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10 Best Smart Glasses You Didn't Know Existed
GlassUp smart glasses

10 Best Smart Glasses You Didn’t Know Existed

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I bet you have watched a movie that had one of the actors wear some glasses that made them see more than they saw with their naked eyes (the first Mission Impossible installment, anyone?). Well, some of them are infrared enabled glasses, but many of them are Smart Glasses.

What are Smart Glasses?

Digital Eye Glass or Smart Glasses are computer-supported wearables that add more information to what the user already sees with her eyes. Imagine a pair of glasses that can help you connect to the internet and surf using voice command; Smart Glasses do that and more.

Smart Glasses are computers in a sense since some of them are transparent, digitalised, and have a heads-up display commonly referred to as HUD. Some Smart Glasses have veered more into the future and use Augmented Reality technology. Augmented Reality is one of the ways in which technology will transcend its recent form and introduce humanity to a new futuristic world, where almost everything is automated. Moreover, some Smart Glasses use an Optical Head-Mounted Display or OHMD, to enable the user to experience a different world through vision.

Smart Glasses are a fun commodity to have as well. Imagine glasses that can play both audio and video files as well as access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services. These features will surely make travelling easier for you. You do not need to plug in your earphones or carry bulky headphones and a tablet or mobile phone on your lap the entire journey, no sir. You can just kick back and relax as you watch your favourite video or movie. Sure some people may think you are sleeping, but that’s the beauty of it; you get to have continuous entertainment.

Smart Glasses have redefined vision for the visually impaired and aided in sectors such as security, navigation, tracking, as aid for the visually impaired, communication and, as mentioned earlier entertainment. Here are some of the best Smart Glasses there are on the market.

With that out of the way, assuming that you now have a better grasp of the whole smart glasses concept, let’s shed some light to some of the best tech pieces out there.

1. Atheer AiR

Now this is one pair of Smart Glasses you will love having in your possession. The Atheer AiR Smart Glasses happen to have the best field of vision for any Smart Glasses ever made. The 65-degree field of view is enabled by an embedded display in the AiR’s lens. With this field of view, plus the Smart Glasses’ ability to tap into Augmented Reality, the Atheer AiR Smart Glasses come out as one of the best if not the best Smart Glasses there are on the market. I mean, using these Smart Glasses is like watching a 26-inch HD screen from 1.5 feet. I would not say no to those in my right mind.

The Atheer AiR has two 8 MP cameras; one for depth and the other to take videos and pictures. This feature surely beats taking photos with shaky hands or using cameras and closing one eye doesn’t it; there’s more, this remarkable pair of Smart Glasses has a rechargeable battery, a speaker, a buzzer and a built in microphone. It also has sensors such as GPS, a gyroscope, an ambient light sensor, a barometer, an accelerometer and a magnetometer.

However, the Atheer AiR Smart Glasses are only compatible with Android phones, a big bummer for iPhone and Windows Phone users. Moreover, it lacks an onboard computer but makes up for that with effortless connectivity to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, you can use the Micro-USB port to transfer files or make updates manually. However, you will need to use the USB cable to connect these pair of glasses with your device. Giving an effortless balance between virtual reality and the real world makes the Atheer AiR Smart Glasses stand out from many other Smart Glasses. | See alternatives on Amazon

2. Jins Meme

If you thought that your loved ones, a fitness tracker or a smart car are the only things that can track your fatigue levels, my friend, think again; here is the Jins Meme Smart Glasses.

It has often been said, the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, apparently, the eyes are also windows to the brain. Eye movements can tell a lot about a person’s fatigue levels as well as their health. That is the reason doctors check whether your eyes have dilated or constricted. However, the Jins Meme Smart Glasses are not doctors, just a remarkable set of Smart Glasses with doctor-related features.

The Jins Meme Smart Glasses may not provide an Augmented Reality experience for their users, but they make up for that with their bio-sensing technology. This technology is what enables the Smart Glasses to detect changes in your eyes and body movements so as to aid your safety, fitness and health. These are the ideal glasses for you especially if you have a car. I bet you have once been so tired, but you still had to drive, somewhere on the road, you dozed off for a few seconds then woke up scared as hell and still had control.

