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13 Best Travel Accessories for Men - Would You Buy #5?
Best Smart Travel Accessories for Men 2016

13 Best Travel Accessories for Men 2016

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Best Travel Accessories for Men 2016

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Gentlemen, you’ll probably be travelling more in the next one dozen months. Whether that is for business, family get outs, or for taking some personal time out to declutter, the following assortment of travel accessories for men will make your jet-setting so much easier.

Whether you’re exploring new horizons on a foreign land, or staying closer to home with a business weekend in the UK, travelling has many perks. And you can make the experience all the better if you have the latest gadgets with you as your travel companion. From connected fabric, smart cufflinks and anti-theft bags, to bold personal care travel accessories for men, there are some other products we didn’t know even existed.

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For this article, we’ll shed a beam of light on the top 12 travel accessories that every man should have in 2016.

1. Travel Bag by Pacsafe UK – Metrosafe 200 GII Anti-theft

Metrosafe LS200 anti-theft shoulder bag, travel accessories for menPacsafe makes travel bags to keep your manly stuff safe. The company makes a full catalogue of masculine travel bags including,

  • Anti-theft laptop bags,
  • duffels,
  • backpacks,
  • travel backpacks,
  • slings,
  • as well as shoulder, waist, hand and cross body bags.

Take the Pacsafe Metrosafe 200 GII Anti-theft travel bag that is priced at 56.99 GBP, for example. It extends to only 25 centimetres in length and weighs in just less than half a kilo. It features a turn-and-hook, adjustable, and slash-proof Carrysafe shoulder strap, as well as smart zipper technology — but still gives ample room for packing enough of your stuff in the zipper main compartment.

From the rear, the smart bag harbours an RFID block pad to protect your chipped travel accessories for men from losing intimate data to fraudsters. Right beneath that is a specially-made electronics pad that holds your gizmos in place and keeps them well guarded. The shoulder bag is also generous and includes pen loops and key holders as a traveller’s bonus.

If you need a larger pack, the Pacsafe Venturesafe 350 GII shoulder bag is excellent and adds that extra room for carrying your other travel accessories for men. It can fit a 13-inch laptop perfectly, for example, and includes all the security features of the Metrosafe 200 GII. | Buy on Amazon

2. M-Tailor Custom Shirt and App

M-Tailor Custom Shirt and App, travel accessories for menFive travel accessories a man won’t leave his home without: a shirt, a bag, his keys, a phone and wallet. Let’s start with the shirt, shall we?

Your premium, custom and fitting business shirt may be just a click away. Just swipe out your smartphone, download the M-Tailor Shirt App (both IOS and Android available), and use its camera to measure the perfect shirt for any travel occasion you have in mind. The app uses your phone camera, and M-Tailor claims the app’s backup makes the snapper 20% more accurate than that tape the tailor would use on your frame.

After you’ve chosen your favourite fabric, colour, cuff, and so on, it will take less than 30 seconds to get measured, a little more to receive it in the mail, and so much more time saved in having to get a custom-fit shirt from the mall, or tailor. Ordering shirts starts at 43 GBP.

3. Hilo Travel Transformer Kit

Hilo Travel Adapter Converter, travel accessories for menThe Hilo kit is made by Walkabout Travel Gear and it is one of those truly essential travel accessories for men to solve that adapter/converter question you have in mind jetsetting around the globe. These guys made the 1950 watt, international power adapter to safely help power virtually any electrical appliance you’ll ever take for a hike. These include 300 in the UK, 700 in the U.S and Canada, 600 in Australia and China, as well as 400 in the rest of Europe.

It can fit any 2-pin electrical outlet you’ll find at your destination, hotel room, or on a transportation machine. The Hilo kit consists of 5 plug-in adapters and a dual-circuit converter, is lightweight at 14 oz, and conveniently small as it spans just 5.5 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches.

