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13 New Green Home Tips That Save You Money
All about Green Smart Home Technology That Saves You Money 2

13 New Green Home Tips That Save You Money

The green cause is one that most of us have become increasingly concerned about over recent years. Many households are eager to do their bit when it comes to the environment and this is something that can be achieved in a number of different ways. Increased awareness over the environment has resulted in more and more people looking at making their home a green home through the use of a range of smart home technology, all of which can make a big difference in many ways. In many cases, this technology is able to not only make a difference to the environment but also to the pockets of households, as they can help to reduce costs over time due to increased energy efficiency.

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Green energy production solutions for your Green Home

solar panel, green homeThere are various different types of technology that might be used in today’s green smart homes in order to help the environment and improve cost efficiency. These are technologies that are involved in everything from heating and cooling your home through to the production of your energy and even the watering of your garden.

Some of the key solutions that you can consider when it comes to smart solutions for your greener home include:

1. Solar panels

More and more people have decided to have solar panels installed at their homes and while the initial financial outlay might be relatively high, you can save a lot of money over time. In addition, you can also access various grants and funding with schemes that are designed to encourage more people to consider this form of electricity production.

This can help you to recoup some of this initial cost and you can then reap the financial benefits through vastly reduced energy bills. In fact, you can even generate an income by receiving money per unit of energy produced by your solar panels from the Generation Tariff as well as making money by selling excess energy produced by these panels.

2. Solar water heater

Another thing that can use a lot of energy in your home is your water heater, and those who have an old, worn water heater that is not energy efficient can end up spending a fortune on energy costs as well as causing more damage to the environment. One thing to consider having installed is a solar water heater, which can provide you with many benefits.

With this type of water heater you can enjoy hot water throughout the year, lower energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. The cost of maintaining these solar water heaters is also low and there are a number of different water heating panels that you can choose from.

3. Home wind turbine

Another means of generating electricity in a green home without spending a fortune is through the installation of a home wind turbine. These can be roof mounted, free standing or pole mounted with a variety of sizes and power options to select from.

Again, due to schemes relating to the use of renewable energy, you could both save money on your energy bills and generate an income from payments from energy firms under the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Heating and cooling your home

thermostatThe above are some of the increasingly popular ways to produce electricity for your green home while also doing your bit for the environment and cutting the cost of your energy bills. However, another important consideration is the heating and cooling of your green home, as there are a number of solutions that you can look at in order to make your home greener in this respect as well.

4. Heating your home

When it comes to heating your green home there are various solutions available. Many people opt for gas central heating for their homes but this isn’t necessarily the most cost effective or energy efficient solution. In addition to this, when it comes to gas central heating you face very high installation costs and often high maintenance costs in addition to your energy bills.

Some also find that gas central heating radiators ruin the effect of a room due to their design and they can take up valuable wall space making it difficult to put other items that you want into the room without blocking them off. A popular solution is to opt for electric radiators, as with the right ones you can benefit from increased energy efficiency and avoid things such as maintenance costs.

VeriSmart Heating UK Ltd is one of the specialist providers that offer electric radiators that are both energy efficient and attractive in design, which means that you can save money on your bills, reduce your energy usage for environmental benefits, and enjoy aesthetic appeal. In addition, these are standalone radiators so you can move them around from room to room with ease based on your needs and you won’t have to worry about taking up wall space in the various rooms in your green home.

5. Cooling your home

During the summer you will also want to find ways to cool your green home, and there are a number of common solutions that people tend to use. One of the systems that many people opt for in their homes is an air conditioning system, which provides a great way to cool different rooms in the home. In the past, the systems available used a lot of energy, which meant that they were not particularly cost efficient or kind to the environment – reports indicate that 30 percent of household power can be used for air conditioning in homes and 40 percent for businesses.

