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44 Internet Of Things (IoT) Gamechangers 2017
best smart home devices 2016

44 Internet Of Things (IoT) Gamechangers 2017

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What is the least peculiar thing about the tech industry?

That has to be setting goals that are so towering that they seem hard to achieve. It happened in the late 90’s. Concerning building mobile phones that’d be both simple and scientific calculators, digital pocket watches and alarm clocks, personal digital assistants and work assists, the internet and GPS-backed maps browsers, and live stock trading and business transaction tools, and pretty much anything in the name of basic technology application. All of these tasks, in addition to the basic function of any phone: sending and receiving calls.

That happened until 2007 when then Apple Inc. Chief, Steve Jobs, launched the world’s first true smartphone, The First iPhone, which could do all of these tasks and more in supersonic speed and almost simultaneously.

So we’ve learned from experience, not to disregard any major plans by tech insiders, or outsiders even.

Enter World Of Smart Tech 2017

In 2017, the same rule applies. Change is the only real constant in tech.In the next 13 months or so, brace yourself for tech servings you probably never thought would exist so early in the 21st century. The ingredients will come from a spicy delicacy of variety, in the multifaceted form of Internet of Things (IoT), wearable and fashionable wearables, mind-boggling networking capabilities, heart rate monitors, and virtual reality ingenuity, just to mention a few appetisers.

Already, our sources can confirm a couple of these phenomena and, for your curious pleasure, here are 36 exciting, maybe outlandish, audacious tech bites to look forward to in 2017. 2015 brought some of these, but 2017 seems to be the year they are put to real use by real users so buckle up.

This list brings you ten disruptive technologies from companies you probably never heard of, but their products are guaranteed to make you want to time travel to 2017 when the products are made available to consumers.

Breakthroughs in Health Care Technology 2017

1. Human Organs-on-a-Chips

The crowned design of the year 2015 by the London Design Museum, Harvard University’s project could replace animal testing with smart, electronic testing models that mimic human organs behavior. This, according to the Institute, could go a long way in reducing the use of animals in medical tests and maybe help save biodiversity from further deterioration.

But more importantly, build a platform for progressive clinical testing that’s better conducive and measures test results more accurately from as soon as 2017.

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2. Internet of DNA

Personal Genome ProjectPhysicists are on to something with DNA, and it’s not the usual medical tests.

DNA databases around the world can start to “talk” from 2017. Matching DNA with other genomes across the internet could help find solutions or, at least, speed up chances of finding other physicians who may offer solutions to some regionally unknown disorders. Some big-muscle players here include the Personal Genome Project and Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, as well as Google.

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3. Induced Brain cells

Brain organoidsAfter a furious couple of years past, tenacious scientists have come up with technology to scan, analyse and, get this, re-grow brain cells.

With the technology, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and Bipolar disorder could take the backseat. Brain organoids, as the experts call it, starts working almost immediately.

4. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) surgical robot

Open SurgeryA Royal College of Art alumni is the brains behind an open-source machine that may help people perform keyhole surgery without anyone else’s help using a Playstation console. Frank Kolkman utilised, among others, customised 3D-printed material to build on his Kolkman’s Open Surgery masterpiece.

Should you take up his idea and operate on yourself the same way you would a domestic 3D printing machine? Only time will tell.

5. Pavegen – Power in your Footsteps

Pavegen power in your footstepsYour shoes hold the astounding potential to add some juice to the global electricity grid.

Pavegen is the brains behind the technology that is seeking to harness the energy in your footsteps. Already, the start-up is betting big on its concept. Pavegen already has the flooring works done to start installing power plants in shoes.

Nano Architecture 2017

During the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show held in January in Las Vegas, many companies showcased new technologies that had a huge impact on the market and the world of smart everything. Some of them have been already been hailed as revolutionary and game-changing.

6. OriginGPS

originGPSThe world is taking a data-driven approach to almost everything. This is a continuing trend from the last 2-3 years. And as much as it shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is mind-teasing thinking of the billions of connected items flying off the shelves around the globe.

