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Best Portable Phone Charger - The Power Banks of 2017
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Best Portable Phone Charger – The Power Banks of 2017

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It is irrefutable that juicing up your phone is an arduous process that takes up your time and demands little to no interruption. And this can be irksome to some extent, especially in a day and age of smartphones with smart apps but with ‘dumb’ batteries to boot. This is coming from a person who abhors the overnight phone-charging ritual that cell phone makers have seemingly colluded to shove down our throats. Enter the portable phone charger.

Before the Portable Phone Charger

portable phone chargerSome decades ago, ‘revolutionary’ mobile phones came with charging docks that required you to plug in the portable charger into a socket and the other end of it going to your phone. The process also called for you to control your itchy fingers and allow the phone the serenity and peace to charge until full capacity.

Apparently, charging the phone halfway or letting it charge for a while without reaching full capacity could easily damage your battery. Additionally, you could not use your phone until it had finished charging. Yet for some strange reason, the manufacturer’s of such redundant devices insisted on calling them ‘portable’ chargers. Anyone who had the privilege of owning a handset in the early 2000s can appreciate this.



Ok, let me retract.

You could use your phone while it was charging but Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson and other defunct phone manufacturing companies of those days were strongly against the idea.

So what do you do when you need to get somewhere, and your device is all out of power? This issue drove developers and mobile phone companies to the invention of portable phone chargers. Portable phone chargers or power banks as most people call them are gadgets that reserve power then use it to charge your phone while you are on the move.

I bet at one time or another you must have agreed to meet someone at a popular rendezvous spot – maybe a mall, coffee shop or even a bar – only for them to fail show up or worse, show up late. It is at such times that your cellphone ‘very conveniently’ runs out of charge leaving you stranded, confused and panicky. And God forbid you live in a cold, menacing mega-city like London or NYC where approaching complete strangers and asking to use their phone is always out of the question. Can I see a scowl already?

Fortunately, this is the leak that portable phone chargers are here to resolve or is it seal? With the immense number of apps, social media sites, and features that are packed in most phones nowadays, it’s becoming harder by day to get your phone to retain its juice throughout the day until you get home to charge it again.

Let us look at some of the best portable phone chargers that can help ease your phone’s juice problems.

1. PNY T2200 PowerPack

PNY T2200 PowerPackA portable phone charger needs to have one feature to pass as convenient; they need to be light. It may be able to charge your phone when it’s almost out of juice in the middle of a busy day, but will you carry it in your pocket when it’s bulging like you tried to fit your cat in your pocket?

Of course not; this reason is why the PNY portable phone charger is slim and light with an eye friendly, modern design. The Stiletto-thin device can hold up to 2200mAh and is highly unlikely to give you any trouble. At their inception, most portable phone chargers had issues charging phones as some of them were selective of the phones they can charge.

It is understandable because different battery packs are made for different phones, but with time, portable phone chargers have evolved from being able to charge a particular phone to charging different brands of phones.

A good example of a mobile phone charger that accommodates multiple phones is the PNY T2200 PowerPack. This charger is also known for holding power for quite some time as opposed to many portable phone chargers on the market currently. Moreover, it has a three-year warranty and enough juice to recharge an iPhone fully once. Most portable phone chargers are only able to add power to your phone up to at least 70 or 80 percent if the battery was completely dead. This feature applies mostly to Android phones because they have bigger batteries as opposed to the iPhone’s battery. However, this portable charger comes with only one output port, making it ideal to charge one phone at a time. | Buy on Amazon

2. Anker Astro E5 Dual USB Portable Charger

Anker Astro E5 Dual USB Portable ChargerHaving a portable phone charger is not enough; you need to have a charger that guarantees effectiveness when it comes to playing its role. There is nothing that irks me more than devices that do not function as they are supposed to, or do their job with complications. The Anker Astro E5 Portable phone charger is regarded as one among the most effective portable cellphone battery chargers. This conclusion is partly because of its seamless compatibility with almost every Android device. With the rise of mobile phone manufacturing companies and the vast variety of mobile phones released every year; this is one device that can come in handy.