Moreover, the transformer/converter has a high mode you can use with appliances of between 50-1650 watts, and also configures a low switch for devices under 50 watts.

All that means you can use the Hilo kit low switch mode to charge your phone’s battery or camcorder charger. It consists of both a converter and adapter, meaning it’ll convert 220v most prevalent in the UK and Europe, to the 110v standard in the USA, for example. Hilo helps you not to fry your valuable laptop, tablet or other electrical travel accessories for men you have handy. But always check your devices (read from the power cord) before plugging in to see what range of voltage it can handle.

Otherwise, you’d explode the poor thing to Useless Mode. If that is the last thing you need happening, Walkabout Travel Gear will let you have one of those for a retail price of $29.95 (20.07 GBP) with free delivery for purchases worth over $35 (23.46 GBP). | See alternatives on Amazon

4. Brunton Power Knife

Brunton Power Knife, travel accessories for menAvoid all worries, inconveniences and annoyances that come with broken adapters, lost charging cables and feeling lost in the dark by getting you (and your devices) a handy “pocket knife” that keeps all these little essential travel accessories for men intact.

The Brunton Power Knife folds in like your ordinary pocket knife. However, instead of the metallic brutes that your pocket knife tucks in, Brunton power output avails you a MicroUSB port, an Apple 30-pin port, and an Apple Lightning port for charging not only your iDevices, but also your other MicroUSB port charging devices—android smartphone or tablets, and even laptops.

The little, standard USB input (won’t work as a data cable) thing costs only $24.99 (16.82 GBP) and weighs a measly 1.9 oz. Brunton also promises to replace or fix your Brunton product in case it gets messed up, get this, for free, without any question on how that happened. | Buy on Amazon

5. Wi-Fi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks from Brookstone

Wi-Fi USB Flash Drive Cufflinks from Brookstone, travel accessories for menThis pair of good-looking, silver buttons will transform your shirt cuffs into a Wi-Fi Hotspot from one pair, and a 4GB USB flash drive memory capacity from the other. If you ever wish you could always have your must-have documents around: at the office, on the plane; or if you constantly need connectivity for your smartwatch or health strap on, this Brookstone offering is legit.

This tiny (2.2cmx1.6cmx0.9cm), smart lot is stylishly finished with rhodium-coated base metal and can provide a high-speed Wi-Fi connection for not only your smartwatch, but also a tablet, smartphone, and laptop. All you need to do is download the accompanying software from the company’s website, install it on your computer and follow the prompts to create a Wi-Fi network with the one connected piece. Then plug in the cufflink with the storage space using the USB-friendly port on it, and drag in your documents and files.

Pricing starts at $249 (nothing to sneeze at, even for spies on her majesty’s secret service purchasing travel accessories for men) for the pair, and the pair is available for order online. The company is currently offering free UK delivery of purchases above 50 GBP. | See alternatives on Amazon

6. Yubico Fido Security Key

FIDO Security-Key-by-YubicoProtecting your documents and devices on the go is extremely important. The Yubico Fido Security Key is ideal for business travellers who want do just this. This key ring-sized USB device operates as an additional lock on your documents and must be inserted into your laptop device to gain entry to your account. The security key is crush and water resistant, placing you and your laptop content in safe hands. | Buy on Amazon

7. Scottevest QUEST Vest – Travel Accessories for Men

Scottevest QUEST Vest, travel accessories for menIf you still need clothing that can pack up all your essentials in one swoop, the Scottevest QUEST Vest is more than you think it is from its looks. Let not the trim figure cheat you. This vest packs an incredible 42 pockets. So you can stash your smartphone, and its charger and power bank, an iPad Mini 4, a smart pocket knife for the road, and a rugged flashlight, among other travel accessories for men. What’s even better is that no one may even notice what you have on.

