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15 Best Travel Accessories For Women 2017
Best Travel Accessories For Women 2016

15 Best Travel Accessories For Women 2017

Best Travel Accessories For Women 2017

The following are some of the best travel accessories for women travellers and jet-setters we thought you can tuck in and carry along in your limited legroom.

Even the best places to travel in 2017 become dull in the absence of the following travel accessories for women. What to pack on trips can easily make or break your get-away, whether it is meant for fun, or business, or both. Hopefully, these hot travel accessories that every woman needs are a handy addition to your to-carry list.

15 Top Women’s Travel Accessories to Pack in 2017

Travel usually means one thing for most of us ladies: free-time, fun, adventure. Well, that’s more than one thing and on top of that, we at most times have got to take some work along.

Also, we’ll likely want to ask for directions, check back on those we leave behind, and those that we are about to meet. Shoot photos for souvenirs. Go shopping. Check out our new look (or maintain a fabulous look). Capture those special moments on film. Budget and keep track of expenses. Stay in touch with new found activity, and just get things done.

As such, do you feel you need innovation, multitasking, full connectivity, utility, power, convenience, and all of that wrapped up in one stylish and portable travel package? Here are some travel accessories you might want to take along in the next twelve months or so. Some of them are out already and some you won’t have to wait too long to add to your favourites.

1. GoPro Hero 4 Black Action Camera

gopro hero 4 black action camera, travel accessories for womenGoPro‘s cameras are the top of the game action snappers and therefore top of our travel accessories for women list. One of those will help you log those special moments in high definition film, snap your action in slo-mo, watch it on the onboard LCD (GoPro Hero 4 Silver), and store those sweet memories until you can get home and play it all back on HDTV.

The Hero 4 Black is the latest, lightest, most rugged, and, still, the most adorable unit you can get your hands on. It features ultra high definition video recording (4K resolution), shoots 1080 pixels (Full HD) video at 120frames per second (fps) and 720 pixels (HD) video at 240fps. Also, you can catch the action in a slo-mo mode in a ¼ speed at 1080p and 1/8 speed at 720p. You can take it with you to the shower, or diving since it is waterproof up to 40 meters, too.

While the little, powerful camera’s battery life will probably be done within 2 hours (with Wi-Fi enabled), you can do a lot in that time. Plus we just mentioned some smart ways to charge up your electronic peripherals while on the go.

gopro.com | Buy on Amazon

2. Pacsafe UK Citysafe CS100 Anti-theft Bags

Citysafe Cs100 Anti-theft Bags, travel accessories for womenAfraid a thug may make away with your gear?

Worry no more, second on our travel accessories for women listif the Pacsafe handbag. For $90 (ca. £60.27), Pacsafe UK is offering these classy, flexible, lightweight and practical travel accessories for women for your safe travel needs.

In 2016, one of Pacsafe handbags could be among the essential accessories for women you’ll need. The handbag features flexible, stainless steel and adjustable straps that are well covered and invisible to the eye. The bags also feature full-length guards to protect you from a slash-and-run theft scenario. Even cooler is the special material Pacsafe claims to embed in handbags to guard against fraudsters using RFID scanners to read sensitive data from unsuspecting women’s bags.

Pacsafe claims it can block almost all transmissions in the 10MHz-3GHz range. This is about the radio frequency range used in credit cards and smart cards.

The CS100 also features smart hooks that detach, and you can then affix the bag to your fixture. You can also choose from a number of anti-theft bags from Pacsafe. From larger luggage to smaller handbags you can carry around throughout the day, it is up to you to make that choice of bag.

pacsafe.com | Buy on Amazon

3. iPad Mini 4

iPad Mini 4, travel accessories for womenThis Apple tablet computer brings the portability, power, utility, connectivity, battery life, and sexy, stylish feel and practicality of the larger £399 iPad Air 2 tablet—in a smaller, stylish and powerful Traveller package.

Make your globetrotting experience gorgeous while travelling for business, or pleasure, or both, with your iPad Mini 2. The 7.9″ laminated Retina Display Mini, which weighs a lightweight 0.67lbs (Wi-Fi + Cellular model) and measures 8.0inches by 5.3inches by 0.24inches, will be your virtual assistant wherever you turn.

