature is not enabled on the stylus. Instead, you must find the eraser option in specific apps, and then select it with the Pencil to erase accordingly.


Lastly, the Apple Pencil is intended to work with only the iPad Pro, which is equipped with a lower-latency screen using a distinct subsystem that switches to the Pencil-to-screen interaction at 240 times per second when it senses the Pencil, and then scales back to half when using your fingertip.

This technology is not available in any other iOS device, including the latest ones.
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