The portable phone charger is reasonably priced with one piece going for $45. This cost is sensible considering its massive power storage capacity. What would be the point of having a portable phone charger if it will not charge your phone to reasonable if not full capacity? Ineffective devices can be a bummer. Imagine a trip to a beautiful place, preferably a tourist destination such as Africa or SEA or a visit to a new country; now imagine seeing all the new scenery and beauty yet you cannot take photos with your phone because your battery is dead, it is very disturbing isn’t it?

The Anker Astro portable phone charger comes with two outputs thereby enabling you to charge two devices at once. Moreover, it has status LEDs that keep you informed of the remaining capacity as opposed to some phone chargers just die without warning. This charger also has a built-in flashlight so you can use it as a torch as well. | Buy on Amazon

3. Jackery Mini Portable USB Charger

Jackery mini portable usb chargerJust like the name suggests, this portable usb charger is small. You can easily fit it in your pocket, purse, or carry it on as you move around. The ability to perform efficiently and give enough juice to charge your phone is not sufficient for portable battery chargers; the design needs to be flawless or considerably attractive so as to attract customers. In the world, we live in currently; devices are a thing to talk about for women also. The Jackery Mini portable charger has a slim, sleek design and comes in different colours.

This variety of colours and elegant design are not all that make the Jackery Mini one of the best portable phone chargers, but the company’s ability to manufacture better versions of the charger concerning charge storage capacity. The Jackery Mini has a 3200mAh battery, but there also is the Jackery Giant+, which has a 12000mAh battery. Now that right there is a whole lot of juice.

For $ 16.95, you can get the most trusted brand of portable phone chargers, the Jackery Mini. Also, this charger has an LED indicator that is easy to read and a standby time of up to six months when fully recharged. However, this portable phone charger may be choosy on which devices to charge and which not to. Nevertheless, portable USB chargers are known to have this issue hence the need to run tests while buying them to be sure of their compatibility with your device. Still, who would not prefer a trusted brand over a new one? | Buy on Amazon

4. Mophie Powerstation Pro

Mophie Powerstation Pro external battery chargerNow I bet you think all these external battery chargers seem ideal for use in controlled environments; what if I am an outdoor person? When an adventure is in the air, and you need to go, will you explore every peak and valley when your Smartphone runs out of juice? For this purpose, you do not need a good-looking external battery charger; you need one that can accommodate the wild and still perform efficiently. If that is what you are looking for then, the Mophie Powerstation Pro portable phone charger is your ideal choice.

This portable mobile charger has a rugged design that will get you thinking of the outdoors and the adventures the minute you lay your eyes on it. Moreover, it not only looks the part but plays it as well. The Mophie Powerstation Pro has a case design and sealable ports that allow for impact, splash, and dust resistance. This charger is the one you should have while you explore the world.

Additionally, it has a one year warranty and uses up to 2.1 amps of high-output charging. This ability to charge fast means you won’t have to plug it into your mobile phone for a long time for your phone’s battery to be full. The Mophie Powerstation Pro portable phone charger boasts of a 600mAh battery capacity and is compatible with a broad range of USB charged devices. This bad boy is not only good at its job; it does not discriminate as well. | Buy on Amazon

5. WorldSim Tri-Fi

WorldSim Tri-Fi portable usb chargerCharging your mobile devices on the go is the primary role for all portable phone chargers. However, in the world we currently live in, innovation waits for no man. It is also the reason developers come up with better versions of certain devices to enable the company to have the gadget with not only the highest rate of effectiveness but multiple features as well. Imagine a portable phone charger that can not only charge your phone but aid in connectivity and storage as well.