Bringing the proessing power of a thousand chips from the 80s, are a bunch of microprocessors smaller than the lead of a pencil. OriginGPS is one GPS module backing the inevitable merging of ordinary watches and consummate smartwatches in 2017 and beyond. | See GPS modules on Amazon

Virtual Reality 2017

7. Oculus Rift


Facebook’s latest acquisition is a big boy in VR. VR game and accessories developers such as Impulse Gear and VirZoom can now create content for the consumer Rift headset to be enjoyed, very possibly, from early to mid-2017.

The Crystal Cove prototype the firm uncovered in CES 2015, features using an external camera for positional tracking, improved optics for the 1080-pixel (Full HD) OLED screen to thwart blur, and cut-throat head-tracking at 1000hz. The hardware can be a little pricey at the moment though, with the current Oculus Rift Developers Kit Dk2 retailing at $899 on Amazon. | Buy on Amazon

8. Sony’s Project Morpheus (now Playstation VR)

project morpheus vrThe Playstation 4 and Vita awesome merge with VR is still on course for a Q1, 2016 release date. And maybe Gran Turismo 8 will be modeled along VR gaming.

Morpheus current cool cybernetic mask features 90-degree field-of-view, head tracking at 1000 Hz, and Full HD (1080p) display that’s head-mounted when VR gaming. The unit uses and complements Playstation’s Eye and Move hardware for positional tracking and 3D motion control, respectively. | Buy on Amazon

9. MozVR Web Browser

mozvrGamers are not the only ones to enjoy VR. Mozilla is bringing the Virtual Reality of Everything to the web browser for its 10th anniversary in 2014. is the place to download the latest version of a VR-enabled Firefox and explore the possibilities in virtual reality internet browsing set to make true strides in 2017 after developers have had two years to brainstorm and play around with different concepts.

Facebook’s Innovations 2017

From his new Building 20 office in Menlo Park, California, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to fix things starting 2017.

10. Social VR

While Sony and co. are on to something, Facebook’s new acquisition could be the It! in VR in 2017 going forward.

Oculus VR’s line of sleek, futuristic and high performing VR headsets could be timelining your Facebook profile from 2017. And Facebook’s addition of a 360-degree video viewing ability to timelines could be the sign that it’s high time we needed to stop jumping to conclusions over everything updated online.

11. Internet-Beaming Drones

Hot for 2017, is Zuckerberg’s plan to fly drones over unconnected villages and beam internet connection to the residents via laser. Can’t be done? Ten short years ago no one believed turning a fidgety college project into the $290 billion behemoth that Facebook currently is, was doable either.

Google’s Innovations 2017

Google is not the type of company to indolently sit around and watch everyone else (esp. Facebook) innovate. Here are disruptive innovations to expect from the web search titan.

12. SDC Project

google self driving carGoogle’s self-driving car (SDC) project is more of a reality now than the futuristic talk it was two years ago. Some 1.2 million miles of test-driving and 11 minor accidents later, Google is seeking the green light from the Department of Motor Vehicles to start to roll fully out the auto technology to the public in 2017 and beyond.

13. Project Loon

Despite internet adoption rates hitting an all-time high in 2015, there are still about 4 billion people offline from around the globe. From 2017, Google’s over-the-top project to beam internet connection to the disconnected using helium balloons could help send more people online.

If you are nowhere near a cell tower, Google will be flying a connected balloon over your residence probably in the next couple of months. With both Facebook and Google spoiling to connect the world from 2017, there’s a lot of supporting plans to help keep you online.

14. Car to Car (C2C) Communication technology

car 2 car communicationThough the groundwork for this innovation is already in top gear, its breakthrough moment might come in 2017 when its real-life application is most certain to take off.

The C2C technology, which enables cars to “talk” to each other to mostly establish proximity and help avoid collisions, is already approved in the books of the US federal government. In fact, a new law only needs a final nod to push through, which requires all new cars to fit the new technology. This is one of the core technologies backing Google’s SDC project.

Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Google has fierce competition in the fast lane to crank out self-driving cars.

15. Toyota Mirai hydrogen-fueled cell car

toyota miraiToyota is already polishing things up to start selling electric cars that only spew out water and nothing else. The technology, a mere concept just months ago, is now the sleek package in the form of the Toyota Mirai hydrogen-fueled cell car, set to go on sale at any time now.

16. Apple and Tesla Motors: Autonomous Cars

Computer maker Apple, and futuristic cars venture, Tesla Motors, are the other incumbents set to disrupt the auto technologies lane in the coming year. Tesla, for one, has already introduced an autopilot feature in its vehicles’ software that makes steering and changing lanes on the highway a non-human intervention affair.

