Elvie – The Pelvic Floor Exerciser: Available Now!

A Wearable for Pelvic Floor Strength

Women all over the world do pelvic floor strength exercises — commonly known as kegels — to proactively repair the damage to their bodies caused by pregnancy and childbirth. These exercises also allow women to strengthen their core, have more control over their pelvic area, and even improve their sexual experiences. The problem is that it’s hard for many women to know if they’re doing kegels correctly. After all, they’re designed to work internal muscles, and unlike lifting weights or doing push ups, no one can watch you and correct your form.

London-UK-based company Chiaro is working on a wearable device that offers feedback and motivation to women who want to improve their pelvic strength. Call the Elvie, the product is a pelvic floor exerciser that a woman wears inside her body to monitor her improving strength.

Accolades Abound

Elvie pelvic trainerChiaro and its relatively new Elvie pelvic floor training device are already racking up the awards and praise. The company was named Best Startup at the 2015 Wearable Technology Show, beating out heavyweight contenders like Atlas Wearables and Sports Performance Tracking. And, at the 2015 AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards, Elvie won for best R&D.

Positive reviews are also starting to be published on tech blogs.

  • Tech Crunch called it “thoughtful and discreet,” applauding the design decision of leaving the colour pink off the product entirely.
  • American media trends company PSFK appreciated the device’s singular focus on helping women improve their internal strength.
  • Vogue insisted that the Elvie is not just for pelvic floor strength; abs, back, and core strength will also improve when you use it.

Five Minutes a Day For A Stronger Core

A weakened pelvic floor isn’t really something that women discuss, but the issue is still very real. Approximately one in three women have problems with their pelvic floor, and about half of those women have related back issues. Elvie can motivate women to actively fix those problems, and all it takes is five minutes a day. It’s totally discreet — no one has to know, even when you’re using it. The Elvie syncs with a smart phone app to both time your exercises and show you how much stronger you are becoming. It works, too: according to Chiaro, more than 90% of women who have used Elvie have found it to be helpful.

Designed by Women, For Women

Tania Boler, Chiaro, ElvieChiaro is headed by respected author and women’s health authority Tania Boler — exactly the type of person you’d want developing a product like this. Advanced sensors are used to track so many things, and Chiaro seeks to use this technology to make a difference in women’s lives.

Essential Reading: Interview with Tania Boler from Chiaro Elvie

Boler also recognises the importance of continual feedback to improve performance, much like smart coaching features on many fitness trackers. “The problem with most exercise trackers,” she has said, “is that they are too passive and don’t help the user improve their performance as they exercise. Elvie is different; we use data from multiple sensors to guide women with personalised feedback as they exercise.”

It’s hard to describe how a proper kegel feels, especially if you’re not a woman. While other pelvic floor exercisers are both on the market and in development, Elvie is the only one designed by women, for women to take control of their bodies and their sexual health. While it’s not available for purchase just yet, Elvie is currently available for pre-orders at an introductory price, and it is expected to ship in March of 2015.

Chiaro Elvie: October 2015 Update – What It Is, Revisited

Elvie pelvic wearableWhile some (mostly male) writers and reviewers are content to dismiss the Elvie as a “video game for your vagina,” we think they’re missing the point. Sure it can be uncomfortable for many people to talk about women’s health, and using humor can be a popular way to deflect that discomfort. Still, women’s health is a topic that needs to be discussed — and discussed seriously.

Elvie is, as its tagline indicates, a very personal kind of trainer. It’s a device that women can use to improve their internal strength and, as a result, their lives. As any woman who’s been pregnant and gone through the pain of childbirth can tell you, her body has gone through some pretty significant changes, some of which can have lingering effects that are uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Elvie has the potential to help these women take control of their own health and make improvements. It’s no more a video game than a fitness or sleep tracker.

Elvie – Finally Available!

It’s not uncommon for new devices to miss their initial ship dates (look at the Dash), and the Chiaro Elvie didn’t quite make its projected date of March 2015. However, those who pre-ordered an Elvie (as well as those who were waiting for it to come to market) will be pleased to know that as of a few weeks ago — October 12, to be precise — Elvie is shipping!

Pre-order pricing is now a thing of the past, and the Elvie retails for £149 in the UK. OK, that may seem like a lot of money for a wearable device with such a singular and specific function. However, for the women who see their health improve as a result of using the Elvie, that price is well worth it.

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