The WorldSim Tri-Fi is an unsecured wireless router. This feature gives you the ability to access the internet while on the go. For your international travels, you will be able to enjoy being online on multiple devices simultaneously. It gets even better; this portable charger uses an Ethernet port to enable you to plug into any internet source. So you can be at a hotel relaxing while having a meal while your portable phone charger is charging and giving you internet connectivity at the same time. Moreover, you can create your Wi-Fi network hence enabling your travelling companions or those you want to have internet connectivity as well.Besides, you will be able to store data of up to 32GB; thereby enabling you to have storage space not only on your phone or microSD card but your portable phone charger as well. The WorldSim Tri-Fi Portable Phone Charger comes with a WorldSim data roaming SIM card, which ensures low-cost data roaming in over 165 countries worldwide. If you travel a lot, this is the ideal portable phone charger for you. | See alternatives on Amazon


HUE PRO EXTERNAL BATTERYMost portable mobile battery chargers are light; however, in most cases, the ones that are lightest are often the ones that cannot store the most charge. I am not saying this in defence of the Hue Pro portable phone charger from Juno Power, but hey, if it matches its weight to its effectiveness then there should not be much argument about its weight. While weighing over 9 ounces, the Hue Pro portable phone charger has a battery capacity of up to 10000mAh.

Also, as opposed to most portable chargers, it has a little LCD screen that tells you of the amount of charge it has left. Even with the availability of portable phone chargers in mind, you have to be careful so as not to use up all the charge in your portable charger for emergency reasons. The Hue Pro portable phone charger also comes with two USB charging ports with one port having a 2.1A output for fast and efficient charging.

As I mentioned earlier, design and compatibility are everything in the tech industry. With this in mind, the company created five versions of the Hue Pro so as to cater for different phones and different preferences considering the design and desired specs. However, the Hue Pro may pass for weird with flying colours after you plug it into re-charge. The reason for this is because it makes whirring noises. Also, you might want to keep the charger away from your bedside table since the LCD screen stays on throughout the re-charging process. This light may prove disturbing to some people who get better sleep while in total darkness. | See alternatives on Amazon

7. Knomo Battery Charger

Knomo Battery ChargerTo some people, if it does not look stylish, it is not worth it. I would not mind a device that has a less elegant look but performs better, but before I make that choice I will have wished the stylish looking one had better specs or features. Such decisions are hard to make while at the tech shop. However, they should no longer be hard to make if they involve a portable phone charger.

The Knomo battery portable phone charger is as stylish as they come, and it matches its sleekness with high performance as well. iPhones are a different class of phone. I say this because they are not only the choosiest phones on which Apps to support but on chargers as well. An iPhone can give you a headache when it comes to replacing its charger if you are not close to an iPhone shop. Since the iPhone is a stylish phone as well, it is only right that it gets a stylish portable charger as well. The Knomo battery portable phone charger has a 5000mAh and two ports with one specially designed for iPhones.

These ports also have Lightning and Micro USB leads thereby enabling easy connection to most devices. This phone charger can charge your device twice over and can charge your tablet to full capacity when its battery is fully charged. The remarkable design of this phone charger makes it the ideal portable phone charger for a corporate meeting, important gatherings, or in general, those functions that require you to look classy. Then again, chic comes naturally for some people and does not require a significant event; if that is you, then this portable phone charger is what you are missing. | Buy on Amazon

8. Patriot Memory Fuel Active Mobile Rechargeable Battery

Patriot Memory Fuel Active Mobile Rechargeable BatteryNow if you’re looking for simplicity at a low price, then the Fuel Active portable phone charger is what you are seeking. For just $ 7, you can get this portable charger from Patriot memory equipped with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery. At first glance, this charger may seem limited to outdoor use only. However, don’t let looks fool you; it is equipped with simple use as well as additional functions other than just recharging your phone battery.

Imagine driving down a dimly lit road sometime in the night and your car breaks down, or the battery dies while you were somewhere remote on a hike.

This charger can serve as a flashlight to aid you in looking for the reason as to why your car broke down. It does not use much power when the torch is being used so you can still charge your phone as you wait for the tow truck. This charger, which is excellent yet simple also, has power pass through; this means you can charge your phone while the portable charger is recharging as well.

Most portable phone chargers do not have this feature. The Fuel Active portable phone charger comes in different colours and a cylindrical lip-stick-shaped designed. This design is not only meant to attract clients but also as part of the high-impact and element-resistant housing. It can comfortably sit in your pocket or backpack as you hike without giving you any worry of dropping it or having water spilled on it. | Buy on Amazon

9. GearPower Mobile Power Station

gearpower 16,000mAh Capacity Mobile Power StationThis portable phone charger is among those that you see and just can’t help yourself but fall in love with. Starting all the way from the design language to its battery and compatibility, GearPower has all it takes to be an important device for you. GearPower has a sleek design that is merged with simplicity to enable it to fit into different situations. Be it hiking or at the office, Gear Power perfectly fits in. When people talk of portable phone chargers with the largest battery capacity, Gear Power will surely be among the top three.