For the overall transportation grid, this can only mean that self-driving cars may be available for buying in mass volumes in less than seven years. There’s no telling what else will be breaking through in 7 years, too. Autonomous cars could supplement public transport around the globe, seducing more people not to need private cars and, ultimately, ease road congestion and high fares.

17. Thermoset Plastic

Unlike thermoplastics, thermoset plastics cannot be repeatedly heated and re-shaped. This makes the latter a suitable build material for the tech industry in 2017 going forward.

Thermoset plastics will be used in greater scale in the next months and years to come to build more durable gadgets, even high performing car components.

The best part about all this, however, is that recyclable thermoset plastics could finally be in the offing. And we could have start-ups move in on this opportunity from as early as February 2017.

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Smart Wearables Innovations in 2017

18. Skully Smart Helmet

The world’s first ever, true smart motorcycle helmet is coming to a parts store near you soon enough. With production already ongoing and seed capital streaming in from big guns such as Intel, a 2017 mass release fixture seems most inevitable.

The Skully AR-1 is the first product to come out of Skully coffers, featuring a heads up display such as the ones installed in cars. The trickling information should not distract motorcyclists as it’s slated to display well off the visor.

A rear-view camera mounted on to the unit provides an almost 180-degree wide view, which could be pretty useful and safe when making turns or switching lanes. Users will be able to connect their phone to stream music, hands-free calling, and use integrated GPS function to follow turn-by-turn directions displaying up front.

See smart helmets on Amazon

19. Samsung Triathlon Tracker

The mother of everything wearable in tech is at it again.

In 2017, Samsung may finally take on Xiaomi’s $16 MiBand 1S tracker with its Triathlon Tracker for the budget-conscious market. This is pretty much in line with the electronics conglomerate usual sales strategy, as seen before with smartphones, where it’ll scale down the high-end trackers to attract the entry-level techie with a love for decent wearables.

20. Smart Clothing: CuteCircuit’s Wearable technology

tshirtos for gentlemenImagine downloading new colours and patterns to your clothes to change into another outfit whenever you like. From interactive shirts to smart evening gowns, the East London fashion house is taking digital fashion and smart textiles to a whole other level. Well, if the tshirtOS and a flurry of other Cute Circuit’s patents come to reality, you’ll rarely need to buy new clothes; just look out for the digital smart fabrics they are embarking on for clothing that changes style, color, and patterns with a simple style-download.

CuteCircuit explains that this is pretty real and easy to put together by embedding computational nanotechnology into the fabrics and connecting those with smart LEDs to achieve a distinctive glow that highlights your style.

21. Aira Wear

aira wearThis wearable massager is coming soon. The wearable tech start-up based out of Singapore is developing a mobile massage suite that you can use to relieve stress, say from sitting down at the office desk for too long. The product itself is a wearable massager ingeniously masked as a regular jacket, and you can use the accompanying mobile app to control kneading pressure hands-free.

For less than half the price of your smartphone, you can have the next generation massager. Aira Wear will be showcasing its wearable tech at January 2016 CES as one of the exhibitors.

22. SpeedForce Bike Computer by Beast Bikes

SpeedforceTurn your bike into a smart bike in 2017 with SpeedForce. The firm boasts building the world’s first, fully-integrated cycling computation device.

As you pedal ahead, SpeedForce can capture and record your cycling data: heart rate, cadence, speed, temperature, altitude, time, track, distance, efficiently and accurately. The SpeedForce hardware consists of a cycling computer with power supply, GPS navigation, and headlight. Sync real-time cycling data with the already existing mobile app and share the information and achievements with family and friends.

So you can learn to ride like a pro whether you are a professional cyclist, cycling to keep fit, or just want a connected bike for your outdoor cycling experience. | See bike computers on Amazon

23. Chronos – Turn your regular watch into a smartwatch in 2017

Chronos The thin disk the size of the back of your watch, Chronos subtly attaches to the back of your regular watch, introducing heart rate monitoring, tracking and other functionality you’ll only find on high-end or dedicated smart timepieces—well, until now.

If you are having a hard time losing your vintage watch, but still crave the range of smart functionality a smartwatch brings, Chronos will help upgrade your current watch to match most smart wearables.

