CubeSensors: Advanced Environment Monitoring for Better Health and Sleep

A New Approach

It seems like every well-meaning doctor, health guru, and new age healer has his or her own sage directions for better sleep and improved personal wellness. Eat this, don’t eat that; do this, don’t do that; change this, keep that. Meanwhile, we’re as tired and unhealthy as we’ve ever been. We don’t need more wheatgrass smoothies and chakra-balancing music. What we need is real data and some good advice. Enter CubeSensors, a quirky new environment monitoring system that’s been shipping since January of 2014 from a small start-up in Slovenia. You can use them in a home or in an office, and they provide a wealth of information about how your environment is influencing your well-being and your ability to get things done.

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CubeSensors – What They Measure

CubeSensors can tell you about the conditions in your home by measuring carbon dioxide and VOC (volatile organic compound) levels, light, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and more. Shake one of the small cubes, and it will glow, its colour telling you how comfortable the current conditions are. All of this data is synced with a CubeSensor web app, and the company hopes to have an iOS and Android app out sooner rather than later.

More than gathering data, CubeSensors offer practical advice on everything from when it’s time to hit the sack to how to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible so that your sleep quality is high. Plus, the company just announced compatibility with and support for both Fitbit and Jawbone devices for more efficient and effective sleep tracking.

Cool Design


One of the best things about CubeSensors is how great they look. Unlike the larger environment monitors of years past, CubeSensors are small cubes that fit into the palm of your hand. Their plain white colour, rounded corners, and cool yet simple design on the front allow the CubeSensors to blend in with any room’s decor while quietly taking measurements and making suggestions. They can be used plugged in or wirelessly, and they set up in a snap. CubeSensors are currently on sale in packs of two, four, or six.

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