Google Chromecast expected to hit UK shelves this week

Google’s Chromecast is expected to hit UK shelves tomorrow according to a leaked screenshot posted by Android Police from electronics retailer Dixons. With Apple TV and the recently released Roku streaming stick already widely available; Chromecast is not the first web-to-TV accessory but could easily become the most convenient and affordable option for streaming content to your TV from Youtube, Netflix, and the Web. Released in the US in July of last year, Sundar Pichai (head of Android, Chrome and Google Apps) stated recently at SXSW that sales of the dongle were into the millions stateside and it would be coming to many more markets in the near future.

Chromecast Spec

Google has kept the Chromecast simple; it’s a small, lightweight, plug-in device that could be mistaken for a USB memory stick if it weren’t for the HDMI connector at the end. Once inserted into the HDMI port in your TV it acts as a receiver for media transmitted from: Android Smartphones, Tablets, iOS devices, and computers via the Chrome browser. So to watch a film on Netflix, you’d need to fire up the Netflix app on your phone, or open Netflix in your Chrome web browser; and once your selection has been made select the ‘cast’ icon that should appear on your screen. It is capable of streaming TV and movies at up to 1080p; however, this depends on the source of the content and also the speed of your broadband.


If Apple TV is above your price range at £99 but you’d like the ability to watch Netflix, YouTube or Google Play videos on your TV then Google Chromecast is set to be an ideal solution for you. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but an educated guess would put it between £30-40, which is a bargain price for a Smart Home Appcessory.

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