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Can Pebble Smartwatch send texts?

Can Pebble Smartwatch Send Texts?

One of the best features of Pebble Time is the ability to receive notifications on your wrist without having to pull out your phone. Until recently, Pebble wearers could only reply to incoming messages with predefined content. So, can Pebble Smartwatch send texts? Yes, now you can also send text with your voice or customise your message using the Send Text Pebble apps.

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How Can Pebble Smartwatch Send Texts?

Can Pebble Smartwatch Send TextsThere are three ways to communicate via texts from your Pebble Time:

  • Reply to an incoming text
  • Reply to an incoming phone call
  • Initiate texts on your watch using the Send Text app

The message that you send can be input in one of three ways:

Voice – Pebble’s microphone can record up to 6 seconds of speech and transcribe the message. Voice responses require that your phone be connected to WiFi or have data to use.

Canned messages – Pebble offers default responses that you can customise, or simply create up to 10 unique replies.

Emojis – You can also choose from the most popular emojis for your response. However, this option is only available to Android users and Verizon iOS customers.

How to use the Send Text app

Using the Send Text app, Pebble users can select a contact on their watch, and then opt to use a canned (predefined) message, dictate, or send an emoji.

To use this feature, you should first go to the Play Store on your Android device to update the Pebble Time app. Then, launch the app and allow it to update the software on your smartwatch, as well. If you are not prompted to update your Pebble watch, tap on the three dots in top-right corner of the Time app and select ‘Check for Updates’.

With everything updated, you should find the app with a green icon titled ‘Send Text’. Launch it on your Pebble Time smartwatch to view an alphabetical list of your contacts, or your favourite contacts as set within the Pebble Time app.

Note that you can select only 5 Favourite contacts that will appear at the top of your contacts list in the ‘Send Text’ app, but you can initiate a text conversation with a total of 10 contacts from your Pebble Time.

To send text using the app:

  1. Select the contact you want to send a message to
  2. Select whether you want to send a Voice or Canned message or an Emoji
  3. Select from the predefined text or use the microphone to transcribe the message
  4. When finished, use the select button to send the text.

To customise responses:

  1. Launch the Pebble app, go to the Apps tab and select ‘Send Text’
  2. Select ‘Customise’ under Canned Messages
  3. Create your own custom messages to send from your smartwatch

Replying to Incoming Texts and Calls using your Pebble Time

There are several apps that allow you to reply to incoming texts and incoming calls from your smartwatch using predefined messages.

To reply to incoming texts using Send Texts app:

  1. When your Pebble notifies you of a new text message, select it
  2. Next, choose how to reply: Voice or Canned Message or Emoji
  3. Select the predetermined text or use the microphone to create the reply
  4. Send when finished.

To customise responses for incoming texts, go to your Pebble app, select Settings, and then ‘Notification responses’. You can create up to 10 custom replies.

You should keep in mind that your Pebble Time only allows you to reply to an incoming text once, when notified. You cannot reply to older texts in your Notifications history.

To reply to incoming calls using the Send Texts app:

  • When you have an incoming call, an option will appear prompting you to reply with a text (Up button)
  • Choose whether you want a Voice or Canned Message or Emoji
  • Use the microphone or select predefined text and send the message

You can easily customise the responses for incoming calls by going to the Settings menu in your Pebble app. Tap “Incoming call responses” and create up to 10 custom replies.

Other apps for replying messages

Besides the Send Texts app, there are other Pebble apps you can use to reply incoming messages and incoming calls, including:

  • Text Reply for iOS – allows voice and text replies
  • Google Hangouts for voice replies – need to install the Android Wear app
  • Awear – Allows you to compose messages and also reply to messages

If you are looking for an app that allows you to send texts and reply incoming messages and calls, consider Send Text and Awear apps. Awear is also a watchface, but this option prevents you from accessing the Timeline. That said, it is a fun app to try out.
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