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Is Ford the New Player in the Driverless Car Market?
Is Ford the New Player in the Driverless Car Market

Is Ford the New Player in the Driverless Car Market?

Ford is a traditional brand in the car market which has long been associated with the evolution of cars. Recently after remaining silent on the evolving scene of driverless cars the company is finally venturing to roll out its own version of driverless cars.

As the report goes the company will introduce several state of the art technologies in its pursuit to enter the foray of autonomous cars. With this company is hoping to catch up with leading brands in digital automobile like Uber and Google.

The new car will provide in-car connectivity solutions, ride-sharing and autonomous driving technologies which are being tested in Pittsburgh. With the most famous and leading automobile giants like Ford making its foray into digital automobile and self driving cars, we can not only expect some breakthroughs in the driverless cars field, but a more affordable version of this new high tech car as well.

In its effort to launch the new car, the century-old company has formed a separate and standalone subsidiary referred as Ford Smart Mobility (FSM) which will work to offer new automobile technologies like autonomous driving, in-car connectivity, ride-sharing etc. Instead of working as a fully operational Ford company, FSM is basically designated to work as a startup and the aim of the new venture will be to deliver the age old reputation and excellence of Ford into the self driving cars and other digital automobile systems.

Ford are rethinking the entire automobile industry, says Mark Fields (Ford President and CEO). Moreover, Dale Gillespie from Jennings Ford direct says that the focus is shifting towards new services rather mere sales figures.

Ford’s acquisitions

Ford is actually working hard to produce driverless cars to allow ride-sharing services equipped with digital interface and control. This ambition of the company gave way to the acquisition of some crowdsharing companies.

Ford recently took over Chariot, a San Francisco-based startup working with crowdsharing shuttle bus. They also went for a partnership with a company working with human-powered bikes for ride-sharing.


The implications of driverless cars has an enormous impact on the environment. It would not only help minimise traffic control which is a constant concern for many cities, but it can also take a significant role in reducing pollution to a great extent.

In the future the transportation industry all over the globe is going to experience some serious changes and in this respect the new effort of automobile companies in rolling their own driverless cars is extraordinarily important.

In Conclusion

As per latest reports the company is going to offer a completely autonomous car that would not have any steering wheel, accelerator or pedals and the car is planned to go into mass produced from 2021.

While the new autonomous car will only be made available for the taxi service initially, in a few years down the line it will be available for personal use as well.

The decision of Ford to enter the driverless car market came late with other major brands having their versions of an autonomous car ready for test drive. As reported earlier, Uber is all set to test its driverless car fleet. A new startup in Singapore called Nutonomy has already started to offer a robotic taxi service in the city. Naturally, we should expect the new Ford to undergo a rigorous development cycle in the years to come to stay competitive in the automotive industry.

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