That was a lucky escape because that is how most accidents happen. If you have to drive, and you know that you have a tendency of dozing off, these pair of glasses are what you need. They track tiredness and alert drivers when they are about to doze off. Moreover, the Jins Meme Smart Glasses have sensors such as a gyroscope and an accelerometer that monitor the body axis to improve posture. What’s better, they look just like ordinary glasses. | See alternatives on Amazon

3. Laforge Shima Smart Glasses

There is that look that one gets when you are wearing good looking glasses. Apart from the smart person demeanor, it gives others around you; the odds of you appearing more intelligent are raised by a significant figure when you wear glasses. Now imagine glasses that looked ordinary but were indeed Smart Glasses. Many companies have used this technique, but Shima Smart Glasses by Laforge are the most undoubtedly the best in that capacity. Shima Smart Glasses enable you to navigate in both the serious and the external world with ease.

Most Smart Glasses currently on the market look just like what they already are, Smart Glasses. This design hinders interactions and has often been the cause of confrontation from insecure strangers because they feel like they are being scanned.

With Shima Smart Glasses, the worry about suspicion is eradicated. In fact, these would be the ideal pair of Smart Glasses to have if you are investigating something. The cameras are not visible, and they do not blink or have a screaming red light on the glasses interface.

Shima Smart Glasses are suited for phones running on a Windows, Android or iOS platform. This feature makes them one of the most compatible Smart Glasses there is at the moment.

The Smart Glasses use Bluetooth technology to connect to your device, so you do not have to worry about poor internet connections due to Wi-Fi and the likes. At $ 220, you can get your pair of Shima Smart Glasses; this price is relatively low considering the stylish look and features that these pair of glasses have. | See alternatives on Amazon

4. Vuzix M100

vuzix M100 Smart GlassesComputers have evolved from bulky PCs with meager processing power and big floppy disks with little space to palm-sized devices with enormous processing power and storage space. However, we all know technology is nowhere close to meeting an end in innovation. Instead of that palm-sized device on your arm, imagine a headset that functions as a computer. The Vuzix M100 is the stuff dreams are made of; this Smartglass is a hands-free computer; well, the Android-based monocular display headset handles that area entirely, for the prosumer, commercial and professional users.

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses enable their users to take images as well as record videos. The Smart Glasses also have calendar management, event trackers, a digital assistant, timers, and support to pair with your Smartphone. The Vuzix M100 comes in two variants; one as a pair of ordinary goggles and another that is mounted on the head.

The Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses also have computer recording features that favour the professional use as opposed to just wearing them and walking with them around town. However, they still serve in that capacity effectively as well. Additionally, they have wireless connectivity capabilities to enable easy synchronisation with your device.

These pair of glasses can also come in handy when you are hiking or taking nature walks. They will seamlessly replace your camera and give you the ability to record all that you see as opposed to you recording or taking pictures of only what appeals to you. Additionally, who knows what you may record unknowingly? You may record something that is way better than what you intended to capture. Also, they significantly reduce the time taken to prepare for a picture with a camera. | See alternatives on Amazon

5. Meta Pro

Where else would you get Smart Glasses that projects 3D content across a 40-degree field of view? For the not so tech savvy, that right there is a pretty big field of view. The Meta Pro Smart Glasses are the only Smart Glasses on the market with such an amazing feature. To an ordinary person, these Smart Glasses look like your usual dark sunglasses with a stylish twist. The design to a device is everything when it comes to technology, and the most efficient gadgets often have the friendliest design.

This feature takes the focus away from their real purpose. In the case of the Meta Pro Smart Glasses, the focus is not only providing a screen area 15 times the size of what most Smart Glasses has, but it also offers 3D surround sound, which is the ultimate entertainment experience. They use dual 820p ZEISS displays and an Intel Core i5 portable computer to give the wearer this experience. The computer packed with these pair of glasses has a 128 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) that is comfortable in your pockets. So you can not only see and record the videos and images you like, but you can also save a whole lot of them conveniently.