24. Apple Watch 2

We couldn’t leave the chief designer of wearables out of this list now, would we?

We all want more juice for the battery. To achieve this, Apple could deploy the same architecture type and chips it’s using on its latest flagship iPhones to save more power for a more expansive wearables app market in 2017.

Tim Cook and co. may want to take a lesson from South Korea’s Samsung concerning building power-efficient chips that’ll not chain users to a power supply point.

Hopefully, Apple Watch 2 will not only be big in design but will also stack up where it matters most—better topography, Watch OS2, design and, importantly, more killer apps. | Buy on Amazon

25. Eyecatcher Smart Bangle

Eyecatcher Smart BangleThe thin line separating technology and fashion has long been expected to crash, and wearable devices really have crashed it. The Eyecatcher smart bangle, for instance, is a 5-inch stylish upcoming wearable display by Looksee that wraps around the wrist and connects to the cloud and devices to display almost everything you need to see—from your Facebook news feed and Twitter posts to messages and list of groceries to buy.

However, the Eyecatcher has no touchscreen input and relies on a connected iPhone or iPad to control. From your iOS device, you can upload images, specify the notifications to view and adjust the bangle’s settings. If this smart gizmo impresses you, you do not have to wait long for it as it is expected to start shipping in February 2016.

26. Android Wear 1.4 Update

Google’s new Android Wear smartwatch OS only needs simple wrist flicks and twists to power up many cool functions and controls. And for the first time, the engineers at Google added support for cellular connection and calling. Moreover, you can have the time, and all your notification cards read out loud to you by the integrated audio feedback system—including the options on how to use the information.

Smart Home 2017

The smart devices already funded and proven to be under development merge new machine learning technologies with neuromorphic computer architectures, a growth in the contextual and sensory information as well as an ambient revolution in user experiences. The smart home world of 2016 will be like nothing that you ever imagined.

27. Drift TV – Remove the Blue

drift tvDoctors and eye health professionals have time and again proved that blue light from your TV screen affects your sleep quality, mood, and productivity. Unfortunately, as things stand now, you can’t just turn off blue light emissions from the TV set’s remote control configuration.

Saffron is taking the blues off your screen from January 2016 with the Drift TV. The product will allow you to cut down the blues by any percentage of blue light in 10% increments over a transition period of your choice, such that you’ll not notice any abrupt changes and your sleep quality and pattern are least affected.

Just connect your TV’s HDMI switches or any other connector and enjoy. The start-up is fighting a tight product release schedule but currently promises an early 2016 release.

28. The “Eight Sleep” Smart Mattress (formerly Luna)

Eight Sleep, smart mattressSleep is serious business and a good night’s sleep can do lots of good come the next morning. Eight Sleep is the smart mattress that acts both as an electric blanket and sleep monitor. Eight Sleep will keep track of your optimal sleep condition such as sleep time and temperature and adjusts the temperature between the sheets to this level when you slide in to retire for the day.

There’s more. Eight Sleep will sync with your smartphone or Nest device to ensure all connected doors are locked, windows closed, and the house temperature adjusted while you keep your eyes shut. You’ll also wake up to a warm cup of coffee if you have a smart coffee maker that linked to Eight Sleep.

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29. One S by Raumfeld

One S by RaumfeldRaumfeld’s catalog of WI-FI speakers is getting a new, cooler and powerful addition. The One S multi-room wireless speaker comes equipped with, among others, a water-resistant bezel, so you can take your music streaming experience pretty much everywhere in the home, including the bathroom. Also hot, is the free app that acts as an intuitive remote control for the multi-room, compact and powerful setup.

After reading the “water repellant” label, we asked Mark Boit, General Manager Product at Raumfeld, if we could take a shower with the One S. Please don’t! Much as you can operate with wet hands, the One S won’t take a major wash down. The firm says it could have introduced a waterproof grill for the speakers, but that could have affected sound quality. The deal breaker, though, is that the Berlin-based team of engineers and tech geeks are incorporating IOT function with the system come 2017. | Buy on Amazon

30. Dojo Smart Home Security from Dojo-Labs

A smart home is pretty susceptible to privacy breaches and hacker attacks. From your smart TV listening to your private conversations and sending those to the manufacturer or marketers, to your laptops webcam taking shots of you when hacked, you might want to protect your smart home from itself in 2017.