However, over recent years new materials and technologies have been developed that have made it possible to create far more efficient units. So, if you are having an AC system fitted in the green home, opt for an energy efficient system to keep costs down and minimise on your carbon footprint. Using smart ceiling fans can also provide an effective solution when it comes to cooling specific rooms.

6. Retaining heat in the home

One problem that affects many households, particularly in older properties, is the escape of heat from the home. This means that no matter how you heat your green home, you end up using far more energy, which has an impact on the environment and on your pockets.

One thing to consider is having double glazing installed, as this will make a big difference and will ensure that your home is kept warmer for far longer, thus reducing the need to use the heating for as long. Making sure that your home is properly insulated is another important step in keeping it warm and environmentally friendly, and in some cases there may be grants available to help you to fund the cost of insulation.

Appliances in the home

appliances in the homeWe use a wide range of appliances in the typical home these days, and some of these can be costly to run and use up a lot of energy. This also means that they have a negative impact on the environment when they are being used, so this is another area that you have to look at if you want to enjoy living in a smarter, greener home as well as cut your energy usage costs. When you are buying appliances you should look at the energy rating so that you can choose the most efficient.

Some of the common appliances that can use a lot of energy in the home include:

7. Cookers

If you tend to do a lot of cooking, you could be using up a lot of energy, but by making the right choice you can eliminate this problem. The Energy Savings Trust recommends opting for an A or A+ rated cooker, with potential energy usage savings of 40 percent on an electric A+ cooker compared to a B rated one.

8. Fridge freezers

The fridge freezer is another vital appliance in most homes and choosing one that is rated A+++ rather than A+ can help you to cut the cost of running the appliance as well as using less energy. Make sure that you look at the annual energy consumption level, as the size of the fridge freezer can also have an impact on the amount of energy used in conjunction with its rating.

9. Washing machines

It is worth noting that when it comes to energy ratings on washing machines, the only options are A+++, A++, A+ or A. In the past they ratings went up to D and you may still find some older ones for sale that have these old ratings. However, if you want the most energy efficient you should aim for an A+++ model.

Other ways in which to make your home greener

smart-grid-smart-energy greener lightingAll of the above solutions will make it easier to make your home greener, more energy efficient and cheaper to run, so these are all methods worth considering if you want to transform your home into an eco-friendly one – a green home. However, there are also other little changes that you can make within the home in order to save money and become more environmentally friendly.

Some of these include:

10. Greener Lighting

We all need lighting in the home but in the past regular light bulbs used up a lot of energy. However, now you can get energy efficient light bulbs, which use far less energy, are cheaper to run and last longer. Make sure you use these in your lights within the home in order to further benefit the environment and reduce costs. Also, make sure that you turn off all lights in rooms that you are not using at the time, as many of us are guilty of leaving them on, even when we are not in the room.

11. Kettle

For some reason, many of us fill the kettle right up to boil it, even if we are only making one drink or only need a small amount of boiled water. This is another waste of energy, so aim to only fill the kettle as much as is necessary, rather than filling it to the maximum line.

12. Greener Showering

If you don’t already have one, having a shower fitted can help you to save on water usage. Water efficiency is an important part of having a green home and although power showers can use up far more water, you can get water efficient shower heads that use up far less and still provide you with an invigorating and refreshing shower experience.

13. Leaving things on

A huge number of households tend to leave appliances and gadgets on standby, often around the clock. This is something that can waste a lot of energy, which means that it impacts on your energy bills and on the environment. Make sure you switch things off completely rather than leaving them on standby, as every little helps when it comes to conserving energy.

Greener Home – Greener Living

There is no doubt that making your home greener and more efficient is easier than ever these days, as there are so many technologies, gadgets and appliances that you can choose from to help you to do this. Some people may be worried about the initial cost of some of the systems and technologies but it is important to remember that over time each of the energy efficient products you use in your green home will save you money. They will also all help you to reduce your carbon footprint so you can do your bit for the environment with far greater ease and convenience.

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