Looksi Screen Splitters

Family friendly fun with Looksi Screen Splitters

With the Easter holidays just around the corner (and summer holidays in the not too distant future) many of us will be travelling many miles to enjoy sun, sea and sand (or maybe just sand and sea if heading on a ‘staycation’ somewhere in the UK). To make getting there that much more bearable is the Looksi Screen Splitter; essentially a plastic divider that separates your iPad (or iPhone) into two halves so that you can play against an opponent at an unbranded version of popular classics like Battleship or Guess Who.
Looksi Screen Splitters

The Looksi Interactive Games Screen Splitter

The pack comes with 2 splitters – a larger one that is compatible with iPad 1, 2, and new; and a smaller splitter compatible with all generations of the iPhone. It does feel quite cheap and plasticky but for under £6, I wasn’t much bothered by this and they can be attached and detached easily without causing any unwanted marks. The 3 apps are free to download from the Apple App Store, and work really well. As a big fan of Battleships when I was younger, Naval Strike was definitely my favourite; the gameplay was very smooth and the screen splitter added a welcome touch of nostalgia. The children’s favourites (5 and 7 years old) was FaceFit, which is more of a reinvention of Guess Who than a complete rip off; allowing to construct the face of your opponent as your guessing.

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