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Cronovo Smartwatch - The World's Smallest EKG

Cronovo Smartwatch – The World’s Smallest EKG

Ask a smartwatch fan why they love their device and you’re bound to get a range of different answers. Some buy the latest and greatest smartwatch options in an attempt to stay ahead of technology trends, while others like them for style and convenience. Of course – there is one very specific niche in the smartwatch market, filled with people who turn to smartwatches for one very important purpose: health.

If you’re all about using technology to enhance your health and fitness routines, then your heart is sure to race when you hear about the latest fitness smartwatch to hit the market. The Cronovo Smartwatch – a Kickstarter backed technology innovation, is a device that’s all about functionality. Practical, convenient, and excellent for the fitness enthusiast, this smartwatch isn’t just aesthetically attractive – it’s also the smallest EKG in the world.

The Latest in Heart Monitoring Technology

Being able to monitor heart rates isn’t a new feature for the standard fitness tracker or smartwatch – but the Cronovo takes this aspect to an entirely new level. After all, while other wearables on the market today have faced substantial criticism for their largely inaccurate heart-rate tracking abilities, the Cronovo faces the issue head-on with the most high-tech heart monitor around.

The people behind this incredible smartwatch claim that it can combine electrical and optical systems to monitor the wearer’s heart rate – offering accuracy levels of up to 99.9% when compared to medical devices approved by the FDA.

An EKG and So Much More

If the ability to monitor your heart rate with the same accuracy as your average doctor wasn’t enough to impress you – beyond the EKG functionality, the latest Cronovo smartwatch also includes a range of other features, such as metabolism tracking that helps wearers to get more from their workouts, coaching assistance, and recovery tracking. Thanks to the addition of a built-in microphone, you can use the Cronovo apps to download and wear a small fitness trainer on your wrist!

In a world where people still struggle to make the decision between fitness tracking technology and smartwatches, this innovation from Cronovo could be the answer for getting the very best of both worlds. The device combines the convenient and easy-to-use technology of traditional smartwatches, with the health devices of a fitness tracker. In other words, you get your own personal doctor, fitness trainer, and personal trainer all rolled into one, sleek and sophisticated bundle.

The Cronovo smartwatch is water resistant, and currently available for purchase in a range of styles, including metal silver, leather strap, and black editions. There’s also a unique “rose gold” style for people who don’t mind splashing a little extra cash for limited edition bragging rights. What’s more, while most standard smartwatches come with minimal battery lives, the Cronovo claims that it can last up to five days on one charge. With around fourty days to go on its crowdfunding goals – it’s no surprise that the Cronovo has more than tripled its funding requirements.

Contributor: Martin Simkin from

After following and predicting the latest developments in technology over many years Martin was foretelling the popularity of smartwatches long before the term was set in stone and the first generation Apple Watch was announced to the masses.

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