FishBit: Make Your Aquarium Smart

The Lure Of The Tank

Your home aquarium is your personal source of in-house relaxation. What could be more soothing than watching beautiful fish darting around the warm blue water and the plants gently swaying, all while hearing the quiet bubbling of the filter? It’s a contained aquatic ecosystem, and it’s all yours. It can, however, be tricky to maintain the delicate balance of this ecosystem to ensure the safety and vitality of the creatures living within. Heaters break, filters malfunction, and the pH can drift. Even when you’re home, these problems aren’t always visible; when you’re not home, letting them linger too long can be catastrophic. It’s good to know exactly what’s going on in that tank, and that is the inspiration behind the FishBit. No, not FitBit — that’s something else. This is FishBit.

Smart Home, Smart Fishtank

fishbitFishBit is merely an extension of the drive to turn houses into smart homes, as it makes your aquarium a smart fishtank. It’s a three-part system. First, there is a BlueTooth monitor that goes directly into your tank; it measures pH, salinity, and temperature to make sure everything’s working properly and your fish are happy. Second, there’s a controller with outlets to plug in and connect all of your aquarium-related electronics.

Finally, of course, is the smart part: the app, which will work on both iOS and Android. It’s easy to set up and use, and it provides you with a graph-based output of your tank’s various levels. Most importantly, it will give you warnings if things start to fall out of balance so you can quickly correct the problem.

FishBit – Fish Fans Have Spoken

FishBit had a modest Kickstarter goal of $5,000 USD to get their BETA version in production; it has raised more than twice its goal. The BETA is expected to ship to the first 30 backers in June 2015 for testing. It will go on sale to the general fish-loving public once it’s out of BETA, though no projected date or price has been given just yet.

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