Connectivity options include support for 20 LTE Bands, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi 802.11ac, so you can connect wirelessly to other travel accessories for women featuring similar connectivity specs. At only 6.1mm thin, the best Apple Mini yet can tuck right in that tight slate space in your backpack or handbag.

Listen to your favourite playlists, take vibrant and crystal clear photos, be productive with apps such as Evernote and QuickBooks, browse the web and stay in touch with social media. Chat on Skype, transfer files, check and send business or personal emails, record Full HD video, and so on, with the Mini 4. The anti-reflective coating on the display means you can easily read and vividly watch your content in broad daylight.

Pricing for this, little, compact and powerful digital multi-tasker starts at $399 (ca. £319).

apple.com | Buy on Amazon

4. Zagg Pocket Keyboard

zagg foldable pocket keyboard, travel accessories for womenWant a portable office in your backpack or handbag?

The Zagg Pocket Keyboard is just that. The keyboard can fold up to 5.4cm x 1.4cm (w x h) making it an ultraportable alternative to the 13-inch MacBook Air or the equally large Samsung Series 9 notebooks. Just place your smartphone into place, and the keyboard connects to it wirelessly. This way, you can delve into some serious productivity session without even knowing that you are.

zagg.com | Buy on Amazon

5. Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

pebble time steel, travel accessories for womenSamsung’s Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch aside, the Pebble Time Steel smart watch will help manage your time whenever and wherever in 2016.

First, this smartwatch lasts up to 10 days from a single charge.

Second, it works with both Android (4.3 and later) and IOS (8 and later), so you don’t have to match it to your smartphone.

What to do with it? How about synching your email inbox using the timeline interface, set reminders, check event schedules, and access those from the arm wrist. This amazing timepiece is lightweight, water-resistant up to 30 meters, ships with a magnetic USB charging cable, and Pebble Health, which is a FitBit-style activity and sleep tracker.

The Pebble is made out of marine-grade stainless steel. And the Pebble Appstore features favourites such as Uber, Pandora, and Swim.com, making this one of the best travel accessories for women in 2016.

Take the Peek for a splash in that hotel pool or exotic beach, and it won’t flick. Strap it on for 199.61 GBP (black with 22mm leather band) and keep track of your health as a major bonus.

Relevant reading: Pebble Time vs. Apple Watch – The Smartwatch Showdown

pebble.com | Buy on Amazon

6. Apelpi External Battery Charger

apelpi external charger, best travel accessories womenIf you need something less similar to what you’d find in a Survivor Series episode and more gorgeous, the Apelpi external battery charger is THE essential travel accessory you can’t have missing in your handy bag.

Do not sojourn when your device stops. Just charge the Apelpi unit the night before your day out, and you’ll be carrying with you up to 3X your phone’s capacity. The external charger can charge any smartphone device whether it is based on IOS, Android, Windows Phone, or is a tablet. This is made possible via USB charging, where each unit ships with a MicroSD to USB cable for just that purpose.

If you want, you can get either of three versions: Apelpi Slim for casual users, Apelpi Plus (6400mAh) for more power at $64.99 (ca. £43), and the 5000mAh Apelpi Luxe ($196.94 / £131.89 on Amazon) for maximum power in an equally (if not more) fabulous package. The major difference, though, is that while the $29.99 (ca. £20) Slim (3200mAh) can double your phone’s on-time, the other two promise to triple it. That’s 28 more hours for your favourite video streaming service use or playback, and 110 hours more for music from your smartphone.

If you want style, beauty, and power all wrapped up in rosy and gold print, then go for the spanking new for 2016 Bar 5200mAh portable Apelpi external battery charger that costs $34.99 (ca. £23.43).

7. Smart Travel Chargers

Phorce Pro Connected Bag, travel accessories for womenIf you need a similarly packed smartphone cover for your Samsung Galaxy S5 (or the later S6), you have a great option in the Mophie Juice Pack Case. For all you Apple ladies, juice up your iPhone device using the Phorce Pro Connected Bag. The connected Bag will charge your iPhone from 0% charge to 100% up to 14 times over, and your iPad tablet once.

