How Can Apple Watch Change Your Life?

Apple has just announced the second generation of their popular smartwatch, called the Apple Watch Series 2, as they prepare to launch their new operating system WatchOS 3, according to reports. The good news is that unlike the iPhone and iPad, the Apple Watch Series 1 was still miles away from perfection which means the new watch will almost certainly be better than its predecessor on various aspects. The bad news is that you are going to pay more for it. Another piece of good news: it’s going to be worth it. Another piece of bad news: you can’t be sure. But can we perhaps use the current Apple Watch’s statistics to conclude that a version better than it will rightfully command a higher price? Well, I find it relevant. So, how can Apple Watch change your life?

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How Can Apple Watch Change Your Life?

How Can Apple Watch Change Your Life?Apple Watch Series 1 – being the undisputed king of the smartwatch space – has improved our lives in more than one way; from acting as a smartphone substitute to serving as an activity tracker through to making the old-fashioned watches obsolete. It has and is still changing the way we communicate with the digital world.

Merging of Digital Worlds

What I particularly think it performs best in is surrogating other devices that we couldn’t do without a few years ago.

Definitely, it works hand in hand with your smartphone which still makes the phone a must-have, but it’s now becoming more like the main device than the iPhone itself. What is good in this is the convenience that sets in inadvertently.

  1. For one, you don’t need to reach for it somewhere in the pocket to view the time, your current activity statistics, messages from family and friends etc; it is right there on your wrist and will not take you out of your commitment for a second to view the screen.
  2. Two, it’s more of a hands-free than a handheld device. You know the rules that govern this in some countries and states as regards driving. Also, the state of the hand (clean or dirty, wet or dry), unlike with the iPhone or any other smartphone, has stopped being relevant when using your smart device. You don’t need to touch it to be able to take a glance at it, and, yes, you can visit virtually all features without touching the screen. It supports voice command, remember?

Come to think about it, the fact makes it even more helpful to the physically challenged than anyone else, which is right as positive a trait as can be. Persons with the Usher’s Syndrome, for instance, may not have a better way to use technology and enhance their independence than through a system that lets them follow instructions by sense of touch. With prominent haptic alerts, they can walk around and visit places without the help of a guide dog or person. Sure, that is a life-changing facility.

Apropos replacing your wristwatch, there is nothing more to it than just the fact you won’t need a wristwatch anymore! It works the same way despite the fact that it doesn’t take after the conventional circular cross-section sported in bestselling watches. That may render it worthless for the millions who purchase watches as a fashion accessory but will perfectly cover those who use it as a timepiece and, well, those who think it’s good-looking.

As an activity tracker, it was exactly among the very first products to hit the market, meaning that it brought the facility to the world rather than better it, which is life-changing in itself.

Using its various tracking capabilities, users have been in a position to measure how much they work out per day, how much more they need to to hit their targets and whether or not they are making headway.

Better yet, new features of the Apple Watch Series 2 such as GPS and waterproofness will come in handy for more serious athletes.


A fully endowed smartphone, a wristwatch and an activity tracker all in one tiny wrist-worn device is not just something you come about every day. It is a one-off effort from Apple that merits the label “technological breakthrough of the decade” at the very least. It has done away with traditional practices and offset an easier and more convenient way of going about daily life. What we can’t figure out at the moment is what a better device would have to do to actually be “better”.

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