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Can Pebble Sync With Fitbit? A Quick and Easy Solution

Can Pebble Sync With Fitbit?

As with other smartwatches, Pebble allows you to add a range of apps to their watches for more functionality. For fitness, you can choose Fitcat, which is an activity tracker that generates virtual income and even syncs with Pebble Health. There are many other health and fitness apps for Pebble. But to stay motivated with your health and fitness activities, it is important to connect with friends and track each other’s’ progress, even when you have different wearable devices. One of the most popular devices in this respect is FitBit and thus many users wonder: can Pebble sync with FitBit?

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So, can Pebble sync with FitBit?

FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit, Can Pebble Sync With Fitbit?For Android users, there is an app called ‘FitIt Pebble Pro for Fitbit’ that connects your FitBit into both your Pebble smartwatch and Android device. The official FitBit app has a beautifully designed step widget, but this Pebble app offers superior functionality with widgets for all the stats you are tracking with your FitBit.

Simply download ‘FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit’ to access a range of FitBit widgets for your Android-powered device. Some of the widgets that you receive on your phone include:

  • Scale
  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Food calories
  • Calories burned
  • Water consumption
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Floors
  • Active Minutes
  • Device (shows the alarm, last sync, and battery status for tracker)
  • FitIt Pro (can be set to automatically rotate every 20 seconds; tap to access Settings)

You can choose the widgets to display on your home screen, or select a set of rotating ones. Each widget displays your current total and a progress bar depending on your preset goal. You can actually place 12 different resizable widgets in the Home Screen (between 2×1, 3×1, and 4×1).

Simply tap on any widget to launch the FitBit app and effortlessly view your activities and calories. If you tap the main “FitIt Pro” widget, you will have access to the Settings for colours and other options. You can customise the widgets by choosing a colour theme from the 20 available options.

The app also integrates with Canvas for Pebble, allowing users to create custom watchfaces that include the usual data, like date, time, and weather, as well as your FitBit stats.

Other health and fitness apps for Pebble include:

1. Pebble Health

Once you download and click onto the Pebble Health app on your watch, you have access to four primary screens for activity tracking and more. First, you can keep track of your daily steps, your main sleep stats, and then a weekly version of each.

This means there is one screen for weekdays and another for weekends, which is awesome since both your sleeping habits and step count are typically different between the two. Or perhaps you wear your Pebble watch on weekdays but leave it behind on weekends, or vice versa.

2. RunKeeper

This popular Pebble app is designed for use with your phone’s GPS, allowing you to check various stats like distance and pace via your smartwatch. You should first download the RunKeeper phone app and then in your watch.

When you initiate a run in your mobile app, it also automatically opens the Pebble app. To pause an activity, simply press the middle button in the RunKeeper screen.

3. Get Up, Stand Up

This is an app with an interesting name that allows your Pebble watch to mimic a fantastic feature found on the Apple and Garmin watches: receive reminders to get up and walk around when it detects you have sat down for too long.

If you are deskbound and own a Pebble, simply set the app to automatic mode for repeated alerts every 20 minutes or so, how long you want to walk around for each time, and the days you want to be reminded, like weekdays only.

4. Misfit

Though an unusual name for a fitness app, the Misfit app offers Pebble wearers an assortment of activity tracking features right on their wrist. The app syncs with the Android and iOS Misfit apps to track metrics such as distance travelled, calories burned, and sleep time.

5. Morpheuz

This unique Pebble app helps you wake up from your sleep over a period of time. The app requires you to set the earliest and latest times that you want to wake up, and then it will handle the rest. The app also uses the accelerometer in Pebble to track your sleep patterns and mirror the results on your phone.

Morpheus syncs with Apple’s HealthKit platform, Philips Hue and LIFX smart bulbs, Misfit and UP apps, and IFTTT.

Final note

While Android users can easily sync their Pebble watch with Fitbit via the FitIt Pro app, the available iOS apps to accomplish the same are still in development. However, there is a wide range of other Pebble apps to track your health and fitness.

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