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Calling All 90s Kids: A New And Improved Version Of The Mood Ring Is Coming - Appcessories - App-enabled Accessories and Wearables
zenta wearable technology

Calling All 90s Kids: A New And Improved Version Of The Mood Ring Is Coming


We all knew and loved the concept of mood rings in the 90s, and its been a while since we’ve thought about them. The thermochromic elements meant that the ring would change colour depending on your body temperature. Obviously, it was a total sham, but nonetheless we still loved them.

Zenta, on the other hand is a little bit more technical than that. It is a biometric band which tracks the usual attributes such as activity and sleep but more impressively it tracks, stress, mood, happiness and it even records fertility and menstruation.

Zenta wearable technology for emotional well being


So, is this something we want? Do we really want to be alerted when we are in a bad mood or stressed? Surely we would know that already. Founder of Vinaya – Zenta’s creators – Kate Unsworth, said that the idea for the band came from her own personal experiences:

“My work used to really cut into my personal time and I struggled to find balance. I got lost in the chaos, stuck in a kind of hyperactivity and I realised we needed to be more conscious about the way we are integrating technology into our lives so as not to detract from our real lives.”

I love this concept! Vinaya is one of the only technology companies I have came across that their main aim is to care for the people who are using the product. “Human’s first, tech second” is their ethos.

Zenta wearable technology for emotional well being


The Zenta wristband tracks the usual vitals which most fitness trackers do for example, heart rate and steps however it also tracks more impressive attributes like perspiration, breathing, temperature and blood oxygen levels. These statistics are then cross referenced with data from your phone, for example social interactions and which apps you are using etc which will allow Zenta to track changes in your mood which will determine when you seem to be at your happiest or saddest.

It tracks these interactions and vitals over time to build up a record of your behaviour. This will allow you to make changes to your daily routine to ensure stress levels are reduced.

Zenta wearable technologyThe company’s crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has already doubled the goal of $100,000 (£68,000) showing that there is huge popularity for the product.


Technical aspects aside, it is also a really nice design. The Zenta wristband is something that I would actually wear on a daily basis. Some wearable tech is pretty ugly and something I would probably leave in the house if I were going on a night out. The Zenta wristband is definitely something you could wear on those fancier occasions because it looks like a nice piece of jewellery, therefore you would get more wear out of it than you would one of the more casual wrist wearables.

zenta wristband for emotional well-being

I really like the idea of being able to manage stress levels too. I think it would be really interesting to see when I’m at my happiest and when I’m at my saddest. Vinaya are tapping into something which the likes of Fitbit and Apple haven’t. It would definitely sway my decision when it comes to purchasing a smart watch or fitness tracker.

The Zenta wristband isn’t set to be released until March 2017, but you can pre-order yours now for $119 through the Indiegogo page. I would definitely love to try a Zenta band, would you?


  • Contextually analyses your body’s biometric data over time
  • Syncs with your smartphone to filter notifications & send customisable vibration alerts
  • Monitors how your steps and physical activity affect your overall emotional state
  • Synchronises your breathing for relaxation & anxiety control in real time through interactive touch
  • Lets you check heart rate, perspiration, blood oxygen levels and respiration patterns
  • Correlates your sleep quality with your heart rate, movement & noise detection

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