Starting at 97.05 GBP, the hidden cargo pants now feature touch ability, RFID blocking, and quick-access panels for photo lenses. The classic features haven’t gone anywhere either, so you still get your zippered pocket in the collar, eyeglass chamois, and detachable key holder. The Scottevest QUEST vest may be what you need if you keep forgetting one or more of your most essential travel accessories for men at home or in that hotel room. | Buy on Amazon

8. HooToo TripMate Travel Router

HooToo Travel Router, travel accessories for menFor times when you need to create a private wireless network out of a cable or DSL connection, HooToo promises not one but a selection of six portable travel routers as the perfect travel accessories for men. If you need to fire up and connect multiple devices to the internet, the HooToo (HT-TMO1) Tripmate may be sufficient enough. It measures a compact 96mm x44mm x 28mm and weighs a portable 4.7 oz.

Simply plug your wired connection to its RJ45 100 Mbit/s WAN port, and instantly convert it to a cordless network using AP Mode. Router Mode enables it to work as a regular 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz router at speeds of up to 150 Mbps. Then Bridge Mode allows the Tripmate to connect to an existing Wi-Fi network that you can then turn into a private affair.

If your smartphone battery life is about to run out, the 3000mAh battery built-in doubles as a portable battery backup and will charge most phones once and add an extra 4-8 hours to a tablet’s battery life via 5V/1A output. It features a USB and a MicroSD port for that purpose, plus you can connect to a PC using these two ports. The power backup also powers the compact travel router’s networking needs.

What’s more awesome, though, is that the trip mate triples as a file-sharing, personal cloud server. In addition to the other two ports, the HT-TMO3 boasts of having a MicroSD card slot. Just connect, say, a USB mass storage device (up to 1 terabyte), or stick in a MicroSD card of up to 64GB capacity, and seamlessly stream videos, photos, documents and music to multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices and DLNA devices. That can be beneficial for lone convenience, and great for teamwork within a personal and secured network.

The HooToo Tripmate mobile App is the icing on the cake. With it, you can move things around from your Android, Mac, or Windows Phone to any of the three, and among these Oss without a fuss.

If you don’t mind the extra centimetres of space taken, and spending more pounds, or the extra ounces of weight that a larger capacity HooToo Travel router would pack, then feel free to check out the 10400mAh HooToo versatile, portable and wireless travel routers. The HT-TM03 costs 27.99 GBP (with free UK delivery) on Amazon UK. | Buy on Amazon

9. Seyvr – Power Saver Wallet

Seyvr power saver wallet, travel accessories for menAlternatively, you can juice up your smartphone on the go from your one of your other essential travel accessories for men, your wallet! This leather wallet houses a 1400mAh Lithium Polymer power plant for your phone. One version of the Seyvr acts as Lightning connector for your iPhone (iPhone 5 and later). And the other as a USB cable for charging all phones that are compatible with a type B connector. The slim design power backup can recharge your phone from 0 in less than 2.5 hours thanks to its 1A power source.

As a wallet, you can clip on money and receipts, as well as slide in 6 cards. So you have much room for your identification card, passport, primary ATM card and legroom for three more. The SEYVR for iPhone goes for 69.95 Euros, some 10 Euros more than the Android version—not sure why that’s the case, though.

Buy on Amazon

10. Mota Credit Card Power Bank

mota credit card power bank, travel accessories for menPicture this – you’ve arrived at your destination and need directions to your hotel, but you look at your phone and see it’s a little jet-lagged from your journey with just 1% battery left. This is a common problem, but it’s easy to solve. The Mota credit card power bank is different from other portable charging devices, as it fits right in your wallet. Whether you’re an avid Android user or Apple’s more your thing, this device will be a travelling lifeline to keep your devices going, and it won’t break the budget at £12.95. No battery? No problem. | Buy on Amazon

11. LOC8ING Air Travel Tag for Runaway Luggage

LOC8ING Air Travel TAG, smart travel accessories for menLosing luggage is a traveller’s worst nightmare. Like most things though, technology has the solution. Hook the LOC8ING tag onto your suitcase and you’ll be able to easily track its location. Both the device and the app that are used to track your belongings are extremely secure, so there is no need to worry about interference. If you’re not too trusting of your airline, or maybe you’re known to leave a trail of belongings on your travels, the LOC8ING tag is an ideal solution.

