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Get a Grip on the HTC Re Grip - Appcessories

Get a Grip on the HTC Re Grip

Fitness Trackers: Peak Saturation?

There are so many fitness trackers on the market. You have your pick of ways to keep tabs on your calories burned, heart rate variations, steps taken, quality of sleep, and other vital measurements. And, with more smartwatches with built-in trackers coming on the market, the need for a stand-alone fitness band seems diminished. Still, new fitness trackers keep coming out.

So, in the spirit of giving new, viable devices a fair chance, meet the new HTC Re Grip. While it’s still a wrist-worn tracker, it does offer a few unique and helpful features. Add those to its comfort and durability, and it becomes a solid choice if you’re looking to buy a device of this nature.

Made For Outdoor Fitness Enthusiasts

htc re grip outdoor

The real selling point of the Re Grip is its built-in GPS, a huge convenience for outdoor runners and cyclists as it means that you can leave your phone at home. When you get back from your run or bike ride and are once again in proximity of your smartphone, the Re Grip syncs with it.

The GPS can be turned on and off to save battery life. When it’s on, the battery should last five hours. That’s enough to run a marathon, according to HTC (assuming you’re serious enough about your training to run a marathon in under five hours). When it’s turned off, the battery lasts about two and a half days. And while the Re Grip is water resistant for up to 30 minutes in three feet of water, it’s probably not a great choice for swimmers (or Ironman competitors).

And Most of The Usual Features

The Re Grip tracks most of the things you’d expect it to: distance travelled, speed, calories burned, sleep activity, and more. In addition to outdoor activity, it can also measure indoor exercises like treadmill workouts, weight lifting, and more. What it absolutely does not track, however, is heart rate. It’s hard to get an accurate heart rate reading from a device on the wrist, so it’s not something that the Re Grip does. HTC suggests you use a chest strap, which is more accurate.

The Re Grip comes in three different sizes for a good fit, and early reviews suggest that it’s one of the more comfortable wristbands out there. Fitness activity is recorded on the Under Armour Record app (which is available for free for both iOS and Android), and when you’re close enough to your smartphone, notifications (like text messages and new voicemail) can be displayed on the Re Grip’s PMOLED screen.

Pricey But Possibly Worthwhile

Is this the right time to buy a stand-alone fitness tracker? If smartwatches take off, stand-alone fitness trackers may suffer the same fate as stand-alone mp3 players. However, if you do want to buy one, and if your exercise routine takes you outdoors on a regular basis, then the HTC Re Grip is a good choice.

You’ll pay for it, though: the retail price is expected to be $199 USD. For that price, you could have a Pebble Smartwatch.

Still, the integrated GPS may be reason enough for serious runners and cyclists to buy this product. However, if you’re just looking for a sleep tracker or a more glorified pedometer, you may want to go with a less pricey option.

HTC Re Grip Shipping Date

There is no shipping date for the HTC Re Grip yet, as the HTC Grip release date has been pushed out further in 2016. First, it will be available in the US only; the rest of the world gets it later.

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