Bluesmart: The World’s Smartest Suitcase

Bluesmart – Travel Smart

When travelling, you carry a suitcase to keep your things together and organised, but that is just about it. Various technologies have tried to make the trip a little more exciting, but perhaps the most all-rounded one yet is the Bluesmart – a small luggage suitcase you can control from your Android or iOS smartphone.Bluesmart-Travelator

The smart luggage project has raised over one million USD on Indiegogo between 20th October and 24th November that will see the tech filled suitcase move from a prototype with proximity alarms and GPS tracking into full production.

Built-in digital scale

The designers of Bluesmart have included a lot of features that they deem to be essential for frequent travellers. For instance, before you leave your house, the suitcase will help you ensure that you have the appropriate weight of stuff with its integrated digital scale. You simply pull up the handle and check the weight reading on the app to see if you have overpacked.

Digitally controlled lock

oVC6-gK5VlLxPFjbFexD7BEP9lt-yTQiDwm9_6cnIZo-1250x657There are other things that you can control from your smartphone, like the digitally controlled lock that allows you to access your suitcase, or automatically lock itself if you get separated. The TSA-approved lock eliminates any inconveniences during security checks, and you can still access the lock with a special key if the battery runs out.

Other features

There are few accessible outlets when you are on the go, and even if you forgot to charge your tablet and need to access it while travelling, you can use Bluesmart’s built-in battery that is capable of charging up your tech gear several times over.

To prevent your luggage from wandering too far from you, Bluesmart employs a Bluetooth proximity sensor function to notify you if your suitcase is a certain distance apart from, and helps you track it down with a proximity heat map. There is also a GPS for tracking your luggage on a map if it wanders off by a greater distance, like in the airline’s baggage system or is taken to another route.

Great design


The Bluesmart comes with four inner wheels, an anodised aluminium handle, waterproof zipper, and quick-access pockets for your laptop and other electronic items.

The app also helps you collect travelling data, like the airports you’ve been through, number of miles covered on the trips, and duration spent in each country. It is expected to retail at $450 or higher from August 2015.

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