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12. A “Sound” Mobile Data Plan

smartphone pc, travel accessories for menEnsuring your gadgets can connect on the go is vital, so you should check out the best SIM only deals that allow you to explore the World Wide Web as you explore the world. You can get SIM only plans that provide fast connection at no extra charge in as many as 16 countries outside of the UK. Do you have lots of gadgets? Don’t worry, some packages will include broadband, a dongle and mobile Wi-Fi from as little as £7.50 per month. Worry free connection: check.

13. Smartphone

A man’s smartphone is a part of him. Needless to mention, it is one of his most essential travel accessories for men. Every man’s smartphone is more than just a phone for sending and receiving calls and text messages. It is a man-only-knows-how epitome of expression, personality, style and ambience. Moreover, most other tech bits you might want to tag along would utilise your smartphone’s ability to remotely access and execute commands via mobile apps.

With this in mind, here is not one, but two smartphones for the man to choose from in early 2016.

1. Apple iPhone 6S

Apple iPhone 6SThis iPhone is arguably one of the best smartphones on the market right now. The compact 4.7-inch display, IOS 9-ran phone can be the brain to all other travellers’ gadgetry you can tuck. Connect to your home keyless entry system, in-dash car infotainment system, digital bag and wallet components using the iPhone 6S.

From helping you use Apple Pay at any authorised payments terminal, browsing the web and using digital maps, to find directions, making and receiving calls and text messages, to working on team projects via Evernote, the i6S is your VA. You can also snap HD video and photos for souvenirs thanks to the 12 Megapixel shooter.

A powerful Dual-Core 1.3 GHz CPU keeps everything running in top notch form. The 2GB of RAM memory tucked inside to ensure you can run multiple applications, including email and multimedia rich apps without any glitches or lags.

Off-contract, the iPhone 6S retails for 539 GBP (16GB), 619 GBP (64GB), and 699GBP (128GB). | Buy on Amazon

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, travel accessories for menThe Note 5 is by a jump the best big smartphone in the market right now. Released in August of 2015, the premium and cool Samsung gizmo pulls all stops and delivers more performance creds than you’d need for any practical task you have in mind.

Along with being meticulously and ergonomically designed, the 5th generation Note packs an excellent 16MP rear camera, the revamped S-Pen stocks a flurry of new features, internal speakers are crisp-clear, and overall, using the Note 5 is one lag-free experience that makes it the reigning king of everything phablet.

Purring quietly under the hood, is the super-fast performing Samsung Exynos 7460 chipset, the best on a smartphone at this point in history. With 4GB of RAM, multitasking makes your digital life one smooth experience that could run away with itself.

The Note 5 runs on Android’s latest 5.1 Lollipop OS, so you can download over 600,000 Lollipop compatible apps for use with your jet-setter package. The OS is packed and operated behind the best Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen we’ve seen yet. It is a 5.7-inch, Quad HD Super AMOLED display, and looks and feels really thought out and well crafted.

For all its top-end features and refined design that’ll make your significant other melt, and your buddies envious, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will set you back in 499.99 British Pounds if you buy the GSM and International version that is factory-unlocked and perfect for travel. | Buy on Amazon

Best Travel Accessories for Men – Almost There

For most of us men, we want to take a slice of work with us, monitor the situation back home, and stay on top of the latest news, reviews, and opinions from wherever the wind blew us. That means more and best travel accessories for men will continue to feature smart gadgets that help us keep track of all the above. Fortunately, the above essential accessories for the travelling man can help you achieve your travel wishes within your limited travel legroom—and add a little more sophistication to the overall experience.

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