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Can Pebble Watch Make Calls?

Can Pebble Watch Make Calls?

You can conveniently customise your Pebble Time watch to subtly deliver certain information from your iOS or Android smartphone directly to your wrist, owing to the low energy (LE) Bluetooth connection between your phone and watch.

When you receive an incoming call, Pebble vibrates and displays the number if you have caller-ID; and if the number is saved in your address book, the watch will display the caller’s name instead.

Pebble Time price when reviewed: $69.50


So, Can Pebble Watch Answer Calls?

How Many Notifications Does Pebble hold?

On iOS, you can accept the call using the Up button, reject using the Down button, or dismiss the notification using the Back button.

On Android, you can only reject the call using the Down button or dismiss the notification using the Back button (source).

Since Pebble watches don’t come with a speaker, you need to have a Bluetooth headset or car kit to accept calls.

The Pebble Time, however, comes with a built-in microphone, so you can issue voice commands. You can use the microphone to respond to alerts and messages via voice. Other things you can do using this tool include:

  • Responding to text messages
  • Finding directions
  • Setting the alarm
  • Ordering a cab, etc.

Can Pebble Watch make calls?

Pebble has a lot of promise, which means that even things that are not available on the Pebble will soon be made available. Pebble has an SDK that allows developers to design apps for the smartwatch. One useful Android app in regard to making and receiving calls is ‘Dialler for Pebble’ available for Android devices only.

Dialler for Pebble adds more functionality to your Pebble watch controls. It allows you to answer calls, decline calls, toggle mic, toggle speakerphone, or mute, right from your watch.

The app also allows you to place calls right from your wrist without reaching for your phone. You simply filter through contacts or browse your call history and dial a number. Of course, you need to have your Bluetooth headphones to communicate when calling.

One catch, though, with this app is that Call Notification in Android Pebble app needs to be turned off for it to work properly.

Watch out for battery life though

Pebble Time has a remarkable battery life of up to 7 days, though this depends on the number of notifications you receive per day, the type of apps you use, and how often you use voice replies and the backlight.

You should receive a notification for low battery at 20% and again at 10%. It only takes about 3 hours to charge from a depleted state to fully charged.

More to be expected from Pebble voice controls

Although Pebble has extended voice dictation features to third-party apps, both for iOS and Android users, not many apps are yet to take advantage of dictation.

Though there are some you may want to try out, like Voice2Timeline, which adds simple notes to your watch’s chronological Timeline view, or VoiceWeather, which lets you mention the name of a city to view the local forecast.

As for apps that allow making calls, only Dialler for Pebble is currently available. Though you can still receive or deny calls on your watch and converse via headphones.
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