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Conduct Your PC With Mycestro

The humble mouse

The mouse has been the staple input device for computers since the 70s. Not without it’s share up updates though. Now they are wireless, and in the case of the one I’m using just now, buttonless with a touch sensitive covering. Other than these improvements, the overall interface hasn’t changed at all. We still slide the mouse on a surface, it reflects on the screen we are using at the time, and we click to perform an action. Even with the advancements in touch-screen technology the mouse is still going strong. Let’s look at Mycestro.

Meet Mycestro

Recently we looked at flow as a additional input to work in unison with a mouse, now we bring you Mycestro which seeks to replace it entirely. A wonderful play on words, the Mycestro is perfectly named. The small device attaches to your index finger, while still allowing you to type, and you control the mouse pointer with a wave of your finger. It tracks movement in three dimensions and has three mouse buttons with a touch-sensitive surfacing that allows you to scroll (similar to the current apple mouse)


Unlike Flow, which has been designed with certain apps in mind and as an addition to a mouse control, the Mycestro can perform the exact same functions as your traditional mouse, albeit in a more unique and space-saving way. Waiving your finger will move the pointer, just as sliding a mouse will do, and you use your thumb to click the relevant button (there are three on the mycestro) or swipe left and right along the bar to scroll/zoom.

At $149 (although currently a special deal for $129), it would be a rather expensive leap to take on the hunch it will be more productive that a mouse. The Mycestro is available online just now but I’d rather wait to see it in a shop to give it a test-drive.

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