Dojo is that solution from Palo Alto, California that lets you protect your connected home (Android, iPhone, Apple TV) by guarding it against malicious (or otherwise) privacy attacks and hackers’ prying eyes. The software removes from its base and automatically scans your smart home devices for unusual activity. If it does find any questionable activity, it’ll notify you via its smartphone app and proceed to block the activity automatically from further progressing until you’ve approved it.

The product status is currently pre-launch, but available on a pre-order basis from Amazon for a discounted $99 price tag.

31. Oomi Smart Home Kit

Oomi Smart Home KitIf you are considering getting a smart home system but wouldn’t like to have to deal with the complexities of setup, the Oomi may be what you are dreaming about. This is an incredibly simple home automation solution that makes it easy for you add a range of smart accessories to your home network simply by tapping the gadget on its controller, the Oomi Touch. This system features a beautiful hub called the Oomi Cube, which packs a number of sensors that detect vibration, motion, temperature, noise, and smoke as well as night vision cameras. You can also link this device to your Android or iPhone device to get the status of your home on-demand anywhere anytime.

Unlike the many home systems you have read about, the Oomi, which was funded over 3,400% of the $50,000 it was looking for in January 2015, has inbuilt sensors to monitor environmental conditions such as humidity and a light adjustment system that regulates the hues of the home lighting to reflect time and mood. Furthermore, the Oomi is a smart media system that can play music and stream HD videos from sites such as Netflix to the traditional TV.

32. Senic Nuimo Smart Home Controller

Senic Nuimo Smart Home ControllerIs your home is packed with wireless gizmos that you wish you could control them all from one point? The Nuimo Smart Home Controller is a programmable controller you should look forward to when it hits the shelves in the first half of 2016. This streamlined gadget is about the size and shape of a smoke detector and can connect to a range of home devices including the Philips Hue smart light bulbs, the Sonos music system, and the Nest thermostat. It features a touch-sensitive surface that it responds to, and can be controlled through gestures, taps, shaking, and back and forth motion, etc.

Relevant: Nest Automation: Google’s Plan for Your Smart Home

There is also an LED matrix centre display that displays the time, status or connected devices.

The Nuimo controller can connect as many as 30 devices. The developers promise to integrated cloud services such as Netflix, Spotify, and SoundCloud, all of which can be controlled from an Android and iOS application besides the controller itself. | Buy on Amazon

33. SkylinkNet Smart Alarm System

skylinknet alarm system, smart homeThere are quite a number of home alarm and security systems in the market that could be considered a part of the connected world, but few come close to offering what the SkylinkNet smart alarm system offers. This is an affordable alarm/alert system for people embracing smart technologies. It brings a ton of new features to home security that grants you full control via a smartphone or tablet app. As a part of the system, motion sensors installed on the window, and door fixtures alert you of intrusion via an accompanying application installed on an Android or iOS device.

One of the top benefits of the SkylinkNet is that it is easy to set up and comes with a standalone remote attachable to a key chain that allows the user to arm or disarm the system and activate a panic button that alerts the connected smartphone to call for help. This smart alarm connects multiple sensors and as many as ten wireless cameras.

Relevant: Safe and Smart: The Best Smart Home Security Systems | Buy on Amazon

34. Matrix – Smart Home App Store

matrix smart home app storeNow, the biggest challenge for the smart home concept (arguably) has been the inadequate availability of killer apps to boot the advanced hardware. But it may be that most people don’t know where to download smart home, wearables, and smart clothing apps. Matrix is taking this nuance out of your smart home living in 2017. Matrix wants to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to everyone by building the first ever apps store for the smart home.

The firm is pledging $100,000 via crowd funding site, Kickstarter, to kick-start operations.

Smart Cooking 2017

Forget about smartwatches, self-driving cars, and drones. Forget about FinTech and all those apps that launched claiming to disrupt the digital world. In 2017, the world is surely expected to shake with the introduction of a range of smart devices that will have a massive impact on the business and IT world, the commercial sphere and daily life. And these devices are.. smart cookers.

35. Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot Smart Slow CookerThe Crock-Pot Smart cooker is a one of a kind technology you absolutely have to invest in 2017. This cooker functions a lot like the traditional slow cooker, save for the smart inbuilt functions that makes it easy for you to cook directly from your smartphone. With a 6-quart capacity and three heat levels setting, you can turn the cooker on via a smartphone app, change the temperature settings and cook your meal from wherever you are as long as the cooker and your phone are connected to the internet via 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi signals.

This cooker is already available along with applications for Android and iOS. This smart home technology device allows you to turn the cooker on, set time and temperature alerts while it is cooking and turn it off when cooking is done. The pot is designed to be easy to maintain–a removable stoneware cooking vessel that is dishwasher safe and a cord that conveniently tucks away at the back of the appliance for tidy storage. As the Internet of Things takes over our home appliances, this cooker is the best starting point for your home automation efforts in 2017. | Buy on Amazon

36. Instant Pot Smart Cooker

Instant Pot Smart CookerThe Instant Pot Smart Cooker is a smart appliance that brings a range of cooking functions to the kitchen. It is a versatile addition to your smart home, bringing pressure and slow cooking features and enabling you to cook directly from your portable device via an app. This pot does not feature Wi-Fi connectivity but connects to devices via Bluetooth. The most prominent features are a timer, multiple safety features, and delayed start. The pot works with iOS devices running iOS7 and up, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

From the control panel of the cooking application on your device, you can program the pot to be used as a pressure cooker, a yogurt maker, or as a steamer. Through the iOS application, you can program the smart pot to cook complex cooking steps from a recipe script and execute them on the cooker remotely. The pot, via its app, lets you choose from a number of pre-set programs to cook specific ingredients or dishes such as meat, poultry, soup, chili, porridge, rice, and stew among others. Furthermore, you can create your own programs and save them for later or share your library with friends and family online. | Buy on Amazon

37. SmartyPans

smartypansIn 2017, your kitchen is going to get a whole lot smarter than you ever expected. Especially if you invest in a nifty high-tech frying pan that eliminates the trial-and-errors of cooking that is the main reason for poor results. For just $169, the SmartyPan is the first smart Bluetooth-connected frying pan that connects to an app on your phone or tablet to help you measure accurate amounts of ingredients and cook food at the exact temperatures and durations.

The pan features a voice recognition system that allows you to say the name of the ingredient e.g. “Tomatoes” as you add and the application will calculate and display the relevant nutritional information. This next generation frying pan will save you from burning your meals, adding too much salt, or using the wrong ingredients. It has inbuilt features that connect the pan to the cloud to download recipes and provide real-time step-by-step cooking instructions for different meals.

FinTech 2017

38. Shift Card by Shift Financial Inc.

shift cardWhat if you could withdraw from your bitcoin wallet in an instant, offline, online or internationally? And what if your bitcoin passes as payment everywhere your conventional Visa debit card is?

Shift Card, a Visa debit card, will make it possible to spend bitcoin from any user account one controls anywhere your VISA card is accepted. Currently, the maximum you can spend is $1000, but you can contact the team at Shift to up your daily spend limit. Shift says it is working hard to integrate anything from bank, alternative currency accounts and airline miles with the Shift Card. And Shift Card issuance is limited to the U.S (some states, in fact) so 2017 should be a year to improve connection and maybe introduce itself to the east.

The firm says it’s already partnered with Dwolla and CoinBase to blend the technology with traditional commerce. Currently, Dwolla and CoinBase charge no transaction, annual or domestic transaction fees. But you’ll have to shell out for plastic card issuance and replacement (if you ever lose it)–$10 for either. International transactions will attract a 3% charge and a $3.50 fee for international ATM transactions.

Internet of Things 2017

39. SnowShoe Stamp 2.0

SnowShoe Stamp 2.0Plastic just got a cool, new and high-tech application for 2017 and beyond.

SnowShoe Stamp 2.0 are small pieces of plastic that host secret digital communication identities. With a plastic piece you can do any of the following:

  • Verify and track purchases at point of sale
  • Distributing digital content such as limited access music files to a specific group of people (content that only the ones with a stamp can access)
  • Can be identified by your smartphone and you can track ongoing activity in real time.

The plastic pieces are battery-less, have no power connections whatsoever, work with both Android and IOS, and also on the web. The product is still in pre-launch mode, but is slated for 2017 start after the last round of seed funding raised $1 million.