However, just like every other effective gadget comes with a hefty price, the Meta Pro has quite the price on it as well with a pair costing $ 3,650. I would not worry about the price if I were you; I would worry more about the addiction that comes with having such an amazing gadget at your disposal. This feature takes all the fun out of 3D and most likely 7D films.

I mean, with the kind of field of view these Smart Glasses cover, I would not mind watching the movie in the confines of my home, stretched out on the couch. | See alternatives on Amazon

6. Epson Moverio BT-200

What would be the point of having all these Smart Glasses in the market if they did not cater for people without 20/20 vision? The idea of Smart Glasses was greatly aided by the fact that glasses were already in use to help those with sight problems. That said, it is very comforting to know that there is a pair of Smart Glasses that can serve as entertainment, aid while working as well as regular prescription glasses; these Smart Glasses are the Epson Moverio BT-200.

The Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses look like modern 3D glasses; the difference is they can be outfitted with prescription glasses. Moreover, these incredible Smart Glasses can record HD videos, capture images, run third-party and native Apps, and offer real-world feedback. The Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glasses’ system is powered by Android devices of the 4.0 or higher version. This high version of Android is because they come with a control unit comprising of integrated motion sensors, a touch control pad, and a microSD card slot for storage and additional data. Not to mention, the Smart Glasses are also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The display for these pair of glasses resides just outside the lenses; this enables it to project in front of the users’ vision. This projection is similar to most Smart Glasses. These Smart Glasses are also Augmented Reality enabled, meaning you can veer into virtual reality as well. If there is one thing that most Apps and devices are trying to incorporate lately, it is Augmented Reality. This craze seems to have taken over everything tech related, and I would not dare blame it as it is a better way of seeing things as opposed to the usual seeing and perception. Moreover, it helps better your creativity as well. | Buy on Amazon

7. GlassUp

Glasses are related to the eyes, whenever someone mentions glasses, the automatic thought that comes to your head is the eyes. What if I told you that there are glasses that can help with the ears as well? Well, Smart Glasses, not just any form of glasses.

The GlassUp Smart Glasses are among the very few models of Smart Glasses that aid the hearing impaired. These Smart Glasses will also provide translation display when you are talking in different languages. Tell me such features are not breath-taking. However, the GlassUp Smart Glasses project in monochrome instead of full colour so as to preserve battery life.

As texts and icons are projected on a transparent background, the reality in front of you remains clear to see with these Smart Glasses. These messages are not projected to the centre of your field of view but rather close to the centre so as not to cover your vision. However, the Apps are set with a wide variety of positions such as an arrow on the right if you are driving to indicate a right turn.

GlassUp Smart Glasses have no camera in the primary frame unlike most Smart Glasses but have notably larger lenses.
Moreover, you can incorporate a camera lens into the glasses and use the head-up display to navigate as opposed to poking it. | See alternatives on Amazon

8. Recon Jet

Smart Glasses have infiltrated almost every aspect of society; from professional to recreational use, the gadgets continue to awe many as they provide alternative solutions to other gadgets. However, there are not as many Smart Glasses for sporting activities as there are for the roles mentioned afore. This reason is why the Recon Jet Smart Glasses stand out from all the others. The Recon Jet Smart Glasses are specifically designed for cyclists. They aid in tracking various fitness and riding data such as speed, HD video recording, and GPS.

The Smart Glasses are powered by a 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Moreover, they have sensors such as a magnetometer, altimeter, gyroscope, GPS receiver, accelerometer, and get this, a thermometer. You can tell how hot a day was or how high or low your temperature was in different areas of the cycling track you were in or at a particular part of the environment if you were mountain biking.