Related: Top 10 Apple Stands, Chargers and Cases

mophie.com | Buy on Amazon

8. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

withings smart body analyzer, travel accessories for womenThe Withings Smart Body Analyzer offering is probably the smartest, most portable scale in the world and considered one of the must have travel accessories for women. With this scale you can gain insights into your weight (up to 180kg or 396lbs), pulse, fitness goal progression, a room’s air quality and overall health—all while on the fly.

The smart scale will also notify you with localised weather reports daily. Help you clear the hotel room air by scanning CO2 and room temperature levels. And reflect your heart rate data on your smartphone screen. Also, you can use the Smart Body Analyzer with up to 8 family members or friends and it won’t confuse anyone for another. Then, Wi-Fi sync the data to your smartphone and get all the details in graphic form from your smartphone Withings Health Mate app.

While travelling, you can easily lose track of your fitness goal by overindulging in exotic delicacies in the Caribbean, or in the Med, or in the Maldives. So Withings SBA supports MyFitnessPal mobile food logging app for all of you ladies who want to mind their plate. The wireless scale (WS-30) for measuring weight and BMI only, goes for $99 (ca. £66.30) and sports one-year battery life. To measure more (weight, BMI, heart rate, air quality), the WS-50 is available for you at $149.95 (ca. £100.42) and an 8-month battery life.

withings.com | Buy on Amazon

9. FIDO 2-Factor Security Key by Yubico

FIDO Security-Key-by-YubicoAll your social media accounts, online business portals, and whatever else you log on to at home or away, they all got passwords. If you feel you have too many passwords to keep recalling, Yubico’s FIDO Security Key is a cool key for switching on your computer and thus made our travel accessories for women list.

It has a USB port to hook up to your computer. The Key also utilises sturdy 2-step verification technology to validate your login. So you don’t have to worry about some stranger browsing, phishing, hacking, and keylogging your stuff without your know. For $18 (ca. £12), you can have Google’s proprietary smart computer key and have access to any website that supports 2-step verification including Gmail, Dropbox, Github and Bank of America—and 250 more in the FIDO Alliance.

The FIDO Security Key weighs an extremely portable 3 grams, and can attach to your home or car keys chain. Also, it works over USB with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

yubico.com | Buy on Amazon

10. Asus PadFone X Mini (only in the US)

Asus PadFone X mini, travel accessories for womenTravel routes, meet up points, meetings, and places to eat and sleep can all become one huge mess if not well handled. And, of course, a flexible phone is among the essential travel accessories for women.

If you need a highly portable, accurate, reliable and connected partner, all the while keeping your budget bottom line on toe, or perhaps you need a backup phone for your high-end phone, why not get yourself an Asus PadFone X Mini? It is one of the best, affordable alternatives to the latest iPhone, Samsung or HTC flagships.

The 4.5″ Asus-made, Android smartphone pops up reminders, maps, to-do lists, syncs with your wearables, really looks stylish, and of course, shows the time. It only weighs 14.4 ounces, and as far as size goes, it measures (5.2×2.6×0.25) inches. The coolest feature, yet, is that the phone can convert to a 7.2-inch tablet in case you need a larger display. Just connect it to its charging dock, and it’s done.

For $132.99 (no contract), you can keep ahead of your schedule and enjoy the freedom that comes with being in control while on the go.

asus.com | Buy on Amazon

11. Smarter Coffee Wi-Fi Coffee Machine

smarter coffee, travel accessories for women

A coffee machine on a travel accessories for women list? Yes, because it’s smart and you don’t have to take it with you!

If no one serves you better coffee than you, then the guys that made the iKettle Smarter Wi-Fi coffee kettle may soon be your friends—over a cup of coffee.

The cool coffee maker will grind, brew and make you delicious coffee—from bean to coffee drink. What’s super cool is that you can choose how strong you want your coffee, how rough or fine you want it, or whether you need just one or up to 12 cups for you and your buddies. Then you can use Wake Up Mode to find ready coffee by the time when you finally get home from a busy trip.

All these, you can control remotely over Wi-Fi 802.11b/x from your connected smartphone, and easily read progress from the 3.5″ LCD onboard. It works on Android 4 and later, as well as IOS 7 and later.

