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2 Easy Ways to Connect Your Pebble Watch to two Phones

How You Can Connect Your Pebble Watch to two Phones

How nice would it be if you were able to push notifications from more than one phone to your Pebble smartwatch? But can Pebble Watch connect to two phones?

Can Pebble Watch connect to two phones?

pebble 2The good news is that you can, if you have an Android smartphone and an iPhone. It is much easier to connect your Pebble to a different Android and iOS smartphone, though you can also connect two Android phones using third party apps.

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1. Pairing and connecting Pebble with an Android and iOS device

Generally, you will need to connect your Android device with Bluetooth, and your iPhone with LE Bluetooth (while Bluetooth is off).

First, pair your watch with iOS using Bluetooth and LE Bluetooth as follows:

  1. Charge your Pebble and turn it on by pressing any button on the watch for 6-10 seconds
  2. Download the latest version of the Pebble app from the Apple App Store
  3. Enable the Bluetooth on your iPhone before launching the Pebble app to establish the connection quicker. Even if you skip this step, you will still be prompted to enable Bluetooth after launching the app.
  4. Launch the Pebble app, select the Pebble device you want to connect to, and then you will be asked to set up your account. This is a quick and easy process. If you already have an account, you can proceed and sign in.
  5. If this is the first time you’re setting up your Pebble, you will be prompted to grant Location Permission. So, tap Continue and then Allow access. This simple process allows many Pebble apps to provide location-specific data such as nearby restaurants or weather.
  6. If you skipped the third step, you will be prompted by the Pebble app at this point to enable Bluetooth so it can search for available Pebble watches within the Bluetooth range (20 – 30 ft). Select your Pebble and tap “Pair”.
  7. After you have successfully connected via the standard Bluetooth (2.1), you will then be prompted to pair the device with Bluetooth LE as well. So, allow this pairing.
  8. Once you have successfully paired, the Pebble app with take you through basic setup, upgrading apps loaded on your Pebble, recommendations of popular apps, etc.
  9. Test your pairing by sending test notification to your watch, and finish (
  10. To determine the status of your connection, simply check the top left corner of the app on your phone. If disconnected (Pebble Disconnected), tap those words to reconnect.

Next, switch off the Bluetooth on your iPhone and activate the Bluetooth on your Android device to pair it with the watch. Note that any attempts to connect on your Android while paired with other devices may be blocked by the other pairing trying to re-connect.

  • Make sure your Android and Pebble watch BT are on, and that of your iPhone is off.
  • Your Android Pebble app will automatically detect available Pebbles in the range, so tap your watch to pair.

After pairing, you can switch back on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.

After these steps, you will notice that your Pebble phone is connected to both phones: Android via Bluetooth and iPhone via LE Bluetooth (for receiving notifications only).

2. Connecting Pebble watch to two phones via an app

You need to install the following app in your devices:

  • Pebble app (obviously)
  • Both PebbleTasker or Pebble Notifier (or AutoPebble alone)
  • AutoRemote
  • Tasker

Then follow this procedure:

  • Start by setting up Tasker to Allow External Access (Preferences, Misc)
  • Authenticate the two devices in AutoRemote using the barcode scanner or typing-in the code

For your business phone

  1. Return to Tasker to set up the profiles and tasks (simply click the +icon at the bottom of the app to restrict the texts you want forwarded to your watch, or leave it blank to receive all texts)
  2. Tasker will prompt for a task to perform once you receive a text. So, tap +Net, Mobile Data, on, and then +Plugin, AutoRemote Message. Select the device you want the texts forwarded to, and in Message, input “Business text from %SMSRN at %SMSRN, %SMSRB” – without the quotation marks

For your personal phone

  1. Enter Tasker so you can add a profile; Plugin, AutoRemote; Configuration, select Event Behaviour
  2. Go to Message Filter and input “Business text from”, and select Case Insensitive. You can assign any name to the new task
  3. Add, Plugin, Pebble Notifier; Configuration, Body, and input “%armessage”. Give it a title – Business SMS

When your phones are both connected to the net, any texts you receive will be forwarded from one phone to the other, and then to your Pebble.

The only problem with this system is that you need to set up your responses in advances, like “Ok”, “Yes”, “No”, “I’ll get back you shortly”, etc.

Final note

Once you understand how to use Tasker and AutoRemote, you can do a number of cool things with your Pebble, like making your PC communicate with your phone and then with Pebble, so you can shutdown, lock, sleep, mute, etc, by simply pressing a few buttons on your watch.
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