The GearPower portable phone charger is a 16,000mAh powerhouse. Now that right there is real juice. This charger can hold this much power thanks to its lithium-ion cell battery. Also, GearPower is among the few devices that charge almost all mobile devices. This portable charge powerhouse is compatible with not only Android and iPhone but with Windows devices as well. Most people who have used or still use portable phone chargers will tell you, despite the fact that these chargers provide charge on the go, they take more time to charge as opposed to a wall charger.

However, GearPower is equipped with a 2.4A charging port that enables you to charge your phone at the same speed as that of a wall charger. This feature proves handy at times when you need your phone to charge fast as whipping out both your phone and portable charger may seem a little too much for certain occasions. Besides, GearPower has two USB outputs thereby enabling simultaneous charging. It is also important to note that this portable phone charger can also charge your camera and almost any USB device. | Buy on Amazon

10. Nomad Road Trip Car Charger and Battery

Nomad RoadTrip Car Charger and Battery, portable phone chargerNow this portable phone charger is an interesting one. I bet you have or remember those mobile chargers specifically designed to charge your phone in the car while on the go. Now imagine one that has an extension of a battery and can recharge from your car as well a store up charge for you to use when not near your vehicle. Even with the multiple advantages that come with portable phone chargers, you still need to recharge them.

For this, you will need a wall charger or a USB cable to connect to your laptop or PC. The Nomad Road Trip car charger and battery are a portable phone charger that charges from the comfort of your car as well as from a wall socket. With a capacity of 3000mAh and two output ports of up to 2.4A, this portable phone charger is among the best there is currently on the market. Why would you need a mobile phone charger that will only charge for the house and won’t last long when you can have one that can conveniently charge from your car?

This charger is not as expensive too with one going for $60. Also, it is among those chargers that take the least time to recharge as it takes up just two hours of your time to restore power. This charger also has four LEDs to give you a constant update on the charge remaining and a power button to turn it on and off. | Buy on Amazon


The idea of a portable phone charger seemed like a long shot for most companies not long ago. However, nothing is impossible when it comes to technology. Portable phone chargers have made it easy to stay connected throughout the day. Most Smartphones can only hold power for at least 8 hours when being used. Unfortunately, typical use is relative.

With the emergence of social media sites that require you to check regular updates, update photos, and comment on your friends’ statutes; portable phone chargers are quite the commodity to have. Do not wait until you get home to get back online. People end up missing important phone calls because their batteries died on them. Such circumstances are the reason portable phone chargers are on the market; get yours today to stay connected for longer and enjoy the features that come with portable phone chargers.

Here’s a quick portable charger Q&A before we sign off:

1. What is a portable phone charger?

A portable phone charger is a device that stores up charge for you for later use when you cannot find a wall charger for your phone. In short, it allows you the convenience of charging your phone on-the-go.

2. Why have portable phone chargers?

Portable phone chargers are the only thing that stands between missing an important phone call and getting the job you have been seeking. Also, they are ideal when visiting remote areas as they will help your phone stay on despite not having a wall charger close.

3. Where can I get a portable phone charger?

Portable phone chargers are everywhere. By this, i mean, from phone shops and tech shops to websites to companies that specifically manufacture portable phone chargers. Also, you can find them in online stores such as

4. Who is best suited to handle a portable phone charger?

People of all ages can have a mobile phone charger as long as they have a cell phone. They are very comfortable to use and do not require much; all you have to do is connect it to your phone, then to a wall charger, PC or laptop to recharge the portable phone charger.

5. When was the portable phone charger invented?

Portable charges were first introduced when chargers used to charge your phone in the car while on the go were put on the market in early 2012. However, in 2013, a group of students made it a device that can not only aid in charging while in the car but one that you can move around with. From them, developers have taken to this idea and made better versions of portable phone chargers and they still do to date.

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