Cracking The Egg: Storage in Your Pocket

The Egg – we make content, lots of content. Photos, videos, audio clips, text: we make it, and we want to keep it. Why delete anything when you’ve got tons of storage space on your smartphone or tablet hard drive, your laptop, and your SD cards? Of course, when drive space does start to get close to capacity, we’re left scrambling at inconvenient moments to free up a little bit more room.

The Egg is a compact device that seeks to solve this problem. It’s basically a small (in size, not in storage) external hard drive that can back up files on your smartphone or camera. It’s highly portable, so you can take it anywhere, and it’s easy to use, so you can use it to store a great deal of content that you’ve created, freeing yourself up to create even more.

What Makes The Egg Better

egg storageWhy do we need The Egg when we’ve got our pick of cloud storage services? Well, a few reasons. Cloud storage typically charges per month, and you never really pay it off. With The Egg, you pay to purchase it, and there are no other charges. Also, when you’re out using your camera, you can’t always connect to your cloud storage for back-up; if you can connect, you might not be able to transfer your data as fast as you’d like. The Egg connects directly to your smartphone or digital camera to transfer files quickly.

The Egg is safe; you don’t have to worry about cloud storage security breaches, because you’ve got everything you’re saving in your pocket. Plus, when you buy The Egg, you get your own website to manage your files.

Small Size, Large Capacity

The Egg puts anywhere from 64 to 256 GB in the palm of your hand. It syncs with both iOS and Android devices, and backing up files is easy: just connect via a short cable and let the transfer take place. The Egg also connects to other devices via self-configuring wifi.


It’s also easy to share files directly from The Egg. Yes, you can share a lot of things directly from your phone, but if you’ve ever tried to share a video that’s longer than, say, 30 seconds, you know that there are file limits that can prevent you from doing what you want. The Egg makes sharing easy and seamless.

Successfully Funded

The developers of The Egg have run a successful Kickstarter campaign raising $100,000 USD.

Maybe the idea of actually carrying another thing is unappealing to a lot of users, or maybe physically linking two devices via cable seems outdated. The Egg isn’t perfect, but it definitely addresses a common problem. The device retails for about $199 USD,


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