Recon Jet offer prescription support, as well as a removable battery. This means, in case you are riding, and the battery dies, you can swap it with another and keep on riding. | Buy on Amazon

9. ODG R-6S Smart Glasses

Now these bad boys are the real definition of Smart Glasses. From the price, the specifications, to the desired used; the ODG R-6S Smart Glasses have all it takes to wear the crown of best Smart Glasses. These Smart Glasses have the best tracking tech for government and enterprise use. That limited use is perhaps a bid to keep these Smart Glasses away from improper use.

I mean, with these glasses; what can you not do? They display their content on a 3D stereoscopic screen alongside HD video and audio. The ODG R-6S Smart Glasses are the best glasses to have in covert government-related missions. To be able to render the type of video and audio they do, these Smart Glasses use power derived from a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Again, for the not so tech savvy, that is a hell of a lot of power. More so, they are self-contained; this means you do not need your Smartphone or tablet to be able to use one of these Smart Glasses. They also run on Android.

You must be thinking; all that awesomeness and I can’t have it? Well, no one has them yet, the company is rumored to be planning to release a consumer version of the ODGs this year. They should cost somewhere around $1,000. However, this is a minuscule fee compared to the price of the original ODG Smart Glasses, which will be for around $5,000. | See alternatives on Amazon

10. Laster SeeThru

I bet you have heard or know of GPS trackers; the technologically advanced location devices that give out your exact location and more depending on the gadget. Now imagine such a device coupled with genuine wireless augmented reality, there’s more, as eyewear. Such are the Laster SeeThru Smart Glasses. Most Smart Glasses rely on a camera to gather information about your surroundings. However, the Laster SeeThru uses its GPS system, and its series of location to get the job done. The company stated the reason for omitting a camera in this device to be because of invasion of privacy.

I agree with that statement; with Smartphones, personal surveillance/film drones everywhere, it would be reasonable to get a grimace from a stranger for looking at them for some time while wearing your pair of glasses. With all the movies people have watched about people being identified and analysed using Smart Glasses, even I wouldn’t be risking a long stare.

The Laster SeeThru Smart Glasses focus almost entirely on sporting activities such as yachting, parachuting and, especially, biking. It is because of their power of navigation and ability to give up to date information concerning your surroundings. Imagine Smart Glasses that can tell you of the height of the Eiffel tower, not like you need them for that while you are parachuting.

Additionally, they will also provide you with the distance between you and the tower while you are in the sky, or on the ground. These pair of glasses also enabled with wireless communication technology, localization, head tracker, navigation, and can access contacts from your Smartphone. Also, their price is not as hefty as you would expect with one pair going for $399. | See alternatives on Amazon

The Bottom Line

Smart Glasses are a recent introduction to the tech industry hence not as many people are familiar with them. However, they are rapidly making an impact on the market with the devices being manufactured with specifications for every sector, and almost sport. Smart Glasses are spearheading the evolution of glasses from their original purpose of prescription or guarding the eyes against excess sunlight to tech, which can help you navigate the world as you move around, play games, and indulge in augmented reality for recreational, work, art or education.

This evolution is yet to pick up full speed, but you can be assured that it will soon. Smart Glasses have features that will aid the visually impaired as well, so they still play a part in the primary role for glasses. This technology is the new best way to see and interact with the world.

Where can I get Smart Glasses?

Smart Glasses are available in some optical shops but are readily available on the website to the company that produces them. Moreover, there are sites online that sell Smart Glasses among other things such as Amazon, so all you need to know is the type of Smart Glasses that you want and search for them.

Who makes the best Smart Glasses?

This question is highly dependent on the consumer. As depicted in the article, Smart Glasses are made with various functions in the minds of the manufacturers and developers. So, the best company to make the best Smart Glasses for you will probably be the company that makes Smart Glasses designed for that detailed function.

When did Smart Glasses unveil?

Google was arguably the first company to roll out the idea of Smart Glasses with their Google Glass eyewear. Google Glass is among the first, if not the first, documented version of Smart Glasses there has been.

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    Your all missing the big market. There are more then 3.4 million americans aged 40 years and older that are legally blind. World wide the estimated 285 million. Smart glasses for the legally blind that enable them to see at an affordable price .

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