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The Modular Plexidrone: As good as you want it to be

Get the Shot with a PlexiDrone

A Crowd(funding) Pleaser

It’s not every day that a crowdfunding campaign raises in excess of one million dollars USD. And, with the number of drones on the market and coming to market soon, you might think that a drone campaign would not garner that much excitement. However, in the case of the PlexiDrone, you would be wrong.

On a $100,000 USD goal, PlexiDrone’s Indiegogo campaign brought in over $1.7 million. So clearly, this is a product that’s in demand! The PlexiDrone flies overhead to get aerial photos and video, much like other drones. The shots it gets are much more interesting than what you’d get from a Go Pro, but what exactly makes it so special? Let’s take a look.


Snap, Fly, Shoot

The PlexiDrone is incredibly user-friendly: it snaps together quickly, the camera attaches easily, and it’s simple to control with its corresponding app. You can tell it exactly how you want it to shoot: stay overhead, to the left or right, front or back, or wherever. If you’ve got two PlexiDrones (or even three), you can control them all from the same app.

One cool thing about this drone as compared to others is that it’s got retractable landing gear, a big deal because it means you’ll never see any drone parts in your shot. Plus, it’s totally portable; the PlexiDrone comes with a hard shell backpack to carry and protect your device. You might look a bit like a turtle while you’re wearing it, but it’s certainly functional.

One Drone to Rule Them All

Is the PlexiDrone the one drone that will beat out all the others? It’s way too early to tell, but if their hugely successful Indiegogo campaign is any indication, it will definitely make a dent in the drone market. It will be interesting to see just how these devices do with the average customer, too: how much demand is there, exactly, for aerial shots, especially from a high priced drone?

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  1. John Smith

    This article is pretty old. DreamQii has made many new modifications to their Plexidrone ever since and are looking great. Even though there has been a delay with the production process, its looking promising. The best way to keep up to date with the progress is by following video updates on their YouTube page.…/UCbAkEasfVPNB2b9eH9sgpOg/videos

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