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Track Your Weight With The Best Smart Scales 2017

Track Your Weight With The Best Smart Scales 2017

Smart scales are quickly replacing the conventional weighing scales that, save for displaying weight, let you do virtually everything else: record it somewhere, compare it with past recordings, calculate your BMI etc. But they are built for the bathroom, and who cares about fitting the bathroom with anything smart really?

Well, if weight loss is at the top of your to-do list, there is every reason to improve how you keep track of it. Imagine something that displays your weight, sends it to your smartphone for a larger, better display and even does analysis for you. That must sound like exactly what you need especially after a long, vigorous workout at the gym – something you can just step on (even with your eyes closed) and let do the math for you.

Well, like everything else that has left us dumbfounded by just how small they look compared to how easy they make life, the wherewithal for different smart scales varies; we have the bad, the good and the great. And we know you. You love the great…at a bargain.

We have provided below short but inclusive reviews of seven of the best smart scales in the game right now that are, with what they do, plain cheap at twice the price. Share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of the page and let us know which of them looks like the real deal, or just how they compare with what you are using right now.

1. QardioBase Smart Scales

QardioBase Smart ScaleThese beautifully designed Wi-Fi enabled smart scales are the best thing I can think of at little under £120. Not a bargain as such but undeniably value for money. It measures your weight, body fat, muscle mass, water makeup, body mass index (BMI) and bone composition. It also knows that you may get pregnant one day, so it has this app with an exclusive pregnancy mode.

The app lets you track your heart rate and blood pressure, but, well, you need to obtain an additional strap known as QardioArm first.

The one thing I must admit I love about the QardioBase is the fact that you can switch off its display altogether so you can view your progress in your Qardio app once a week or so, when there is actually some headway to view. Also, you can set the unit of measurement to either kgs, pounds or stones.

For those who care about the aesthetics, well, QardioBase comes only in white to match the traditional bright bathroom hues.

It’s definitely the thing for you if you fancy those additional features (all serious people do) and, of course, are 396 pounds or less. | Buy on Amazon

2. Withings Smart Body Analyzer

Withings Smart Body AnalyzerHere is possibly the only other option that is level pegging with the QardioBase on this list but lets you save £30. The also-Wi-Fi-enabled gizmo comes in the conventional square frame and has a sophisticated web interface for your Android or iOS device in addition to what the QardioBase offers.

It beats its predecessor the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale on almost every level, with the absence of a bound-to-break-down USB port highlighting the distinction. On the Analyzer, everything is sent directly to your smartphone app but if you wish you can view your readings in real time on the scale’s LED display.

The scale can house up to eight different people and correctly send their measurements to their respective online accounts. It can identify you by weight.

Additional features include the ability to track your house’s carbon dioxide level and temperature. Also, it can directly tweet your data every moment you step on it. I find that cringe-worthy but thank goodness it’s voluntary.

Perhaps the only thing that doesn’t impress me with the Withings Smart Body Analyzer are the solid feet which were to all appearances fitted thoughtlessly. It shouldn’t be a cause for concern but rubber would work in place of plastic, which can easily teeter on uneven or slippery floor. | Buy on Amazon

3. The Withings Body Cardio

The Withings Body Cardio smart scaleComing as the successor of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer, it was almost impossible to imagine how the less-than-three-months-old scale was going to improve its near-perfect predecessor. Now it’s not.

The low-profile aluminium appliance sports all features of the Analyzer, in addition to a few constructive tweaks and additions in both the hardware and functionality façades. One of the most palpable exclusivities is that it runs on rechargeable Lithium battery in place of AA dry cells that the rest of the scales draw on. The display is also all polished and doesn’t necessarily require a smartphone to offer you a detailed record of your data.

Withings also introduced an exclusive Pulse Wave Velocity functionality which studies and estimates the health status of your blood vessels. The accuracy of the feature is rationally questionable due to lack of a forerunner to compare it with or a proprietary breakdown of the metrics it uses, but it still remains one of the main reasons this product came out.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity have been retained, and all recorded data can be viewed on the Withings Health App or in the product line’s Web app version.

It goes at £135 – which is around £15 more than the next costliest product in this list and in all honesty too much for what it offers. | Buy on Amazon

4. The iHealth Core

The iHealth CoreCan support a family of 20; tells you how many calories you burn on a daily basis; measures your visceral fat rating (VFR); is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled; and tells you “you are more than just a number, you are beautiful” when you open the box (if you need it). All these at just £99! Yes, it’s a bathroom scale not a vandal-catcher, apparently, and that looks like quite a reasonable price for what it offers.

The presence of the iHealth MyVitals – an Android and iOS–compatible app – helps you view your latest and historical data both statistically and graphically in a pretty comprehensible way. When synced via Wi-Fi, you won’t need a phone to have the iHealth Core recognise you in a pool of up to 20 people. You only need to register with the app as a user. For unregistered users, the measurement will only be shown in real time on the scale’s LED display.

If you are a loyal customer of iHealth, the iHealth Core has been set to seamlessly sync with the manufacturer’s other devices: the iHealth Wave (waterproof fitness tracker), blood pressure monitors and oximeter. With all these devices, you sure have a complete package of your ultimate health partner. | Buy on Amazon

5. The Runtastic Libra Bluetooth Smart Scale

runtastic libra smart scalesThe Runtastic Libra Scale performs right about everything the QardioBase Smart Scales do but seemingly forfeits the right to be compatible with the most popular operating system, Android, to go for £20 cheaper. Apparently it’s also not Wi-Fi enabled and only syncs with your iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth. Also, it can support information of only up to eight users.

