Google announce Android Wear as Motorola unveil Moto 360 Smartwatch

Android Wear has been announced by Google as the new operating system for wearable devices, as Motorola release images of the first Smartwatch to run it. The news comes a week after Senior VP and Head of Android Sundar Pichai declared that Google would be releasing an SDK for wearables; and the blog post confirms that their plan for extending Android to wearable devices begins with the Smartwatch.

Alex Faaborg (Designer, Android) asserts that the new UI for wearables has been designed to interact with with the world around you (in a similar way to the Google Now App) ‘based around voice and contextual factors’; and the video paints a good picture of what it would be like to use an Android Wear Smartwatch in a number of different ‘everyday’ scenarios, and is reminiscent of previous promotional material for Google Glass.

The preview SDK is available to developers this week, and Google has been working closely with consumer electronics manufacturers, chip makers, and fashion brands that are committed to fostering an Eco system for smartwatches, which more or less confirms what Pichai said Google were going to set out to do. This may raise concerns for Samsung who have abandoned Android as the OS for their soon to be released second Smartwatch.  And it looks like they’ll face stiff competition from the first Android Wear Smartwatch from Motorola:

The Moto 360

Moto 360
On the same day Google released their statement on Android Wear; Motorola unveiled their eye-catching design for a new Smartwatch that will run the new wearable OS. Given that Motorola were Google owned until the start of this year, it comes as little surprise that the Moto 360 is an early adopter of Android Wear. It is set to be the first Android Wear device available with a release date for this summer according to Motorola’s site.


Moto 360The Moto 360 has been designed with a more traditional and very stylish-looking round watch face that makes it look unlike any other Smartwatch we’ve seen to date. Dickon Isaacs (Wearables Designer for Motorola) explains that all the core components of the Moto 360 had to be built from the ground-up to support the concept for the design. And whilst there is little information available on the full spec of the watch at the moment; Google have confirmed it is the Moto 360 that features in their promotional video for Android wear, which gives an indication of what you will be able to use it for. We wait with bated breath…

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