Clickstick: Smart Deodorant

Smarting the Unsmartable

In our increasingly smart world, it’s nice to take solace in the fact that some things can’t be synced with an app and automated for us. The number of things that fit into that category, however, are dwindling daily. Consider personal grooming. Aside from technological advancements in some devices like shavers and toothbrushes, it’s largely something that we do on our own, without the help of a computer chip. But Clickstick smart deodorant is looking to change that. Sure, putting on deodorant isn’t a foolproof exercise, but the developers of Clickstick have identified some consistent issues with product use and come up with a smart solution. Really.

Clickstick – How It Works

First of all, Clickstick gives you the exact same amount of deodorant each time you use it, so that you always put on the right amount. This is customisable through its free app.

Next, Clickstick releases the product in the applicator only when you push the power button. This is helpful if you apply deodorant after you’re dressed, as it will keep your clothes from getting strange stains on them.

Finally, many of us get cleaned and dressed when it’s dark outside. Clickstick’s applicator has a helpful light so you’ll always see where you’re putting it.

Green And Ready To Go

Clickstick is perhaps the most environmentally friendly deodorant you can buy. The applicator is refillable (and refills can be ordered within the app), so you’re not wasting plastic each time you buy a new stick of deodorant. It can also reduce the amount of aluminium and other skin irritants that you use by making sure that there’s not too much deodorant being applied.

Although the idea of a smart deodorant may seem excessive, the project’s Kickstarter campaign was fully funded, exceeding its goal by over $10,000! The first Clicksticks are expected to ship to initial backers early in 201.

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