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Embrace: A Life-Saving Wearable

The Sleek and Functional Embrace

Embrace is a new, elegant smart watch that does so much more than its appearance suggests. Which isn’t to say that its appearance is bland. On the contrary, the Embrace is made of leather and metal, is neither masculine nor feminine, and has a clean, minimalist design that would make Dieter Rams proud. On the flip side of the device, sensors rest on the skin to track stress levels, sleep, and other vital personal data, all of which can help wearers learn about how they react to challenges and improve their well-being.

For most smart wearables, a sleek appearance and some wellness tracking would be enough. Embrace, however, does much more.

embrace-smartwatch-5 A Noble Mission

The Embrace is a medical-quality device that can literally be life-saving for individuals with epilepsy. In addition to monitoring stress and sleep, the Embrace’s sensors also have the ability to predict epileptic seizures. What’s more, when used with a companion Embrace watch and a smart phone app, a family member or loved one of an individual with epilepsy can be alerted when a seizure is about to happen. Seizures can be fatal, so a warning like this can help to prevent epilepsy-related deaths.

Charitable Deal

Empatica, the company that is developing the Embrace, is committed to getting their new device into the hands of those who need it most. Therefore, it has pledged that for every person who backs their Indiegogo campaign by purchasing an Embrace, it will donate an Embrace to a child who suffers from epileptic seizures.


Coming Soon

The Indiegogo campaign for the Embrace ends at the end of December, but the project has raised more than 200% of its goal. Soon, initial backers and donation recipients will receive their Embrace smart watch and discover all of the things that it can do. This is indeed a gorgeous device for anyone, but it can be a life saver for those who live with epilepsy.

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