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Cubic: AI for your home -

Cubic: Personal AI

Cubic – A True AI Companion

Decades ago, depictions of the 21st Century often included robot companions with human-like personalities. The Jetsons had Rosie, Dave Bowman had the HAL 9000, and the inhabitants of Altair IV had Robby the Robot. Soon, you can have Cubic, an artificial intelligence-based personal assistant with which you can genuinely interact.

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Cubic is a true AI companion, and interacting with it is more like talking with a friend than with a machine. It can answer your questions, look up information, offer advice and reminders, message your friends, update your Twitter feed, and even order you a pizza.

While there are devices on the market now that can do some or all of these things, talking with them is more like talking with a computer program. With Cubic, you can have a conversation.

Integration, Personalisation

When you buy the Device, you get an interactive cube for home and a smart phone app, plus a power badge that allows you to talk with Cubic anywhere.

While some AI products available today are compatible with some aspects of your life, Cubic integrates with just about everything you use: social media like Twitter and Facebook, email like Gmail, home automation like Nest, wearables like Fitbit, and many more.

Cubic can be totally personalised, too; you can choose its voice and even an accent. And, Cubic learns your preferences and sense of humour, and soon learns to develop a personality that is compatible with yours. For example, if you appreciate sarcasm and are a fan of “The Office,” you can be sure that your personal AI will eventually start making snarky comments and paper company references.

In The Not Too Distant Future

Cubic is still in development and in the midst of what looks to be a successful Indiegogo campaign. In fact, Cubic will never truly be finished, as its open API leaves the door open for developers to integrate more devices, including some that aren’t even on the market yet.

Pre-orders of the device from preliminary supporters should ship late in 2015, and a public release is scheduled for early 2016.

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