7 Ways to Get the Most out of Pebble Time Smartwatch

It is interesting how Pebble smartwatches seem to get increasingly awesome with time. The original Pebble Watch did not offer much to users besides its affordability and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. But the Pebble Time smartwatch (and the Pebble Time 2) is a big improvement on the first Pebble Watch, with the same charming e-ink colour screen, compatibility with both Android and iOS, and affordability, considering it still costs less than $200. But how can pebblers get the most out of Pebble Time Watch?

Pebble Time price when reviewed: $69.50


1. Update your software

7 Ways to Get the Most out of Pebble Time SmartwatchThe developers made a smart move to not leave their early adopters behind by bringing the Timeline user interface to the original Pebble, as well as the Pebble Steel. Pebble software version 3.8 offers users access to unlimited apps and watch faces, as well as a new Timeline interface that allows you to scroll both forward and backward.

2. Use your device to track your health and fitness

The latest Pebble Time smartwatch comes with new sleep- and fitness-tracking features. With regard to fitness tracking, the smartwatch has the capability to automatically detect runs and long walks. You can use the Timeline to view how long the exercise routine lasted, distance travelled, and calories burned.

Sleep tracking features a smart wakeup function in the Alarms app. Wearers who go to bed while wearing their Pebble Time smartwatch get buzzed during the light sleep cycle, about 30 minutes before the scheduled wakeup time.

Data collected from your sleep and fitness tracking is fed into detailed overviews in Pebble’s Android and iOS apps. There’s a dedicated Pebble Health section that provides graphs on monthly, weekly, and even daily activity, along with a detailed assessment of individual exercises.

3. Get Siri-like assistance

Through a lot of effort, Pebble developers have managed to bring voice replies to both iOS and Android with preset responses and emojis.

For an experience that is much closer to that of the Apple Watch, you’ll need to download the Snowy app for voice commands such as taking notes, adding events to your calendar, or controlling smart home devices with IFTTT.

You should note that Snowy currently only works with Pebble Time, Pebble Time Round, and Pebble Time Steel.

4. Keep Standby Mode on

The Pebble Time Round has a rather short battery life of two days. If you turn on the Standby mode in your device – in the settings menu under “system” – you can save up to 30 percent of the batter, since the device will automatically turn off features such as Bluetooth when you take off the watch and set it down.

5. Quick launch for your favourite features

One of the most important features for a smartwatch is the ability to instantly access the apps you need on a daily or nearly daily basis. Pebble Time has a Quick Launch features that lets you choose two of your favourite apps for quick activation with either the “Up” or “Down” buttons.

To set Quick Launch, click ‘Select’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Quick Launch’ > and then choose the button (Up or Down) you want to assign the app with ‘Set App’. To quickly launch a designated app, simply long press the allocated button. Easy

6. Use it to secure your smartphone

Dislock, which was previously known as ‘Pebble Locker’, is a Pebble app that works as a ‘pass key’ to unlock your Android phone’s screen. When your Pebble Time is in close proximity to your smartphone, the lock screen is automatically disabled. Conversely, the phone locks when you walk with your Pebble far enough.

7. Customise and Download the apps you need

The Pebble Watch offers a lot of customisation and freedom, so you can use your smartwatch the way you want it. If none of the Pebble watch faces appeal to you, you can make your own; but note that some faces drain the battery faster than others. You can also swap out the bands.

There are many apps to consider, like translators, maps, or enhancement apps like ‘Glance’ for Android that allows users to view the date, weather, emails, unread SMS, and missed calls. ‘Smartwatch+’ is the iOS version for ‘Glance’.

Get the Most out of Pebble Time

Although Pebble is a product of a small, Kickstarter-funded startup company competing against established businesses that have launched multiple tech devices, the Pebble Time smartwatch has been growing more and more useful.

Just recently, Pebble added custom vibration patterns, introduced nap support for its sleep tracking function, allowed watch faces to display fitness data, and linked Pebble Health with Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit systems.

Gradually, the Pebble Watch is beginning to feel like a complete smartwatch platform, and a great alternative to many heavyweights looking for longer battery life, slimmer design, an always-on display, and affordability.
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