Moreover, you can send and receive drink requests from other people, making this smart coffee appliance a must-have for the outgoing such as camping. Smarter Coffee comes with a 179.99 GBP price tag attached.

Relevant: Updated – Smarter Coffee Machine – App-Controlled Java

smarter.am | Buy on Amazon

12. Flight 001 4-in-1 Best Travel Adapter

Flight 001 4-in-1 Travel Adapter, travel accessories for womenWhile away from home, your electronic devices will still need the power to power up. So packing a reliable, lightweight, and great-for-the-money travel adapter is a wise idea.

The Flight 001 adapter will plug snuggly to most wall sockets, and fit very well with US three-pin plugs. It comes with three interlocking sections, is colour-coded, and ships with a storage box. The colour coding means you can check out the company’s website to determine the part of the plug used in the country you are in or headed to. The storage box shields the unit from knocks.

Measuring in at 1.8inches x 2.5inches x 2inches, the travel adapter is small and light, so you can sneak it into your bag and head out. For its good looks and use, this is the best travel adapter that will set you back some $25 (ca. £16.74).

flight001.com | Buy on Amazon

13. Soulra FRX 4 Crank Radio

Soulra FRX4 crank radio, travel accessories for womenWhat makes the Soulra FRX 4 the best crank radio you can get for your travels right now?

Answer: The Soulra FRX 4 comprises of the best hand crank we’ve seen, the loudest speakers, has the best reception, and for a 5.5-hour charge on the wall, it’ll give back 15.5 hours of full blast radio broadcasting time. The crank radio is solar-chargeable, can also connect via your car or other portables via an inbuilt USB port to charge, and can take on AAA batteries for backup.

It provides SAME and an additional 7 NOAA weather stations specifically for the country or part of country you are in, and also packs American Red Cross-endorsed safety features in case of emergencies. In addition to giving you the best AM and FM reception a crank radio can give, the FRX 4 will last 13 minutes when you give it a 4-minute cranking session. It can as well connect to your computer via the USB and MicroSD port and still charge your smartphone while you are it and lounging in the sunlight right next to the pool.

This emergency kit, radio, and traveller charger puts the $40 TYLT Energy 2K Travel Charger to shame. And set you back less than £50 to add it to you “travel accessories for women” kit.

tylt.com | Buy on Amazon

14. Saddleback iPad Mini 2 Cover

Travelling can be brutal to your devices’ inner components and battery life. A little shake-up can mess or break the touch screen, for instance, and most gadgets’ love for draining power when you least need that to happen is legendary.

The Saddleback iPad Mini 2 cover has your 2nd Gen iPad covered. Most of you didn’t like the iPad Mini 3, and you may not want to let go off your classy Mini 2. Hence, this iPad Mini 2 oriented cover is one of the must have travel accessories for women out there.

saddlebackleather.com | Buy on Amazon

15. Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit for Her

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit for Her, travel accessories for womenLadies! Here is a survivor kit you’ll want like, right now.

Last but not least on our best travel accessories for women list is this all-encompassing, 17-piece handy pouch for your beauty, fashion, and personal care fixes. Whichever fix you need to keep your fabulous self-bouncy, you almost won’t miss it in the Minimergency Kit.

From a 120-drops breath freshener, lip balm you can use over 100 times, stain remover and a nail remover pad that can mend 200 nails, to tampons, pain reliever, and adhesive bandages. To safety pins, hairspray (75 sprays) and earring backs, you’ll find it all there.

So, if you ever rush to get everything together and neatly so, the Minimegency Kit for Her might be dreams come true. The awesome, multi-coloured glitter kit goes for as low as $16 (ca. £10.72) and as at this moment, more than 8,000 ladies are madly in love with it.

pinchprovisions.com | Buy on Amazon

Travel Accessories For Women – What We Think

Every lady deserves the best travel accessories for women out there. And with 2016 blowing tech waves all over the air, you might be glad you got some of the connected travel accessories we scoured the right places to bring to your attention. For the men reading this – if you want, take these cute little things for a trial drive and see how they treat your lady. Then, maybe, you can decide if they are for keeps or whether they need to try another time.

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