40. Taylor Smart Desk

Are you aware of the many dangers of sitting for hours behind a desk at work or school? The Taylor Smart Desk is a self-adjusting sit/stand desk that is designed to eliminate the health risks associated with prolonged sitting. This autonomous desk raised over 200% of what they sought on Kickstarter and now have a January 2016 date for the shipment of its smart desk that is expected to thrill home workers.

With this desk, you can save up to four preset height settings and the desk automatically learn your adjustment settings to start making the adjustments automatically. It has an inbuilt voice-activated virtual assistant that can schedule meetings, order lunch, remind you of tasks, or even control your connected home automation device.

The Taylor Smart Desk has been confirmed to work with leading smart devices and web services including Philips Hue, Nest, Yelp, and Wolfram Alpha. It also has USB charging ports, HD speakers, a key and bag hang and a wireless charger. Maybe it’s just me, but the designer is probably a Taylor Swift fan.

41. Phree Smart Pen

Phree smart penAs the world gets more and more digital, even the old school ways of life we are used to—like pulling a pen out of your breast pocket and jotting down an idea is now digital—you do not need to fish out a large screen phone and type on a keyboard. The Phree Smart Pen is essentially what its name says—a pen.

This pen, however, has an optical sensor at the tip that recognises text and drawings when you write on any surface be it your arm, a piece of paper, on a wall or the dashboard of your car. Phree then syncs whatever you write on your phone, computer or tablet, saving it in a program you are familiar with for later revision and use.

This amazing digital pen is roughly the size of a pen at just 8.5mm thick and weighing 30g but it can connect to a range of devices with easy and has a great battery. Developers have added a function that makes the pen work like a phone so you can read incoming messages, view push notifications, or get reminders on its touch screen and pick or make calls. One of its best features though is handwritten biometric security that makes it some kind of a key with a world of possible applications—from unlocking cars to securing homes. Phree will be available in April 2016.

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42. OneLogin

oneloginThis identity and access management software will allow you to connect securely users, devices, and apps. OneLogin brings single sign-on, user positioning and a unified directory to enterprises who want to secure their users connection to their enterprise apps and cloud services.

43. Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips Hue Personal Wireless LightingAdvances in smart home technologies and automation are particularly prevalent when it comes to lighting. There have been smart connected lighting bulbs in the market for the past couple of years but the emergence of smart home solutions that can be controlled via the cloud such as the Philips Hue wireless lighting system is a game changer. This smart home lighting system works with iOS and Android tablets or smartphones, allowing you to adjust your home lighting conditions, turn lights on or off and even improve security while you are away remotely.

Each bulb of the Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting system has a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours–should you buy one, it might be the last bulb you ever buy. The Philips Hue starter pack comes with three of these bulbs, a power cable, bridge and an Ethernet cable. The application that controls lighting can schedule power on and off, allow light intensity and colour scheme optimisation and even alerts you to weather changes, when you have an email, and remind you when there is a pending task.

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44. Lucis Wireless Lamp

lucis lampWant to use lighting to create the perfect mood for that date night, or work, or play?

Lucis programmable lighting using 16 million colours could be the LED solution of a lamp you need. The lamp is portable so you can set the mood wherever you go. All you need to do is touch it to switch from one colour to any other colour you feel best suits your current location, fancy or situation.

What’s more is that the lamp carries no cords, or ports, or apps. No wires or mobile apps are attached. Moreover, it is splash-proof, is dimmable, utilises USB charging and can last a cool 80 hours on a single charge. Lucis wireless lighting is currently unavailable for purchase, but the ongoing Indiegogo funds drive is in high gear to ensure the technology comes your way from 2017. | See wireless lamps on Amazon

Final Note

2017 is expected to be a big year for smart devices, especially home automation systems and wearable devices. The next 12 months or so offer a clear view of the direction the tech industry will be taking in the next couple of years. But as usual, we should welcome disruptive innovations—after all; they are the blueprint for the tech industry. Change is good, and these 36 tech innovations could take off to higher ground in ways the developers themselves might not even have dreamed of, in just a few months to come.

As we get ready to embrace the Information of Everything and Internet of Things, which of these devices are you most anxious to get when they hit the shelves?

How about you let us know that in the comment section below.

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