You could be asking yourself, then what the hell is the Runtastic Libra doing on this list, and at £99? Well, the scale seems to have been crafted after perfection. I tried it myself, and exactitude, which is basically what matters most in this kind of devices, comes as its chief strength. The Runtastic Libra app also works in real time; it begins populating the graphic fields the moment you step on it. That includes extra calculations such the amount of calories you need to burn to attain a certain weight, the body mass index etc.

Just for the record, you can still use the scale without an Apple gadget and still view all your data. The problem is that you won’t be able to keep track of your progress, which almost rules out all health conscious Android users.

From the design viewpoint, the Runtastic Libra Scale is a doppelganger of the Withings Smart Body Analyzer only that it comes in two colour options, black and white. Also it reads bone mass, unlike it’s aforesaid rival and the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scales which are next on our list. | Buy on Amazon

6. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart ScaleFitbit may not exactly be the market leader it is on the activity tracker space when smart scales is the topic of discussion but that doesn’t make it any inferior to the QadioBase Scale or Withings Analyzer. It actually is up there with these two, and is even more recommendable keeping in mind we know where Fitbit ranks in terms of quality.

Just like the Runtastic Libra Scale, the Aria comes in black or white and in an adorably simple and tiny frame.

It measures weight, body fat, muscle mass, water makeup, body mass index (BMI) and bone composition and offers calorie calculations just like most of its rivals on the list. All this data is sent to your portal on the Fitbit website, which indirectly compels you to create an account before you start using the scale.

If you already have used a Fitbit gadget before, you know how well the website works especially in graphic data display. The Aria only needs you to provide it with your age, gender and height information to give you a full package of your health information.

You must always ensure it is WiFi-synced to keep track of your progress because without the website, weight and body fat changes will not be recorded. A syncing icon displays when the scale is connected to Wi-Fi and stats are uploading. In case your router is off or the Aria inadvertently disconnects, the data will be temporarily stored in the scale’s internal memory then uploaded when the connection is back.

The Aria’s accuracy is fairly impressive compared to the QardioBase and works even better if you place it on the same floor surface (tile, for instance) every time you use it.

It is available for £99. | Buy on Amazon

7. Salter Curve Smart Analyzer Pro Scale

Salter Curve Smart Analyzer Pro ScaleIf you are looking for a tested and tried manufacturer, then Salter are here with their Curve Smart Analyzer. The company has been in business for over 50 years now but the smart space is something they are novices at.

They have nonetheless tried to cram as much functionality into the Curve Smart Analyzer Pro Scale as most of its rivals in the list in addition to a few exclusive features. For one, it measures bone mass – something that only the Runtastic Libra Scale and the QardioBase offer – and calculates the basal metabolic rate (BMR). Also, unlike the high-priced Fitbit Aria or the iOS-only Runtastic Libra, it comes with an Android and iOS–compatible app called Mibody app with which it syncs via Bluetooth.

That said, the Curve Smart Analyzer may have a conspicuous weakness in connectivity. Syncing seems to take too long to be abided and the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity makes it even more inferior to the likes of Aria. Clearly, this may not be the pick for individuals who may wish to have a continuous history of their health data.

At £89, however, the scale is a little more pocket-friendly. | See smart scales on Amazon

8. Health o Meter Nuyu Wireless Scale

Health o Meter Nuyu Wireless ScaleLet’s face it, how much do you care about your bone mass, bone composition and body fat? How about water makeup? Less, I suppose. But we all care about money and how much of it we have to part with to obtain anything. The Health o Meter Nuyu Wireless Scale, available for £40, must have been designed with that in mind.

It is short of features, plausibly, as it can only measure weight and calculate your BMI via its smartphone app. It doesn’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity but instead uses Bluetooth to sync with the app which means you must have your phone in the vicinity when you step on the scale.

On the credit side, it can handle up to 400 pounds and is almost as accurate as the Runtastic Libra Scale. There were no syncing problems whatsoever when I tried it and the app displays data just as well as you would want it.

It may not be the best option for fitness buffs, but if you own an activity tracker of Fitbit Surge’s comprehensiveness, then anything more than the Health o Meter may count as plain unnecessary. | See smart scales on Amazon


These are just but seven of the best smart scales on the market we could think of. Of course there are other proved options out there that could well fit in the list but, as always, we used a range of metrics from price to connectivity (considering that’s why they’re called smart scales) through to comprehensiveness and architecture to remain with these seven.

Before you settle on an option, make sure you know what you want first. It would just be hysterical to purchase a £120 scale when all you want is to measure your weight. Always study the features to see if you really need some of them or just if they are worth the additional cost they command. You know your lifestyle; if you hate going to the bathroom with your phone, for instance, it means a Bluetooth-only scale cannot work for you; if you know your Wi-Fi router is not connected always, you need a scale that can store data and update when there is a connection etc.

Do you approve of our list? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below and let us know which smart scales you think are the hands down winners and which one(s) do not deserve a slot. You can also submit your questions regarding our selection, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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